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Would you want to be famous if it could not lead to any financial gain? (UserQ)

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shilove145 Maryland
06/03/12 1:26 am

I don't want fame at all. I'll take the $$ without being known at all thanks. Wanting to be famous is another form of insecurity to me- why do people need others approval, and want others to "know" and "like" them? Who cares?! Egotistical/insecure/vain people.

dooles07 Massachusetts
06/02/12 6:42 am

All people care about these days is money though I vote no because it would be hard for all activity

05/28/12 3:41 pm

Being famous would be awesome and if I were homeless I could live in my studio

05/26/12 8:43 am


Lotusmax Washburn, WI
05/25/12 8:15 pm

No, being famous would be too hard without money, you would have too many things to do and not enough money. That and I like fancy things.

05/25/12 7:57 pm

No way. I would only do it for business opportunities. Who would want a total invasion of their privacy wherever they went?!

05/25/12 3:50 pm

A name will sell- you may not get $$ when you become famous- but you will in the future because of your name.

pateach2 love my son
05/25/12 1:10 pm

I wouldn't want to be famous period...definitely not if there wasn't any monetary gain.

AGC246 Florida
05/24/12 10:41 pm

In my opinion, the only thing that makes up for all the hassles famous people are put through... is all the money. Lol. Why would I want people following me around w/cameras & putting me on celebrity gossip news... When I don't get to be rich & live in luxury... at least, that's what I'd do. xD

tsk California
05/24/12 8:49 pm

Kevin Federline, Octomom, etc etc. I pass.

AdamT Boston, MA
05/24/12 8:13 pm

Twitter fame or YouTube fame? I'd love that. Even if it was for free, just people being my fans would be enough for me.

05/24/12 7:23 pm

Fame without fortune? That's like a marriage without sex. No thanks.

DJPanic District of Columbia
05/24/12 6:40 pm

I would hope I could use that fame for good

05/24/12 1:29 pm

If your famous in a good way you can have any woman you want...that's gotta be worth something.

05/24/12 12:14 pm

At first I said yes but then a story about George Zimmerman came on Fox News (my dad is a staunch Conservative) and my answer changed REAL quick..if I'm famous & rich, I wanna be unknown...

mamita Alabama
05/24/12 11:41 am

I actually wouldn't want fame because just look at how paparazzi is. There is little privacy. I'd rather be rich and unknown.

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
05/24/12 10:13 am

Sure. If I became famous for the right reason. I didn't pump out a sex tape, or ride the coat tails of another celebrity, but did something they impacted the world, or brought the human race closer together. I'd gladly accept fame for a worthy cause with no money, than be famous for nothing.

05/24/12 10:01 am

I started to say no, but then again I would like to be known as an awesome photographer, respected and recognized by the big names in the field.

dadstad Texas
05/24/12 6:19 am

I am famous for many things among a small circle of friends and family. For example, I make great salsa. People love it and call me to make and send them batches. I like that kind of cheap fame!

leftocentr Oregon
05/24/12 6:13 am

The money is the best part of fame. Who wants to be Casey Anthony or OJ Simpson?

Rosebud Ohio
05/24/12 5:33 am

No, I'm not an attention-needer... I wouldn't want it even if it did come with the money.

elbow82 Veganland
05/24/12 4:03 am

I don't like being the center of attention, so that's a definite no. I'd like it if a good friend became really famous, because I'm very interested to see what it would be like from the other side, but I wouldn't want it for myself.

05/24/12 12:09 am

If i was to get out, remember where we were last year. You said everything about it moved on your career, if you want to go, ill take you back one day. This isnt paris, it isnt london, is not berlin, is not hong kong, not tokyo if you want to go... IT FEELS SO GOOD NO WAY!

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
05/23/12 11:22 pm

I'm not sure I would be famous even if there were a financial gain because of the scrutiny that celebrities are under and the stress it puts on relationships, not to mention the emotional well-being of the celeb. No amount of money is more valuable than happiness and healthy relationships.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
05/23/12 10:38 pm

jDoe a legacy invested in people will live on. money and fame fade or vaporize. we still talk about Milton Hershey because of the lives he invested in. squeeze people for a buck and kill your legacy.

kris55 Alabama
05/23/12 9:48 pm

Depends for what.If its for something good even if there is no financial gain employers will be more lilely to hire you and you will get more respect.You could also get into some places you couldnt go otherwise.

tidford My little piece of heaven
05/23/12 9:39 pm

Wouldn't want to be famous - period. Way too fond of my privacy. But would put up with being famous for doing something spectacular - like cure cancer, make first alien contact, discover clean inexhaustible energy source, meet God ... but just to be famous for being famous --- YUK!!!

05/23/12 9:27 pm

No. I'm not an attention whore. If there's no money involved, no thanks.

05/23/12 8:43 pm

Famous people get a lot of money because they need that money to invest it. What a crazy idea, why? because most of them don't get benefits like employer provided health insurance. They have to create their own retirement plan.

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
05/23/12 8:42 pm

fame brings out all the crazies. then you don't have enough money for pepper security? Dead in a week.

05/23/12 8:41 pm

What if I lose my voice or acting skills? What happens then huh? Aww the mainstreamers are shut you down.

05/23/12 8:40 pm

Id rather work for Goldman Sachs as an investment banker and get famous for having a plethora of satisfied clientele and still have financial gains.

hazhap1 Las Vegas
05/23/12 8:40 pm

Only VERY bad people are famous with no financial gain.

05/23/12 8:39 pm

Are you kidding me? Never! This question fits mainstreamers.

KudosToYou California
05/23/12 8:34 pm

Don't really want to be famous, not like people today are. I'd like to be a well known and respected architect in the future but right now I'm just me.

MDB Texas
05/23/12 8:27 pm

Fame is a crappy goal. Money is almost as crappy. Excellence is a good goal. If it brings fame and fortune, so be it.

peacenskis Alaska
05/23/12 8:22 pm

I think it would be fun as long as I'm not famous for something awful. Don't want to be known as "The Green Killer" but I wouldn't mind being famous for doing something commendable w/no monetary gain.

lou1 Washington
05/23/12 7:56 pm

I wouldn't want to be famous either way...

snafu Washington
05/23/12 7:54 pm

If I'm going to put up with having my life in the public eye I better be getting some $$$ for it.

jho2010 Pennsylvania
05/23/12 7:45 pm

I wouldn't want to be famous with or without the money.

hapiotter2 Utah
05/23/12 7:42 pm

If you have the fame but not the money, you won't be able to afford the bodyguards that fame requires.

JDoe Its a gift
05/23/12 7:33 pm

Famous for what? I would like to leave this world with a positive legacy and that's independent of money.