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Do wealthy individuals have a moral obligation to give a higher percentage of their earnings back to society than everyone else?

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tvg Worcester, MA
10/24/12 6:15 pm

They are morally obligated, but that doesn't mean in the least that they should be lawfully obligated. Unconstitutional. And I'm lower middle class.

10/24/12 4:31 pm

We need a flat tax Obama a freakin idiot

10/24/12 3:10 pm

Growing the economy means each person makes more money which means more is paid in taxes, without raising taxes. Besides this why wouldn't we all have an obligation to pay more, why just the wealthy?

10/23/12 6:41 pm

Agree with Munkey. Make the percentages the same.

munkey? SilentMunkey
10/22/12 2:20 pm

Not a higher percentage. The SAME percentage.


10/22/12 2:55 am

This kills me! Why should I get dinged for working my butt off? If the incentive for working hard is to make more money, great! If working harder gets you taxed at a higher rate to go to programs that I don't even utilize...What the heck? I didn't go to college to pay more taxes! Easier to be a bum!


10/22/12 2:55 am

This kills me! Why should I get dinged for working my butt off? If the incentive for working hard is to make more money, great! If working harder gets you taxed at a higher rate to go to programs that I don't even utilize...What the heck? I didn't go to college to pay more taxes! Easier to be a bum!


10/21/12 11:55 pm

Lol, on some of these polls you can predict with razor sharp accuracy the percentage of democrats answers.

They always want rich people to pay more. It's ridiculous.


10/21/12 11:53 pm

They should pay a fair share. Which is to say no more, and no less than anyone else.

Don't punish me for making more than others.

10/21/12 11:17 am

Yep. Also, Romney and Obama both support a progressive tax rate.

ScrewU Gone
10/21/12 10:34 am

The political arguments here are amusing. When you choices are between tax-and-spend Democrats and borrow-and-spend Republicans there isn't really a "choice."

ScrewU Gone
10/21/12 10:31 am

V thinks if he ignores it, it doesn't exist.

I don't happen to believe Romney's tax plan will actually work... but he has one.

billinca California
10/21/12 4:12 am

What is less ? Actual amount or percentage ?

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
10/21/12 4:08 am

No but they shouldn't get to pay LESS taxes, that's for sure

billinca California
10/21/12 4:01 am

The high percentage democratic response to this poll really makes one think that they should rename the party to something more fitting like National Socialist....

DanIndepen Ohio
10/20/12 7:52 pm

Maybe morally, but to say anything else than that is absurd.

10/20/12 7:13 pm

exactly!!!!! its kind but shouldn't be forced...and I'm saying that as a pretty poor person.

nadelg Springfield, VA
10/20/12 6:24 pm

People are not obligated to help each other. Even though it's a good thing to do, wealthy people work for their money too. Even if they receive money through inheritance, there's a 51% tax on the money they're receiving.


10/20/12 2:14 pm

Karl Marx said it. Does say a lot about your mind set though, you a commie?

BAL North Carolina
10/20/12 1:40 pm

LOL! Democrats.

10/20/12 10:23 am

I think we should all do what we can to help the less fortunate. The less fortunate should do what they can too, but I think it's up to the individual. It's their money they are only obligated to do with it what they choose.

bookhenge Virginia
10/20/12 10:21 am

right, fatty, because there are no lazy rich people...

sumhzrd Colorado
10/20/12 8:19 am

"from each, according to his means, to each, according to his needs". That sounds like moral obligation to me

sumhzrd Colorado
10/20/12 8:19 am

Interesting to me that the states with lowest percentage of yes votes are generally states with larger percentages of folks who describe themselves as devout Christians. I'm no Bible scholar but I believe Jesus is reported to have said something along the lines of

sumhzrd Colorado
10/20/12 8:07 am

Lots of people work hard, including many who are financially unsuccessful. And there are lazy people out there. But most people do work hard. I'd argue that financial rewards are not as well correlated purely with effort as most wealthy folks would like to believe

10/20/12 7:07 am

You would actually know he does if you watched the debate last Tuesday.

10/20/12 7:05 am

Rich people earned the money for themselves. They shouldn't have to give it to the lazy people that need to get off their butt and get a job.

10/20/12 6:00 am

Yes. But to funnel that grace through the inept federal government would be immoral.

10/19/12 10:21 pm

not a higher percentage, but at least an equal one

raphael237 New Jersey
10/19/12 9:12 pm

Rich people rarely donate to the needy. Contributions to houses of worship are charitable. The Catholic Church sits on a ton of wealth. The Mormon Temples in Salt Lake and DC are hardly modest places of worship.

10/19/12 8:13 pm

They tend to donate more than us middle class members so why tax them more

10/19/12 6:44 pm

Same percentage would be a good start...

10/19/12 6:16 pm

Wow you guys must not know history and what built this country.I'm sure you hypocrites didn't have a problem with Reagan or Eisenhower when the wealthy paid a much higher tax rate compared to what Obama wants

GrandmaALiCE Rocky Mtns aerial view
10/19/12 5:30 pm

By the way, I agreed with you on the other question about high school football. Amazing, isn't it??

GrandmaALiCE Rocky Mtns aerial view
10/19/12 5:28 pm

Cowboy, I just read your comment, "You know I'm right. Why bother arguing about it?" Thanks for the laugh!! No, I don't know you are right.

GrandmaALiCE Rocky Mtns aerial view
10/19/12 5:24 pm

Continued ... In this context, a moral obligation means charity, not taxes.

GrandmaALiCE Rocky Mtns aerial view
10/19/12 5:23 pm

@cowboy OK, are you happy, now? I answered you.

Tony did not mention taxes or government in the poll question. A "moral obligation" is something you do, because "it's the right thing." For example, I have a moral obligation to help a blind person, if he needs help crossing the street.

10/19/12 5:14 pm

No, they don't have a moral obligation. However, there should be an across the board tax, not the more you make, the smaller percentage you pay

GrandmaALiCE Rocky Mtns aerial view
10/19/12 5:11 pm

@cowboy I didn't answer your questions about morality, because they are off topic for this poll. Since you are challenging me, OK, I'll take the questions. No, to the first one about distributing condoms and birth control. Yes, to the others about welfare and health care.

thehopedivision Atlanta
10/19/12 5:01 pm

You think Mitt worked hard to get rich?

thehopedivision Atlanta
10/19/12 5:00 pm

Why do people assume the rich worked hard for what they have? Dismissing the fast lanes they rode which acceptance depends on who you know. Whose daughter are you? Whose fortunate son?

10/19/12 4:36 pm

Reagan may have created a deficit but its nothing compared to what Obama has done. Look on the bright side we may be in way more debt than we have ever been but at least the economy isn't getting any better... Wait what?

10/19/12 4:34 pm

From everything I've read Reagan cut government spending and cut taxes. He increased military spending but there was still a large net decrease in government spending. He also deregulated the market. All this lead to a strong recovery that lasted for years.

zorthog The Republic
10/19/12 4:12 pm

Why do people want to "get the rich". Punish those that work hard to succeed?

veritas1 Panda
10/19/12 3:44 pm

People think Romney actually has a tax plan. That's funny.

veritas1 Panda
10/19/12 3:43 pm

You can't misunderstand fact. Reagan boosted public sector employment, spent billion and billions and hundreds of billions more taxpayer dollars on the economy, and then tripled the national debt.