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Show Of Hands November 10th, 2012 12:00am

Do you speak more than one language fluently?

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11/16/12 5:42 am

Saya bicara bahasa Indonesia!! I speak Indonesian! My parents moved us to Bali. :p

11/15/12 10:24 pm

My second language is sarcasm :P

rb928 Northern Kentucky
11/14/12 2:07 pm

I'm so with you! I'm trying out some podcasts to help me retain what I learned in school and hopefully build.

simpledaemon Texas
11/14/12 8:46 am

These results were extremely disappointing to see...

11/13/12 5:42 pm

How do you call a person who speak two languages?
How do you call a person that only speaks one language?

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
11/13/12 5:12 pm

German, English, Spanish, and a little French. I can speak a few sentences in Dutch, Danish, and Arabic. I know that doesn't count, though ;)

cerridwen Pennsylvania
11/13/12 12:42 pm

I speak a little German, enough to get by if I had to, and English. I would love to be truly bilingual.

11/13/12 12:13 pm

Yes! And press three if someone who is bilingual is more likely to get a job than you.

sara VA
11/13/12 3:32 am

I don't get why people are proud of speaking one language. They may as well say, "I'm proud of being less educated than others." Speaking multiple languages is a gift. It allows you to befriend people and learn concepts that monolingual people will never have the opportunity to know or understand.

sara VA
11/13/12 3:16 am

A las personas que dicen que son fluidos en "Español"... No existe la palabra español con E mayúscula sino que al principio de una frase o en un nombre, digamos, de una institución u organización.

11/13/12 12:53 am

Press one for English. Press two to be deported.

yesmaam socal
11/12/12 7:43 pm

I understand Vietnamese, mandarin, and Cantonese pretty well, but my speaking sucks.

lilraerae Tuscaloosa
11/12/12 6:59 pm

I agree especially in the South!!

MiKEY2012 Florida
11/12/12 5:10 pm

Yes English & Bostonian A language in its own!!! Lol

11/12/12 2:04 pm

I speak Latin French German and obviously English

11/12/12 12:28 pm

ERRRRR!! I'm sorry, we were looking for UNILINGUAL. Unilingual.

Christfollowr California
11/12/12 11:28 am

I don't think ill ever be fluent in spanish. I can read it if its on paper, but im not so good with the actual speaking part

Christfollowr California
11/12/12 11:23 am

@saranolle i can understand half of that... Well considering im only in Spanish 2 i Am happy :)

Christfollowr California
11/12/12 11:20 am

@jewels i love it :) i would say I'm rather fluent in gibberish myself.

11/12/12 10:25 am

What's with the age filters? Seems backwards of what I would have thought.

sal10851 Eastern Tennessee
11/12/12 7:30 am

Americans are idiots who believe English is a universal language.

ladyniner81 I need chocolate
11/12/12 7:12 am

I want to learn German., but I should learn Spanish since some refuse to learn English and I want to hear what these people say..

jewels3 Georgia
11/12/12 6:01 am

Yeah I do! English and ..... Jibberish!! Hdkfjxbsdjx

sara VA
11/12/12 3:39 am

Inglés y español. Actualmente estoy en Chile para un semestre de intercambio. He tenido 3 años de clases con profes mexicanos, 2 con un profe costarricense, y ademas pasé un mes en Costa Rica. Así que hablo castellano con una mezcla de palabras y frases mexicanas, chilenas y costarricenses.

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
11/12/12 1:16 am

I'm not fluent in Spanish, but I'm good enough to easily carry on a conversation with my boyfriend and his family in Spanish. They're from mexico and say my Spanish is pretty good. :)

Comet? Tennessee
11/11/12 9:31 pm

ASL is most popular than ESL. Do not use ESL. Deaf people are hating ESL.

11/11/12 9:07 pm

Latin is almost a dead language.

sara VA
11/11/12 8:58 pm

Besides, if 'American' existed, it would be an indigenous language bc the rest are really European. Think about it. You're referring to 'English' as 'American.' A little geography lesson: England is in Europe. I'd be happy to call it 'King George-ese' though if it makes you more comfortable.

sara VA
11/11/12 8:53 pm

Also, there are many American languages because America consists of 2 continents. Spanish, English, Portuguese and French are widely spoken throughout both.

sara VA
11/11/12 8:50 pm

The US has NEVER and DOES NOT have an official national language.

IamBraxton Tennessee
11/11/12 8:47 pm

I speak two languages fluently: English and American. I'm learning Latin and I should be fluent in that by my third year of high school.

homeagain NWA
11/11/12 7:45 pm

Didn't say he could count.

TheAntiLib Putnam County, NY
11/11/12 5:58 pm

English, Italian, Spanish and Jamaican Patois...

11/11/12 4:53 pm

My dad and grandparents speak fluent German, but I do not.

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
11/11/12 4:40 pm

I speak very little Spanish, but it's getting better :)

11/11/12 4:28 pm

ESL, ASL, and English. About to be fluent in Spanish too

GirlOnFire Ohio
11/11/12 4:03 pm

I'm learning French right now(I'm in high school)

NonSibi Massachusetts
11/11/12 4:00 pm

Just English and Spanish right now, but I'm learning Russian at the moment

mnp2012 California
11/11/12 2:55 pm

I speak 5 languages: Spanish, English , Italian, Portuguese, Latin and French. Speaking those languages have helped me professionally, personally and traveling. Just came from Italy and went that far as Palermo, Sicily island.

11/11/12 2:48 pm

English and Portuguese :) I lived in Brazil for a few years:)

11/11/12 2:44 pm

Wi the globalized economy though, having a second language is incredibly helpful. We are lucky to have English as our native language but, like you said about Spanish, a second language definitely serves people well

11/11/12 2:41 pm

The first language you learn after your native tongue is the hardest. After that it gets easier to learn other languages because you see similarities and your mind learns and thinks differently. It's cool!:)

11/11/12 2:27 pm

Learned French and Latin in high school. Picked up some Spanish from working in a kitchen in college. Took a couple semesters of Ancient Greek in college. Currently teaching myself Finnish.