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Show Of Hands April 14th, 2012 12:00am

Which would be more interesting: to live for a month as a person of a different race or a person of a different gender?

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04/25/12 6:20 pm

It's funny how sexist people are sometimes! XD

04/24/12 9:58 pm

Me I pick gender because I've wondered for years what life would be like had I been born a female, I think it would be awesome, it sucks that it would only be a month, wish it was permanent!!!!!!!!!!!!!

04/21/12 8:59 pm

I'd pick gender, mostly because I'm half black/ half white and honestly race has never made a difference to me. I've grown up with both and to me we really are the same maybe a hundred or even fifty years ago I'd pick race but today it wouldn't make a difference.

04/21/12 3:19 pm

race isnt a factor if you are still the same gender i would lile to be a guy for a day even tho this is bad coming from a 15 year old i would like to see what sex is like from the other point of view

04/21/12 4:03 am

I don't wants outie turned into an innie so I choose race but idk which one they all seem so much lamer when your black lol jk Boooooom

04/20/12 1:24 am

@justakid97 - You've got to be a man. Only a man would say that, and choose to be a different gender for that reason.

04/20/12 1:05 am

Both are quite interesting, but I'd prefer to see what it's like to be a man. My husband puzzles me sometimes, so it'd be great to see things from his point of view.

If he had to live as a woman, though, he'd probably never recover. :)

JamesMadison La Palma
04/17/12 11:48 pm

I would spend the whole day masturbating

04/17/12 8:16 pm

Race. I could not walk around with junk in my pants. I can barely handle my own boobs as it is!

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
04/17/12 5:38 pm

Tony this is a great question. Like the creative genius vs gifted leader question it has some real depth, if you think about it long enough...

beadg Virginia
04/17/12 11:28 am

the first thing I would do is masturbate.

04/17/12 11:09 am

Ultimately, it's the same power structure that holds race, class, gender, age, ability, and origin as divisive issues. I argue that the only way to overcome one of those issues is to address all those issues.

04/17/12 6:38 am

Race is different, but not really. How you got treated by SOME people would be different, but being a different gender would change almost everything. I encounter double standards and sexism daily. Racism isn't as common, because it's not socially accepted.

AGC246 Florida
04/17/12 5:33 am

100 cannot speak for 1 billion.

AGC246 Florida
04/17/12 5:31 am

... they're love of pizza... doesn't make it true that the 2 other white people there are also pizza fanatics.
I found the comments here about women extremely disheartening in particular... Why don't you guys (&girls!) go talk to some other girls w/different experiences w/these issues.

AGC246 Florida
04/17/12 5:27 am

...unfounded in the truth. They're are stereotypes. Yes, stereotypes often appear due to truths in trends people see, but that's just it... They're TRENDS. Trends change, people change, societies change, cultures change. And we've got to realize that just bc we see 5 white people yelling about...

AGC246 Florida
04/17/12 5:23 am

...Just bc you're skin is dark, doesn't mean u must collect welfare. Just bc u have breasts, doesn't mean u don't work hard to accomplish things in life. Just bc your hair is blonde, doesn't mean you're stupid. Just bc u have a penis, doesn't mean that you're a sex-crazed animal. These beliefs are..

AGC246 Florida
04/17/12 5:19 am

...seriously by our society. We will always have our differences, males & females, blacks & whites, Americans & Canadians, etc etc, but those differences are what make us who we are & should be respected instead of looked down upon. Differences make us diverse & interesting, not better or worse...

AGC246 Florida
04/17/12 5:15 am

...find this very sad & disappointing from a culture & country like ours, which seems to have overcome so much( as a majority at least) when it comes to ideas like racism. Sexism is hurtful& discriminating & I've seen in demonstrated in these comments. Unlike racism, sexism is not taken as...

AGC246 Florida
04/17/12 5:13 am

...interesting to me & an amazing learning experience! (& also doubtlessly less awkward than being male all of a sudden! Haha) But, a foreign culture not being an option, I chose gender. There are still many differences, stereotypes, & false or misguided beliefs associated w/a person's gender. I...

AGC246 Florida
04/17/12 5:10 am

...proud of my community. :) The color of a person's skin doesn't mean any more to me than the color of a person's hair or eyes. Culture, on the other hand, can be very different depending on which part of the world you journey to. If culture were an option I would choose that, bc it would be more..

AGC246 Florida
04/17/12 5:08 am

I chose gender, because I honesty believe (at least in my own life experience/ where I live) that sexism is still alive & well, while racism is seldom an issue that I see every day or among any of the people I associate with. The fact that racism is a dwindling thing in my community makes me very...

kandykane California
04/16/12 10:18 pm

Assuming I stay the same age, the life of a middle school boy doesn't loon that appealing, so I said race.

04/16/12 8:56 pm

I don't hate them, but seriously, guys have it so much easier. Being a girl sucks.

L1B3RTAR1AN Virginia
04/16/12 7:38 pm

One has to do with how you look to yourself and the other has to do with how you look to others.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
04/16/12 3:38 pm

@big fish you hit the nail on the head. We don't know what we don't know. I have discovered many things that I have been blind to throughout the years. This is why changing people's assumptions is so powerful.

Expanding our awareness is always good. Everyone eats good food and has fun different

04/16/12 1:04 pm

@segrid... Now why would you want to do that to me? Worst job in America!! Haha! No thanks, but I'm flattered! ; )

FaceMoose Over There
04/16/12 9:36 am

Being a diff race doesn't seem like much of a change to me. I guess it would be interesting to be a man for month. My guess is that it would suck, though. Men have just as many pressures regarding how they act and look as women do.

04/16/12 7:54 am

@holybabble reported. Get rid of this scum @tony.

BB2014 Des Moines, IA
04/16/12 7:02 am

@HolyBabble- that's so a racist comment. There was no need for that!

04/16/12 5:49 am

@HolyBabbl get a life you jerk

HolyBabble Mississippi
04/16/12 5:16 am

Just the thought of being black for a month gives me the creeps. That would be so disgusting.

KyHeff Kentucky
04/16/12 4:21 am

I would have to remember NOT to go in the men's room by habit. XD

SaraC New York
04/16/12 3:09 am

I would love to be emotionless for once

kRaZyXmAn Voluntaryist
04/15/12 11:48 pm

if men could be women they would stay home all day and masturbate

04/15/12 11:26 pm

Whoo! That is a sexy thought.

bigfish Missouri
04/15/12 11:07 pm

I noticed that a lot of people said gender because race doesn't matter as much today. The question I pose to you is: how do you know that there is no difference unless you spend a month as a person of a different race?

04/15/12 9:50 pm

The question asks which one is more interesting, not the one you would prefer.

04/15/12 9:31 pm

Too many sexist comments - grow up!
Men who ridicule women and women who hate men, I have a suggestion: if you dislike the other sex so much, just turn gay.

04/15/12 9:03 pm

being a boy would be gross. I don't want to think about sex all day. ;)

moonshot More often I know nothing
04/15/12 9:03 pm

soon, race will be meaningless. hopefully, anyway.

04/15/12 8:38 pm

People want to know what happens in the male mind? See answer below.

That's right, NOTHING. First hand experience ; )

04/15/12 8:29 pm

Since I LOVE being a WO-man.... I'll take a different race for now.