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Do you ever listen to National Public Radio? (UserQ)

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palindrome California
04/18/12 6:12 pm

Give examples of direct bias or gtfo

04/17/12 3:37 am

EXTREMELY biased. I am ashamed that our tax dollars are even going to support it.

04/11/12 5:30 pm

damnit repubs. fox is not news. get educated.

Googleplex Pennsylvania
04/09/12 7:45 pm

NPR isn't for profit and doesn't lean any direction politically but offers a non biased view of news

snafu Washington
04/09/12 12:56 pm

I have listened to the podcasts but end up turning them off b/c they get kinda preachy and all the guests (at least in my mind) are a bunch of hippies who think are smarter than try really are.

I like their short story podcasts.

04/09/12 6:38 am

NPR should be cut off from the taxpayers nipple, and be forced to find its way in the market place. Let's see how many months it survives.

04/08/12 3:58 pm

it's the only non partial news out there

04/08/12 7:33 am

@jopat fuck you. How dare you suggest that I am anti Semitic? I never said that I was against our involvement in WWII. How about you try talking when you actually know something about what your saying. You might find that you make an ass out of yourself less often.

04/07/12 7:13 pm

Everyone that posted something negative about NPR has obviously never listened to it at any time. I usually listen to it in the car, or stream it to my iPhone. Lots of good info.

04/07/12 2:34 pm

jonny; imagine that 6 million of your relatives have been killed, now imagine had we not befriended then how many more would have been killed. Being anti-semitic isn't as cool as you think it is.

04/06/12 9:56 pm

To all out there: what does objectivity mean?

Jzz California
04/06/12 7:58 pm

why is it when Obama appointed cord ray I heard from both parties? no one told me what to think.

04/06/12 7:47 pm

Just imagine America never supporting Israel over Palestine. Then no one would be promised 72 virgins for killing Americans.

04/06/12 7:44 pm

Ive heard more but can't imagine a human with half a brain listening to 10 min and not thinking he full of shit.

04/06/12 7:08 pm

pallindrome; have you taken your meds lately? I mean really the way you go on and on just making up things is incredible!

04/06/12 7:04 pm

So would you say you listened to 10 minutes to determine your brilliant conclusion?

04/06/12 7:04 pm

So would you say you listened to 10 minutes to determine your brilliant conclusion?

04/06/12 7:03 pm

Jonny323: Just imagine all of the insurgents that have been killed, several of them could have been the next batch of believers heading to America to claim their 72 virgins! So yeah our soldiers have protected U.S. citizens.

palindrome California
04/06/12 6:44 pm

Marathon- is that what you call anyone that tries to disprove a lie? Yours must be a blissful existence

04/06/12 6:05 pm

NPR are nothing but loony liberal left idiots.

04/06/12 5:26 pm

@jopat enough to know he's full of shit. Fox news is balanced? It's a pretty big stretch to say they're fair, but balanced!?

04/06/12 5:23 pm

@roy the military hasn't protected a us citizen since the war of 1812.

04/06/12 5:18 pm

Palindrome is obviously another Media Matters troll. Otherwise it wouldn't have to blast everybody who disagrees with it.

04/06/12 4:16 pm

I listen to either NPR, PRI, (Public Radio International), or my favorite, PR-ReMix/Backbone Radio, (which is ALL "stories" from NPR, PRI, & other documentary sources! NO real politics or opinion-just stories), over weekends!!

04/06/12 4:13 pm

pallindrome truth hurts and then kicks your butt! Get over Fox what do you listen to or watch? NBC? MSNBC?

04/06/12 4:11 pm

jonny323; how much time have you spent listening to rush? Or you just tow the party line?

04/06/12 4:09 pm


04/06/12 4:03 pm

I love Fox News! The only fair and balanced news out there! GO FOX!

palindrome California
04/06/12 2:17 pm

chaotic and uncivilized occupy protests. Look up the people I mentioned. Those were reporters and producers for FNC that made those claims. Get your head out of your ass and stop eating their crap

palindrome California
04/06/12 2:16 pm

doesn't sound as bad to the people watching. Why haven't you addressed the instances where Fox edits video to suit its message? The "huge turnout" to Sarah Palin book signing with video of crowds is one example. The "massive" crowds at the Reagan library opening. The patriotic tea party rallies vs

palindrome California
04/06/12 2:14 pm

Fox champions "creative journalism" fool. Maybe to a half wit those two words don't make much difference but it DOES make a difference. Different words conjure different emotions and connotations. Example, other countries "assassinate", the United States "selectively eliminates". Same word, but it

kristea Denton, TX
04/06/12 11:20 am

I use to but not anymore. I do still like some of their shows like "Car Talk" & "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me."

anarchy4s South Carolina
04/06/12 9:00 am

You want crap journalism, see the poll on NBC's "creative" editing of the Trayvon Martin case.

anarchy4s South Carolina
04/06/12 8:59 am

...any other tries, or can we just agree that you hate fox and will say anything to bring them down?

anarchy4s South Carolina
04/06/12 8:59 am

Hahahahha palindrome: good grief. Calling it a public option vs government run care is synonymous...the fact is, the other networks calling it "public option" are only doing so because it's a more favorable term to help out ol Barry. Soooo fox is the one actually INFORMING people intead of fooling.

04/06/12 8:03 am

Rotbiker: the ONLY thing I owe the military is the opportunity to be called an imperialist, colonialist, and armed robber. Military in foreign wars is a euphemism for state terrorism and exploitation.

04/06/12 4:26 am do you the military. You are alive & have the opportunity to be prosperous because of their presence.

04/06/12 2:21 am

I'd rather support the military.

04/06/12 2:07 am

Well as usual veritas is using distorted facts to attempt to build a case.

04/05/12 11:41 pm

It's true, we borrow .42 cents on every dollar we spend. But how much of that .42 goes to NPR? .0005 cents? .25 to military. Information or death? I'll take information, thanks.

Wert A picture of my junk
04/05/12 11:37 pm

NPR is great. A little dry at times. Okay. Most of the time. But still some interesting stuff.

Jzz California
04/05/12 9:33 pm

wait, wait don't tell me. NPR reports facts. the give equal time to all parties. yes they are biased.

04/05/12 9:32 pm

Theantilib doesn't know what NPR is... Priceless.

04/05/12 9:29 pm

@jopat no rush made it because people he is irrational and scary. I can actually understand someone defending the republicans as a whole, but seriously? I don't even think rush supports the shit he says.

04/05/12 9:27 pm

FOX's idea of a balanced perspective is to grab a token liberal for a more telegenic conservative to dominate in debate. Think how silly that squirrel Colmes looked next to Hannity. NPR grabs informed commentators from
all sides. I'd still like to see it move to more private funding if possible.

04/05/12 9:24 pm

@roy I can make that argument for the military. The government shouldn't fund the military because I do not use it just as you don't use NPR.