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Show Of Hands January 5th, 2012 12:00am

Iran has threatened "serious action" if the U.S. returns an aircraft carrier into the Persian Gulf while Iran's own naval exercises are underway. Should we heed that warning, or move freely?

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01/16/12 2:50 pm

I fought in the last wars. Those of you want another war, you can go fight this one! Maybe then you'll see just how pointless it is.

01/15/12 12:38 pm

WE ARE THE MOST POWERFUL COUNTRY ON EARTH. WE STAND DOWN FOR NO ONE. We show weakness and all the weaker countries will think less of us. Look how the middle east looks today with such a weak president leading us. It's bad for them and us. A strong America makes for a safer world.

01/15/12 12:29 am

A real war? Seriously? Just like Saddam right? What would the U.S. do if Iran did fire a nuclear missile at us? The U.S. would retaliate with so much force Iran would be uninhabitable for 10,000 years.

Mythic California
01/14/12 10:37 am

Are you guys forgetting that Iran has threatened to close off a major trade route?

01/12/12 6:19 am

Forget nationalism and all that... We can talk it out like people, just like Ron Paul said with the Cuban missile crisis.

01/09/12 5:52 pm

if we wait, it would only give them more time to test, their answers haven't changed, they won't stop if all we do is keep telling them over and over not to.

01/09/12 5:38 am

why provoke Iran? so what if we could stop them there is NO REASON to not just wait a bit. it's a reasonable request.

putter Michigan
01/08/12 9:18 pm

why would me want to instigate?

ketchupman Florida
01/08/12 5:59 pm

You have to respect their government, if they were sending ships into our territory, we'd get pissed

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
01/08/12 7:08 am

A little off. But we've had problems with Russian and Japanese fishing within our borders. It does not make for happy fishermen. We restock fish.

01/07/12 10:04 pm

It's international waters. The US Navy goes wherever it damn well wants to go

01/07/12 7:18 pm

Leave it to Montana and Wyoming to say stay back, I'm sure it's the native Americans knowing how land encroachment feels.we should move in though, but everyone has to shut up about nuking them, the damage AnukeCausesIsWrong. Maybe try to stir up a full fledged revolution. Btw I'm 13 if I sound dumb.

01/06/12 10:55 pm

and we need to stop excepting this BS about "energy problem" reasons for their experiments.

01/06/12 10:54 pm

we need to move in and intervene before they get nuclear weapons, once they have them they are essentially untouchable, no two nations with nuclear weapons are going to go to war today.

bliggs Veni Vidi Vigor
01/06/12 7:07 pm

While we're at it, might as well nuke Israel too since they are just as crazy as the rest of the middle east and then, move on to Canada! They are much too quiet!

bliggs Veni Vidi Vigor
01/06/12 7:05 pm


Normally you would be right but you must understand that Americans can say and do whatever they want! This privilege gives us the right to blow their ship out of the water and declare war upon their country! Let's just avoid all of the BS and nuke them now!

NYevo NY
01/06/12 6:46 pm

I'm no fan of Iran, at all, but i have to ask. What would we do if an iranian destroyer showed up at one our naval training exercises? I tend to thing we'd fire a warning and then sink em if they didnt leave. Anyone out have knowledge about this scenario?

bliggs Veni Vidi Vigor
01/06/12 6:45 pm

America will spread freedom and democracy to the entire world. Even if we have to kill every last one of you to do so! Resistance is futile! You will be assimilated!

01/06/12 5:23 pm

It is called International Waters for a reason.

Quinnipiac Here
01/06/12 4:58 pm

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barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
01/06/12 10:52 am

We should not let that asshat intimidate us!

01/06/12 10:12 am

Start up the draft and get some bodies over there killing some Iranians.

tsk California
01/06/12 9:10 am

The only thing I'd worry about is the whale torpedoes and the russian S300/S400 surface to air missiles. The whale is the fastest torpedo ever by exiting it's exhast gases through the front, it can literally 'fly' while underwater. And the S400 can intercept any aircraft/ICBM within 250 mile radius.

01/06/12 9:02 am

I think that it's a terrible reflection on current morality that so many Americans are so willing to go to war to protect our really is pathetic that the 'norm' is that we need to declare war on any country badmouthing us.

Justus Pensacola, FL
01/06/12 8:24 am

@Wevo I don't mean to start a new discussion however what is your source on Iran having a superior battle tank?

ProfDG I Want Truth
01/06/12 6:57 am

Whether we want it or not, Iran is bringing this fight to us. Sooner or later they will attack us or Israel. They have repeatedly stated that their goal is to wipe us out.

NYevo NY
01/06/12 4:22 am

Go in if and when necessary. Otherwise, dont be part of escalating tensions just to prove we dont have to listen to anyone. Necessity before Moxy, otherwise we're allowing ourselves to be easily manipulated by others by taking advantage of our short temper.

drcynic Pittsburgh, PA
01/06/12 12:47 am

You hawks really need to ease up... There's no reason for this. It is an extremely volatile situation and it's not worth trying to bluff. Stop playing with people's lives.

01/05/12 11:52 pm

modern naval warfare is so boring, launch a fighter, send a cruise missile? gone are the days of getting close with a battleship and exchanging large projectiles until one or both sink. Pull the mighty MO out of mothballs and send her in, Iran's navy doesn't stand a chance.

01/05/12 11:19 pm

As usual the people most eager for war are the ones who will not have to sacrifice to fight it. Typical.

Wevo Florida
01/05/12 10:12 pm

not a " war" like in Iraq or Afghanistan...speaking of (because I am one) our ground forces are trained to look for ideas, drive big noisy trucks, and use an escalation of force before firing their weapons

Wevo Florida
01/05/12 10:11 pm

I am a vet too @usnavyvet....and even though we could beat would not be a cake walk like everyone n here seems to forget too that their army has a more advanced battle tank than ours and.a fully trained ground army, and fiighter jets...we're talking about a real war

Wevo Florida
01/05/12 10:08 pm

it's funny that most people who want war have never been to do not want war with Iran or china...the Iraq war produced like 6000 deaths in 10 years...these wars would see 10's of thousands in months

01/05/12 7:15 pm

Fuck them. Who the fuck do they think they are?!! We have the best military in the world. We have more nukes than them or anyone else. All we gotta do is take the chain off the dogs, and let Israel destroy them

PHP North Carolina
01/05/12 4:41 pm

Shut up Iran! They can't even touch us

01/05/12 4:26 pm

Fuck them that's all I gotta say

01/05/12 3:57 pm

Continue to be awe struck on how little people understand the importance of the Persian Gulf and especially the Straights Of Hormuz. Don't understand international waters or are to damn stupid to google for verification before posting.

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
01/05/12 3:33 pm

EVO..Iran could not hold a candle to our Navy,Airforce or Army,those people will surrender like mad.

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
01/05/12 3:29 pm

jgreen..Iran does not have the capability to patrol the Gulf of Mexico, no way to refuel there ships.

01/05/12 3:05 pm

Just wait for them to finish their maneuvers.

nice_atheist Connecticut
01/05/12 3:02 pm

Barging in with our aircraft carrier against their wishes is just asking for a war. And the way Iran is headed it's going to ignite ww3.

01/05/12 2:55 pm

...there's no welfare in socialism. Get the idea?! Do I have to draw you a picture?! Pull your head out- ask questions & look for answers!
If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck & looks like a duck- IT'S A DUCK!!!

01/05/12 2:53 pm

@Solidis- there's a difference between the Mississippi River & International Waters. So I'll ask- how stupid are you? Morons like you & people on welfare should not be able to vote! It's dumb-asses like you that put Obama in office. Someone needs to explain socialism doesn't work- & ...

01/05/12 2:49 pm

@IraqVet03, I agree with a troop presence, but agreement to pull out in Dec 2012 was made by the Bush administration.

IraqVet03 North Carolina
01/05/12 2:37 pm

Should have left a base in Iraq. We have bases in Germany, Japan and Korea. Why not leave one in Iraq? It seems that the Iranians have increased in boldness since 'bama pulled our guys. Should have maintained presence. I guess he needed votes and the quasi-poor/lame needed our defense money.