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Do you feel like you are in control of your financial situation, or scrambling to get by?

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jakersw22 Michigan
09/14/11 3:11 pm

I'm unemployed, and I live with my parents. BUT IT'S OK! I'm still in high school :)

jakersw22 Michigan
09/14/11 3:11 pm

I'm unemployed, and I live with my parents. BUT IT'S OK! I'm still in high school :)

09/07/11 7:56 pm

maybe people who are scrambling to get by shouldn't buy an iPad or iPod touch. just sayin

09/06/11 4:22 am

Personally, I have never jumped ship. I am the guy that finds ways to improve efficiency in hopes of keep the company afloat.

09/06/11 4:20 am

How can you truly appreciate how well you are being treated by your current employer without being fully informed of what others think you are worth?

09/06/11 4:12 am

@FreeLander: Some people think it is disloyal to test the waters with other employers. Your response (loyalty means that you shouldn't be sticking your nose out when a company is treating you well) makes it sound like you subscribe to that theory.

09/06/11 1:38 am

Alot of hippies here in Oregon........what was the question?

09/05/11 8:45 pm

But if you feel entitled to your position, that's a problem, and that is why you have to be loyal to your company, because we the employee are offering a service, and we are in no way entitled to be paid for that service if it's bad service.

09/05/11 8:42 pm

Yet you decide to jump on board another company who will pay you better, (especially of it's their competition) that's asinine. The problem with American's is this idea that more is better. Again, what I was saying in my post. Sorry of this sounded rude.

09/05/11 8:40 pm

However loyalty also means that you shouldn't be sticking your nose out when a company is treating you well. Loyalty means that you should have the company's interest. Like for instance of you're being paid 50k a year with great benefits in one company, and you are content doing what you do...

teaparty Cleveland
09/05/11 8:38 pm

Kinda sad to see that about a quarter of people making 100k+ are scrambling to get by.

09/05/11 8:35 pm

@Parot4president- Why would you think that is a logical response to what I said? I don't mean to be rude, but I'm trying to wrap my head around how you came to the conclusion that what I meant by Loyalty implied you couldn't find another job. Loyalty means taking pride in your work, and respect.

adri1275 Georgia
09/05/11 5:53 am

@JPierce: That's awesome! My husband and I just started Financial Peace University. I can't wait to be debt-free!

adri1275 Georgia
09/05/11 5:51 am

@JPierce: That's awesome! My husband and I just started Financial Peace University. I can't wait to be debt-free!

09/05/11 1:30 am

We're on the Dave Ramsey plan. We'll be completely debt-free in 2-3 years!

09/05/11 12:41 am

@FreeLander: Companies layoff workers with no plan to bring them back. I am loyal to a company while employed by them. I represent them well to customers, but sometimes the only way to get a promotion or a significant raise is to go somewhere else.

09/04/11 10:22 pm

Good job for 16. I'm good. For others looking for help, do some research on Dave Ramsey. He's the guy to look to for money problems.

09/04/11 9:21 pm

This "Global/Ecumenical" style of economics is terrible too. It's putting out generic products and it's killing industry. The only good economics is local economics, but the base of any economy is it's workforce, and when people get lazy the economy fails.

09/04/11 9:18 pm

Everything is getting shittier these days. Everything is Quantitative, and there is no quality. A quarter of the reason behind this is because people with jobs just don't give a shit. The rest has to do with companies trying to cut back on prices over expanding to too broad of markets.

09/04/11 9:13 pm

@LeftofCenter- you have to be loyal to your employer. If I had a business and I found out a employee was not loyal to the company I'd terminate them on the spot. When you work for someone you are being paid out of their convenience. To have business a company needs people who have their interest.

Nerdz Texas
09/04/11 8:54 pm

I am in complete control because I'm only 12

adri1275 Georgia
09/04/11 6:41 pm

@leftocentr: Great advice. Sounds like some of the things Dave Ramsey suggests.

veritas1 Panda
09/04/11 6:05 pm

27% percent of people making more than $100k need to sort out their priorities.

09/04/11 5:43 pm

The struggle is what makes success even more sweeter. If you ever gain success that is. If anyone has please let me know how it feels...

09/04/11 3:28 pm

Is anyone in the top income and struggling? I don't understand how you can make that much and be actually struggling...

Topgun California
09/04/11 2:52 pm

Each month in my family is a struggle, and since I'm in school I have to focus and can't really help my parents but I give them everything I earn.

09/04/11 2:38 pm

@leftocenter You are 100% correct! Have loyalty with yourself and you family...give you company your best but always remember they will give you the big stiff one in a second if it benefits them!

09/04/11 12:10 pm

@leftocentr: Excellent advice.

leftocentr Oregon
09/04/11 12:06 pm

Anyone who is loyal to their employer is a fool (unless u are self-employed). They will turn on you as easily as the wind changes direction.

leftocentr Oregon
09/04/11 12:03 pm

If Vanguarde writes anything in here he will be verbally lynched.

09/04/11 11:57 am

@danjulmom: Thank you. Companies expect you to be loyal until the day they let you go. You can't guaranty continuity of income, so plan for the lean times.

leftocentr Oregon
09/04/11 11:57 am

If you are scrambling to get by, have your cable, Internet, and iPhone subscriptions terminated immediately. You will save a crapload of money!

By a paper to get the news and have a simple landline put in your house.

sweetie San Antonio, Texas
09/04/11 10:55 am

Dang. hate the little space provided here for iPads. The iTouch space is much better.

sweetie San Antonio, Texas
09/04/11 10:53 am

Have been compulsively in control for so many years. Decided now is the time to spend

09/04/11 9:55 am

When our CEOs and bosses who make millions and billions can lower our wages, crash our stock options, and deplete our retirement plans... Ya, I certainly don't feel in control of my financial situation.

Peaceful Minnesota
09/04/11 9:35 am

We have had to borrow from my husband's 401k to make the house payment since his company's merger & cutbacks.

Perot~I'm glad things have turned around for you!

Theshamwowguy Pittsburgh, PA
09/04/11 2:25 am

Im 13 and have no job so yeah i scramble

09/04/11 2:15 am

Even though I make 20% less, the rent & utilities is half what it was when I had a home. I have a great job working from home that enables me to set aside $1k each month ... Pretty stable.

09/04/11 2:10 am

well, after flushing $50,000 (my entire net worth) in payments down the drain and still losing my home in a foreclosure and then starting over at a job that pays $10k less, It took me 6 months to set aside 6 months worth of money for rent & utilities.

09/04/11 2:03 am

But I do get my bills paid and my family gets fed and we have a warm bed and a way to work so I don't scramble much, and I thank God for that.

09/04/11 2:02 am

I get all my bills paid on time but i kinda have to scramble at times cause anytime anything extra comes up it cleans out my savings then I'll build it back up and then my car will break down. It's seems like I never get ahead.

Wes28 CBus
09/04/11 1:44 am

In control. Although if this economy doesnt improve...

09/04/11 1:20 am

A mix but definitely much more scramble. It sucks, although I can't complain really because we have food and a roof and a beautiful family!

09/04/11 12:59 am

I feel in control, but in reality I scramble a smidge