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Should the profits of any private companies - or the salaries of any citizens - be capped? (UQ)

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ComradeAlex California
09/23/12 5:28 pm

@dbrat capitalism is a disgrace ... Tax the rich !

erica80 Iowa
09/21/12 9:10 pm

I lol Ben and Jerry's business model. Yes the ice cream fellas.

erica80 Iowa
09/21/12 9:08 pm

Capped in a way that the people in charge can't profit millions and pay those doing the day to day minimum wage which supports no family in any state in this country.

JHawk3205 MD
09/20/12 7:25 pm

I can't believe I'm lumped into the same species as you fagatrons... I'LL JERK YOUR DICK!!!

JHawk3205 MD
09/20/12 7:23 pm

@usmc141: I'd tell you you're a pussy to your face if you weren't so far away, busy butt lovin ur cousin, shootin ur aks, n whiskey lovin some sheep thru a fence.. Can't say you'd hear me over all that homoerotic buttswagger... Hope you enjoyed your military poopdicking..

JHawk3205 MD
09/20/12 7:20 pm

@tyger231- same as previous, and at least china is doing well, their high school students study for 15 hrs/day, and the country is doing great... I'd go there if I at least spoke the language..

JHawk3205 MD
09/20/12 7:17 pm

@106455: no CEO actually earns the kind of money that they get- the low levels EARN money, and deserve more for their WORK.. Simple concept, a man sits at the head of a big table, doesn't mean he deserves exponentially more than someone at a lower level

Neiman New Jersey
09/20/12 7:01 pm

No to caps, and I'm not a Rich man.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
09/20/12 5:29 pm

Who knows, if they can't get paid more than a certain ratio of the companies taxable income, we might start getting more taxable income magically. That is just a fun thought. Hmmm, it is so bad that it might just work...

vactkev CT
09/19/12 9:56 pm

It's about production that's why Steve Jobs had an annual salary of $1 but got huge bonuses because Apple had been doing amazing. That's how more people making huge salaries should get paid

09/19/12 10:11 am

NO human being works so hard that they are worth $10 mil/yr when there are people working just as hard or harder (albeit in the "wrong" industry) for $9-10/hr

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
09/19/12 6:30 am

To whom much is given, much is expected. Be sure that you are living up to the responsibility you are trusted with. It can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how you use it.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
09/19/12 6:26 am

When I drive my own car, I need to follow rules to prevent harm to others. Publicly traded companies are not your money, they belong in public domain and public needs assurances of moral conduct. When you employ more than 50 people, you are impacting many more. You have serious responsibility.

09/19/12 4:56 am

Wowww even 9% yes Is pretty scary. No understanding of economicss

Move to north Korea. They cap profits

Apex swimming in the sky
09/18/12 9:19 pm

when they are involved or been aided with any government they should be capped. otherwise let it be!!!

USMC141 South Carolina
09/18/12 8:17 pm

@JHawk, i dont have the room or time to tell you how wrong your comments are, but if you have the balls to call me a pussy over the computer im sure you would be glad to say that to my face

Happy Hong Kong
09/18/12 8:14 pm

The salaries of Democrats should be capped as they seem to favor this.

09/18/12 6:40 pm

Of course it should be capped. This is why the middle class are becoming so poor. Losing everything when they get sick & the health insurance CEO just keeps getting richer

09/18/12 6:30 pm

A greedy CEO is acceptable as long as their is no impedance to beginning a company of your own and performing the same service more efficiently and putting that fool out of business. 57 taxes (in Colorado) just to open your own business is not helping.

09/18/12 5:29 pm

@JHawk3205- you have some nerve calling me greedy for wanting to keep the money I earn. YOU are the greedy one for wanting a CEO's money you didn't earn. If communism "isn't bad" how about you pack your bags and ship yourself to china?! We won't miss you!

09/18/12 5:07 pm

If you voted yes on this I'm utterly horrified of you

glyiker America
09/18/12 4:51 pm

If you limit income, there is no incentive to improve. Simple as that.

Justus Pensacola, FL
09/18/12 11:21 am

Communism: "A totalitarian system of government in which a single authoritarian party controls state-owned means of production"
JHawk3205: "Communism isn't bad"

America you do not want this.

KoineGeek Arkansas
09/18/12 6:36 am

Because those in govt know how much each person should receive and own. Only govt should decide what is right and fair, arbitrarily.

KoineGeek Arkansas
09/18/12 6:34 am

@JHawk. "we're not all CEOs. Don't you want some of their money?" Really jHawk? Do you want some govt officials deciding what is fair for you to keep from the business you started and built? Who is competent to decide what you should make? Oh yes, the all knowing, all beneficent govt will.

cowboy Doors of Perception
09/18/12 6:16 am

@biker That's because he's a Communist, or at least, a Communist sympathizer.

hmann Georgia
09/18/12 5:40 am

If profits and salaries were capped there wouldn't companies like apple. You'd still be using a landline or some 10 pound cell phone and get 100 mins of usage a month. Profit drives innovation. Or maybe the government would have invented the iPhone.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
09/18/12 3:33 am

There needs to be balanced salary, dividend, reinvestment, visionary leader / designer, social responsibility allocations to ensure a healthy company, environment for its citizens and neighbors.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
09/18/12 3:27 am

The problem is people's hearts not the system we use. Even communism has corrupt people, leading to its failure. I don't think that those for cap want commie dictator. However, can a greedy selfish CEO rob his employees for his or her own satisfaction?

arctichamster California
09/18/12 1:41 am

I *do*, however, think there should be caps on corporate bonuses and "golden parachutes."

09/17/12 10:42 pm

I think union leaders should be capped.

09/17/12 9:52 pm

@JHawk3205. You seem to feel entitled to other peoples' money that they had to earn.

smacc DunningKruger
09/17/12 9:35 pm

Capitalism by nature imposes caps on salaries. The problem is we have moved away from capitalism and toward an oligarchy.

JHawk3205 MD
09/17/12 9:26 pm

Everyone stands to benefit, but clearly, 92% of you idiots don't want to have a better life. Lemme guess, god spoke to you and said vote for Romney... I like a good laugh now n again, but the results of this question got me on the floor!

JHawk3205 MD
09/17/12 9:24 pm

Lol, this is America.. We used to have tax rates that resembled a more socialist country, and we were the no1 creditor nation, but then trickle down and banking deregulation fucked us royally- take that you homophobic Reagan loving, god fearing idiots

JHawk3205 MD
09/17/12 9:20 pm

Never heard of so many people being so dumb... There's nothing saying that it wouldn't be a percentage cap.. Meaning the CEO can't take more than 400% the average employees salary. It's a question of fair distribution, you know, so we don't have a few billionaires and 100 million poor.. Common sense

JHawk3205 MD
09/17/12 9:17 pm

Wow, buncha greedy, scared pussies.. Communism isn't bad, neither is socialism- try not to confuse them with dictatorship, commonly associated with those types of economies... And besides, wouldn't you like to earn more money? We're not all CEOs, don't you want some of their money??

giottoblu Connecticut
09/17/12 9:17 pm

That's straight up un-American, and I don't throw that term around.

09/17/12 8:37 pm

Only the politicians salaries should be capped.

09/17/12 5:46 pm

Technically speaking, that would really be a step towards communism... Please tell me we won't go there!

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
09/17/12 5:13 pm

Each God of Egypt was confronted and brought down by a specific plague. Have we raised money high enough that it needs to be taken down? I hope not. I am looking forward to the new generation that will make money for serving us, not us serving it.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
09/17/12 5:05 pm

The problem is that we have allowed someone to use money to influence our judgment, means of deciding what is right and balance of what is important in life. Do we not value people and things by money and not their actual worth. How corrupt has your heart become? Did you realize this?

RayX quit
09/17/12 4:56 pm

The limit to corporate profits is set by competition, not the Feds.

If the Feds would get out of the way there would be more competition.