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Chocolate milk for kids: unhealthy because of the sugar content, or healthy because it gets them to drink more milk?

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Someone Wisconsin
04/11/12 4:24 am

Suck it up, kids. I'm in high school and have been happily drinking skim white milk my entire life.

MichaelJC Home
04/10/12 6:43 pm

are you people being serious!!! HOLLY COW start reading peeps. start reading

goldy California
04/05/12 1:50 am

Milk is pretty unhealthy to begin with, so adding a ton of sugar isn't really going to help.

04/03/12 9:12 pm

Use it in moderation, fellas. That way you can still get the Calcium from the milk, get a good sweet taste of Chocolate milk, all while under a healthy moderation. That way everyone wins.

04/03/12 1:13 am

When are you whiners going get over it?! There will always be over weight folks. Due to lazy, parenting or whatever- get over it- teach 'em at a young age & quit blaming someone else- its your fault!

elbow82 Veganland
04/02/12 6:47 am

Unhealthy for both of the reasons posed in the question. Milk is not a health food, people.

peacenskis Alaska
04/01/12 2:39 pm

There is no reason to drink milk after you become a toddler. No other mammal does either. You really don't need dairy at all. Calcium intake can come from other foods. All that said...I love cheeses, yogurts, chocolate milk, etc.!

Steve6453 Michigan
03/31/12 5:56 pm

uhhh TruMoo is like a bagillion times better...

03/31/12 1:46 pm

Too funny!! I love all your comments.
Drink water

03/30/12 10:06 pm

One more thought: People who worry too much about what they ingest may develop stress-related problems worse than what the drink or food could do to them, so relax - as long as you enjoy in moderation, you'll be just fine :)

Flooded Virginia
03/30/12 9:18 pm

As a kid, if I had chocolate milk to drink, I wouldn't have dessert. My parents exchanged in sugary thing for another that had at least some benefit :)

03/30/12 8:04 pm

There are in fact other sources of calcium etc - the question should be: is milk harmful; and unless you are lactose intolerant it doesn't seem to be.

ORinNY New York
03/30/12 7:54 pm

I like how this implies milk is healthy for children. take a cue from every other animal and stop drinking milk after infancy.

03/30/12 7:43 pm

Because those who think milk is healthy want to make it more palatable to their kids who have a sweet tooth.
Btw: We've been dairy farming for thousands of years - and didn't even the Bible talk about the land of milk and honey? Now ain't that sweet ;)

03/30/12 6:58 pm

Milk is not great anyways. Obviously you need calcium, buy I find drinking pure milk unnecessary. However chocolate milk does not cause obsetity, but why add unneeded sugars?

Steve6453 Michigan
03/30/12 6:45 pm

ok seriously some of you sound dumb if you honestly think that chocolate milk is the cause of obesity in kids. fat kids are fat because they dont play any sports and eat a bunch of crap, start looking at the nutrition facts of their little debbies, oreos, and chips.

03/30/12 6:16 pm

You can always use ordinary milk and add sweetened cocoa powder and thus control how much of a sugar load you want to add.

smebybj Massachusetts
03/30/12 5:03 pm

omg! is this for real?! no wonder we have a childhood obesity and diabetes epidemic! and as an FYI chocolate skim milk is worse than 2% in terms of glycemic load. hell in an uneducated hand basket.

purpleness Iowa
03/30/12 4:51 pm

If its skim milk it's a lot better, kids are supposed to be drinking skim milk anyway, though most drink 2%. Also, I drink chocolate milk at lunch everyday, and I'm healthy. (though it probably has something to do with the fact that I have ballet 7 and a half hours a week)

Steve6453 Michigan
03/30/12 3:08 pm

i'm 15 i drink chocolate milk pretty much everyday sometimes four cartons at school and sometimes more at home but i'm not fat because i do more than sit on my ass all day. I also know lots of other thin kids that drink tons of chocolate milk.

03/30/12 2:58 pm

Believe it or not - neither the dairy nor the sugar are healthy. Especially as we get older, but not so much for kiddos either.

DickC California
03/30/12 8:04 am

People talk as though this is just a matter of giving kids chocolate milk at home and if they're active it'll be fine. However, most of the time kids get chocolate milk from school, go back to class (hopped up on sugar) and sit. Ever wonder why kids can't sit still in class?

Wert A picture of my junk
03/30/12 7:46 am

It's no wonder we are a nation of fat blobs, with nutritional choices like this.

nb35819 Atlanta
03/30/12 7:03 am

I love chocolate milk so my kids can drink it as much as they want.

bkelldance Illinois
03/30/12 5:49 am

¡No me gusta nada la leche de chocolate! Go Spanish!

23 Texas
03/30/12 5:38 am

As with many things, it's healthy when moderated.

03/29/12 11:51 pm

Come on Nevada, go red already ;)

Lulzy New Jersey
03/29/12 11:08 pm


I shit in my brain when people say "ohh natural sugar is fine".

03/29/12 10:52 pm

One of those threads where the discussion doesn't reflect the poll result.
One could think that 90% are against milk for anybody weaned.

UtopianKing Palo Alto
03/29/12 10:44 pm

Clearly the higher the income, the higher the education and higher intelligence. Milk is bad, especially if you add sugar!

03/29/12 9:22 pm

Also, care to share some if those experiences and info or are you just satisfied to rely on name calling and personal superiority as your primary debate tactic?

If you know where nutrients come from, then you'd know that some things shouldn't be tampered with... Like corn in the cow! It's horrible

03/29/12 9:18 pm

Pterri: I may not live near a bunch of farms, but I do grow my own food, I've raised & butchered animals, I realize that there is also a huge body of data that runs contrary to your findings.

Also, I didn't make foolish assumptions about you. Maybe you need to get off the farm for a bit ; )

Steve6453 Michigan
03/29/12 9:08 pm

also sugar is bad for adults because it turns into fat when it isn't used, but kids tend to be more active and their bodies use the sugar for energy more often than fat storage. It is bad for their teeth but as long as they brush twice a day they're fine

Steve6453 Michigan
03/29/12 9:02 pm

read the nutrition facts, TruMoo, the best tasting chocolate milk in the world's fat and sugar content arn't that far off from regular milk. The protein and calcium definetly make it healthy, the sugar really isn't that much especially compared to other juices.

03/29/12 8:56 pm

Food cravings can be as strong as drug addiction.
Yes somebody with an obesity disposition can lose weight but it must be an ordeal.

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
03/29/12 8:54 pm

Humans naturally don't consume cow's milk. I'm not saying that a tall cold glass of milk isn't delicious with Oreos... but I am saying that the first guy that tried it was kicked out of his village.

Rosebud Ohio
03/29/12 8:50 pm

Praetorian- people have a higher disposition towards obesity due to genetics and hormone imbalances. It's not what makes them fat. My husbands family is all fat. He was. He worked out and ate better and by the time we met was stick thin. Thin enough I made him put on weight.

03/29/12 8:44 pm

@Nevermore Milk has a slim amount of Vitamin C. Go eat some almonds or something...

03/29/12 8:35 pm

I don't think it is healthy but it sure is delicious.

03/29/12 8:34 pm

nyguy: Obesity often is caused by hormonal or glandular problems or slow metabolism - we all know about people who can eat like a freight train and hardly gain weight and I know two teenagers who ate no more than I and clocked in at 300 pounds.

03/29/12 8:22 pm

Unhealthy cuz milk tastes good wi u need chocolate? That's wi America is fat

03/29/12 8:15 pm

As a babysitter I thought chocolate milk was bad. As a mom that reads labels, he can have chocolate milk if he wants it. Amazed at how the numbers work out.

SoCalSon SoKal
03/29/12 8:13 pm

That's assuming milk is healthy

03/29/12 8:04 pm

Obesity is caused by too much consumption and not enough activity. Look it up......

03/29/12 8:03 pm

Most of the sugar in chocolate milk is naturally occurring in the milk. Added sugar is about 1 teaspoon per serving.

03/29/12 8:02 pm

Apple juice has more sugar than chocolate milk.

03/29/12 7:37 pm

You're assuming that milk in and of itself is healthy . . . a stance promoted mostly by the dairy industry.