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The hacker group "Anonymous" recently defaced three North Carolina church websites, declaring a war on religion. Hate crimes?

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03/18/12 11:39 am

the internet shouldn't be used to attack any group of people. its more for information and shopping. it really shouldn't be used as an excuse to start problems between people.

tgraff Pennsylvania
03/15/12 10:38 am

Its a website not actual physical property and is easily fixed. Do I think its a hate crime. NO. Had it been the actual. Church they defaced then yes that would be a hate crime.

mrcoyote Casa Grande
03/13/12 4:34 pm

However if you draw your rapier ill draw mine

mrcoyote Casa Grande
03/13/12 4:21 pm

Im actually still deciding on wether or not anon is of use to me or if i should be working on a counter attack if im hacked. I run an organized business so i need my computers

03/12/12 6:44 pm

@Otaku - Yes I did say that, because it is true.

03/12/12 6:43 pm

@Otaku - Anonymous is run by the CIA and has been for two years.

OtakuKitty Tennessee
03/12/12 12:09 pm

@RonPaulGal, did you just seriously say that Christianity is the root of modern science?! That's the MOST untrue statement I've EVER heard. Wow. *facepalm*

OtakuKitty Tennessee
03/12/12 12:04 pm

anonymous is a voice for the oppressed masses.

huckeberry Indiana
03/12/12 10:44 am

furthermore... they aren't a group...

huckeberry Indiana
03/12/12 10:44 am

follow @youranonnews on twitter to see what they are doing, they are extremely transparent.

huckeberry Indiana
03/12/12 10:43 am

anonymous is not a hate group. they fight daily for freedoms here and abroad. don't just read into what corporate new stations say

huckeberry Indiana
03/12/12 10:40 am

@oreilyy does it matter if I were? educate yourself brother...

03/12/12 9:32 am

@Empathy - Finally some sense! Exactly!

03/11/12 10:58 am

zealots under every banner are dangerous. It's ignorance and dogma that screws up tolerance.

03/10/12 7:03 pm

A crime is a crime. The concept of a "Hate" crime is a logical fallacy that assumes one imaginary subgroup of individuals requires special protection. _Everyone_ is meant to be _equal_ under the law.

03/10/12 2:46 pm

@waaazzaap - No, YOU need to realize that the Crusades were DEFENSIVE wars.

03/10/12 1:01 pm

dub hate crimes, war on religion means they are targeting anyone with a religion now

03/10/12 12:59 pm

anomymous declared a war on religion, they didn't say anything about child molestation

03/10/12 12:57 pm

waaaaazaaaap... that would be pretty funny

03/10/12 10:22 am

this is not a hate I understand they are targeting all religions not singling out one group

waaazzaap Arizona
03/10/12 5:22 am

@RobOualGal , the crusade was an expedition not a war of retaliation as you proclaim, just get that fact straight first of all .. And please tell me where the FOURTH CRUSADE ENDED UP ATTACKING?? I love those Venetians the smartest bunch under the ruthless pooopes , used holy propaganda 4 profit haha

RandFan Headed to IPhone rehab
03/10/12 2:05 am

A war on religion is a war for intelligent thought.

03/09/12 11:13 pm

@waaazzaap - When did I say freedom of religion bothered me? I don't recall saying that.

03/09/12 11:12 pm

@waaazzaap - Unlike in the Crusades, they are not militarily invading America. -_-

03/09/12 11:11 pm

@Malaligned - That is not my source. It was simply a page I suggested the other person read.

waaazzaap Arizona
03/09/12 11:10 pm

@oreilyu lmao it's all over the news ! I wouldn't doubt it at all if it's a catholic church lol

03/09/12 10:48 pm

@huckleberry, how would you know are you one of them

03/09/12 10:47 pm

33% of democrats are complete morons

huckeberry Indiana
03/09/12 10:03 pm

anonymous took down the sites for historical religious crimes (ie child molestation). how is this a hate crime? educate yourselves...

waaazzaap Arizona
03/09/12 9:47 pm

@RonPualGal I feel sorry for you , living in a country of immigrants must be hard for you with all those Buddhist in china town and Hindu Indians with their curry chicken (yummy) or the Evil Muslims and their Kabobs Hahaaha ... They cause a real threat their should be another crusade hahaha

03/09/12 12:37 pm

@waaazzaap - I suggest you learn some real history. The Crusades were in response to Muslim military incursion into Europe specifically on two fronts, Spain and Asia Minor. The Europeans only acted in self defense.

waaazzaap Arizona
03/09/12 10:52 am

I can't really have a conversation with you honestly ! Your one sided and have no real knowledge of What the crusades did to Muslims and their lands ! every city they capture they exterminate the Muslim population and enslave the women and children !! If you call that justifiable than your nuts !!

waaazzaap Arizona
03/09/12 10:48 am

@RonPualGal I suggest you read the other side of the story ! The Muslims were in internal conflicts for years when the Catholics invaded ! They couldn't have caused an Alarming threat to announce a murderess crusade ! The popes had individual ambitions to strengthen the catholic church !!

03/09/12 7:49 am

@waaazzaap - I didn't start this.

03/09/12 7:48 am

@waaazzap - Gingrich's "invented people"? What the heck does the modern Israeli/Palestinian conflict have to do with this? I am not a Zionist and I do NOT support the Christ-hating, parasitic, terrorist state of Israel.

03/09/12 7:43 am

@waaazzaap - Read Pope Urban III's declaration of war. It even says in there it is because of Muslims invading Christian lands.

03/09/12 7:41 am

@waaazzaap - the Church was the ruling power in Europe at the time. Obviously it was a concern if Muslims were invading Christian lands (which they had actually been doing for hundreds of years, by the time of the Crusades the Christians had had enough).

waaazzaap Arizona
03/09/12 1:07 am

You also have some belief issues to come on an App and spread all your religious propaganda so radically like that ... No stable religious person would ever do that ... Talk about radicals people , we got one right here

waaazzaap Arizona
03/09/12 1:05 am

@RonPualGal you really have no backing of your folk tale.You wants us to believe that the English and the Germans were attacked by Muslims?! or was it just another pope expedition plan? like most stable historians believe! Or are u wanna of those who follow historian Gingrich ?! And his Invented ppl

waaazzaap Arizona
03/09/12 12:58 am

@RonPaulGal.. So your telling me the Catholics really gave a rat ass about the Orthodox Byzantine Emperors hahaha, do you know where the fourth crusade ended invading what City? constantinople ! Venetian plan to control merchant routes in the Mediterranean hahaha, I agree u should go hit those bks

03/08/12 10:33 pm

@Tobi - Look at that, another sheep who believes everything he/she was indoctrinated with in state schools. Baaahh.

Tobi Ohio
03/08/12 10:17 pm

Wow you know absolutely nothing about the Crusades... time to go back to history class, by which I mean real history and not that stuff they taught you in Sunday school.

KudosToYou California
03/08/12 8:56 pm

Curse the people that fight for the people!

KudosToYou California
03/08/12 8:20 pm

It's only the truth as you see it after ignoring anything factual.