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Show Of Hands December 11th, 2011 12:00am

Do you think each successive generation of Americans is getting, on average, smarter or dumber than the previous generation?

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ohmy Montana
12/22/11 3:59 pm

Just look at history. What was required reading 200 years ago, to be considered an educated person, and compare the current requirements. Plus life experience is a factor. But then,..... according to some, old people are not they were too busy working to send you to college.

ohmy Montana
12/22/11 3:40 pm

Thanks to the inability to fire teachers for poor performance, our children are getting a substandard education. ...and we continue to pay for it.

12/21/11 5:48 pm

therivkid. great comment i agree.

cowboy Doors of Perception
12/21/11 5:32 pm

They keep dumbing down tests in the government schools, so obviously dumber.

StaffSgtKip Florida
12/21/11 1:28 pm

I hate my peers. Someone in my class didn't know who won WWII. Why are they so stupid???? I am the only smart one in my school!

therivkid State of Confusion
12/20/11 12:20 am

I think they're getting smarter, but I also see a polarizing effect. The smart ones are getting smarter and the dumb ones are getting dumber.

Shaina New York
12/18/11 9:28 pm

There are some kids that I do feel are more stupid than the previous generations.

Shaina New York
12/18/11 9:27 pm

I'm very surprised at the results. I'm in 9th grade and the majority of my grade in my school are ahead at least one year in math, and almost everyone is taking at least one honors course. I don't even go to a private school.

bmgx Michigan
12/18/11 2:28 pm

Every generation thinks the next gets progressively dumber, yet what actually happens is that next generation gets lazier. New generations get more and more technology savvy. So put that in your blunt and smoke it old people! Haha, no offense to old people tho.

Sage1287 Illinois
12/18/11 1:35 pm

I think it did skip my generation though... I'm 24... It was the 90's... Not our fault

Sage1287 Illinois
12/18/11 1:34 pm

Have any of you who said dumber actually talked to a child recently? I think most of them are smarter than any child has a right to be!

12/18/11 2:18 am

Sorry can't figure out how to operate a computer

12/18/11 2:18 am

Smarter because the older generation can figure out to operate a bloody computer. The smart phone your using, probably designed by a 16 year old. Technology is driven by imagination, something older adults lose.

12/17/11 10:35 pm

@redeye Please don't tell me you hate him because he's African-American.

12/17/11 6:41 am

Let's just look at this generation. At 25 still living at home, living off parents (including health insurance), want to be told what to do by government, they are not self responsible, want everything for free, have their heads up their ass , and a majority of them voted for Obama.

12/16/11 10:39 pm

The gap between the high and low ends is increasing

12/16/11 2:35 pm

Less common sense, more street and book smarts

12/16/11 12:25 pm

everything gets worse with time

12/16/11 3:51 am

People are more tied up in fiction than reality. This, historically, is a dangerous sign.

12/15/11 5:58 am

Dumber, kids got it too easy. Can act out and do so many things without fear of repercussion. Schools will pass just about anyone, and I haven't seen a drive from my 16 year old nephew to find part time work or a college to attend. Instead he begs his dad for money. Lazy and dumb.

12/14/11 8:50 pm

I'd say getting smarter, but getting lazier at the same time...

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
12/14/11 5:52 pm

In some ways, more intelligent. In other ways, much less. I think we are losing work ethic at an alarming rate of speed, which is a concern. There are a lot of technological advances, but it makes people lazier and less apt to apply themselves fully-- because there will always be a second chance.

12/14/11 1:23 am

And then their are all the rednecks and ignorant people in the world who teach their kids nothing but trash.

12/14/11 1:22 am

people like @blamboy make our generation less intelligent he's probably some nerdy punk kid who gets bullied at school everyday.

sgeisler18 Illinois
12/13/11 10:07 pm

I'm sorry, but my generation is pretty much mentally retarded. All they do is f around, so the hardworking kid like me is labeled as just another idiot teenager. I'm an honors student in music extracurriculars and I hold down 2 part time jobs, but I'm still seen as a stupid teen.

nice_atheist Connecticut
12/13/11 8:26 pm

@jcfsox- there is a difference between being intelligent and having access to information. I could have and idiot stand in a library but he is no more intelligent than he was standing outside. Intelligence let's you access stored knowledge and use it to your advantage.

12/13/11 8:16 pm

Depends on how many mexicans sneak into this country each year

AntiMike Alabama
12/13/11 8:04 pm

Simple, kids are dumber because of ever lowering standards!
You either pass or you fail!
People wanting to give credit for trying make me sick!

12/13/11 7:28 pm

@perot4prez, lol, I don't think most on this blog even know what a slide rule is!....I use mine daily for quick calcs, and it is an integral part of my desk tools. BTW, it was given to me by an engineer at Honda in Tokyo when I worked there in '68 on their Formula One project. Many memories on that.

12/13/11 6:23 pm

Send 7th grade homework on math at home and it is the kids who have to teacher the parents to do the math. Sad that kids can add fractions together but parent can't even if they have a college degree.

12/13/11 5:41 pm

Unfortunate, isn't it?

Candalia Alabama
12/13/11 4:42 pm

@redeye & every one else if you have something against obama then can you please tell my why. If you would? I can't get anyone to tell me a good real reason too hate on him. (and yes I know its off subject) I just haven't herd any good reasons.

12/13/11 12:43 pm

Technology makes people more capable, but dumber. Hand a slide rule to anyone under 40 or ask them to do long division without a calculator and look at the bewildered expression on their face.

12/13/11 10:15 am

Does Zach100 not realize that MW3 is Call of Duty?

wpoofs Oklahoma
12/13/11 8:59 am

Seems people are more savvy at retrieving information, but when it comes to common sense, they seem to be lacking. Severely.

12/13/11 6:05 am

Dumber - We elected Obama, and there are those who will vote for him again. What more proof is needed?

erida Georgia
12/13/11 2:29 am

Today's generation is, book wise, smarter, but socially idiotic. Thanks to technology for both.

12/12/11 11:29 pm

The youth of today can and do smoke an ounce to this while they standing staring at moms cabinet trying to steal some of moms Oxy, bitch.

12/12/11 10:15 pm

...(continued)...and my daughter is a very good, but frustrated, teacher in (by choice) the worst area of our city teaching minority kids. I get frustrated with fresh engineers that I hire that have no concept of what we are doing, again a statement on our education system. We finish their education

PHP North Carolina
12/12/11 10:09 pm

The 17 year old who perfected cancer treatment would like a word with you.

12/12/11 10:08 pm

@candalia, kudos to you for your great reply. I think "dumber" or "smarter" was not the best choice of words for the question, I believe that today's young people have it way harder than my generation ( I am approaching 70 btw) but too many seem to be uninterested in learning important life skills.

Candalia Alabama
12/12/11 9:56 pm

And for different reasons so they have learn to make better choices from watching the dumb, bad mistakes from others and their self. For those who complain about the way the world is then do something (other than negatively commenting) if your the older generation; you are the teachers SO teach!:)

Candalia Alabama
12/12/11 9:51 pm

Like its always been... Some dumb & some who actually have sense. from my point of view (15) I say smarter, maybe because it's my generation but idk. And for all those who say that all teens and kid have it easy no, not all some actually have to take care of family (parents, siblings, there self)

12/12/11 9:26 pm

Ron Paul isn't winning by a landslide.. Definitely dumber

dylansl Texas
12/12/11 8:43 pm

Relatively, dumber. Absolute, smarter.

12/12/11 7:28 pm

I blame the crappy food that is available to our youth for all the learning problems I see.