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Did you ever get straight A's on a high school or college report card?

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AllisonE California
07/02/12 12:44 pm

I've always gotten one B and the rest being A's. It was so frustrating to me!

07/02/12 8:52 am

I've never gotten anything but an a

mrcoyote Casa Grande
07/01/12 1:41 pm

Once and it maded me feel edumacated

takashi Colorado
07/01/12 1:14 pm

Nope, but only because I've only had two chances so far.

07/01/12 7:54 am

Also, grades are not the best nor the only indicator of you as a person. I got into a great school even with a low GPA because I wrote great essays, was involved in my community, and was well liked by my teachers:)

07/01/12 7:45 am

Nope. I was never a very involved student in high school. I couldn't focus. I did, however, get a 2200 on my SATs.

AdamT Boston, MA
06/30/12 6:27 am

Took 3 APs this year (senior year) and a full schedule, and still didn't get lower than a 95 each quarter. I'm headed to a good college!

madstrike36 Illinois
06/29/12 7:21 pm

I think this may show that the younger generations are either becoming smarter b/c of schools or teachers, or that school is getting easier.

06/29/12 6:08 pm

Well, I never got anything lower than a 95% this year, my freshman year. Finished 2nd in my class for this year.

06/29/12 11:03 am

Freshman year of hs yes. Ended with a 3.6. I could have done better, but I didn't work hard enough. Setting a higher bar for myself for college.

06/29/12 10:02 am

Straight A Republican right here; High school and college. Political affiliation has nothing to do with intelligence.

HolyBabble Mississippi
06/29/12 6:42 am

Hahaha!!! 56% of Republicans lied on this one.

Straight A Republican = Oxymoron

06/28/12 10:08 pm

Philosophy isn't stupid crap :(

FearToFall what is this for
06/28/12 6:16 pm

No, thanks to my gym teacher who had something against me. I participated plenty, if not more than necessary, in gym, got all As on what we did in health, and I'm an athlete, so I dunno what her problem is.

Also, geometry sucks.

elbow82 Veganland
06/28/12 5:28 pm

Mostly straight A's through high school, sometimes with a B in PE and once a C- in math. I had one of the highest GPA's in my school. Slipped a bit in college, but had some straight A semesters and graduated cum laude from UCLA.

06/28/12 4:59 pm

@David from my experience in hs getting straight a's wasn't easy. I struggled a little bit in english because it is not my first language but i managed to get As in that subject.

david suburban DC
06/28/12 3:26 pm

My HS gave number grades. I averaged 99+ in math, 97 or so in foreign languages and 80's and worse in the rest (social studies, science, English). Straight A's? Never came close.
Got smart after grad school.

tsk California
06/28/12 3:22 pm

Majoring in computer science. Sub-major computer networking aka cisco systems.

06/28/12 3:15 pm

@David my school can go over the general gpa system and that it boosted mine up because of ap and ib tests. My current school i attend also has different gpa system. It used to be 4.37 but the highest one could get is 4.5.

tsk California
06/28/12 3:06 pm

I hated school. I was one of those students who hardly studied but did well on exams (no cheating either). Ended up with an 2.1 gpa + lots of absences in HS. I did get an 34 on the ACT and in college I tried alot harder. I took 15 units my freshman year, stopped skipping classes & made deans list.

david suburban DC
06/28/12 2:41 pm

Super-Mensa IQ (155), 800 Math SAT, NEVER had a straight A's report card!
I KNOW that telling a lie is LEGAL but what's the point? You are anonymous in this polling!

06/28/12 2:02 pm

The 4.5 gpa is like saying "I gave 110%".

06/28/12 12:14 pm

Must have a 734.623 gpa to make a difference. Yes that is sarcasm. Making gpa's over a 4.0 is inflation an A should be an A. Bragging is low. It is what you do with what you learn that counts.

06/28/12 3:41 am

I wish. Pretty much a B student in HS & college. Juggling military duties with college was difficult for me.

06/28/12 1:13 am

Never got a B in my life.

06/28/12 1:12 am

I went to a private school and graduated top of my class with a cumulative 5.2 gpa. Right not I'm a junior at my school with a 4.5 gpa majoring in interdisciplinary fields of biology.

06/28/12 12:40 am

Yes, once in HS and it nearly killed me. ;-)

Apex swimming in the sky
06/28/12 12:01 am

Too many liars. Or people cant read, it says "straight a's" meaning all classes in a year or semester. Not one a un middle school. Pretty hard to do specially as you go up in college. Ive gotten an 2 or 3 but not all straight. I have a life. Nd its hardddÓĆ∑

badpad32 New Jersey
06/27/12 10:42 pm

I'm finishing my first year of college as n accounting major with a 4.0!!!

06/27/12 9:40 pm

College, yes. Too busy worrying about boys and how I looked get the A's in high school.

06/27/12 9:30 pm

All As in both HS and college

06/27/12 9:16 pm

I worked super hard, but when I had the closest chance I would earn a B in something.

06/27/12 8:53 pm

Getting money for grades was a good incentive for me, so I did everything I could to get straight A's. I got my first C in college, which was devastating.

RRStephens Tennessee
06/27/12 8:31 pm

I benefited from egregiously low standards

06/27/12 8:25 pm

Lots of liars. Re: aliscool

06/27/12 8:17 pm

ONCE, in college! It was a summer semester and I had kind of easy classes.

lilraerae Tuscaloosa
06/27/12 7:52 pm

Most of the time I did. I was my high school's salutatorian. Which my good grades is why I have completed 2 years of college without paying or owing anything. :)

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
06/27/12 7:30 pm

My shop teacher used to just let me sleep so I wouldn't disrupt the class. He was my favorite. He knew giving me a hard time was a pointless waste of energy. I had every right to be a problem child, but I turned out better than most of my well behaved classmates :) south FL school system sux.