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Show Of Hands November 23rd, 2012 12:00am

In response to the Obamacare mandate to purchase health insurance for full-time employees, many large retailers are planning to shift most employees to part-time hours. Evil greed, or competitive need?

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pchenry Texas
12/02/12 8:03 am

There are provisions in obamacare that won't allow this trick of moving people to part time to circumvent the rules ....if one person works 15 hours and another works 25 they are considered 1 full time person under obamacare....hence the company will still be fine $2k a year for those people

tdaddy Kentucky
12/01/12 10:35 pm

Greed. But no biggie because if the GOP does not see the light (read "get the point") by the midterm elections the same voters who "upset" the plan in 2012 will come out in bigger numbers in 2014. Just don't act surprised then liked you were when Romney lost. It's inevitable. The times are changing.

11/29/12 9:33 am

Your command of the English language is what's ignorant. Seriously though, if people can't get rich by working hard and /or making sound decisions, what's to keep them working at all? Should we all stop earning $$ when we hit $249,000 each year so the govt can't play Robbin Hood with our money?

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
11/29/12 4:04 am

These decisions are financially responsible considering what the Big Dummy is doing to business.

11/28/12 7:19 pm

Your talking about the richest of the rich not you and me, your a little ignorant I guess

11/28/12 7:18 pm

Your an old person who migrated to Florida is all you had to say

11/28/12 7:16 pm

Key words: LARGE retailers... They can afford it

11/27/12 7:04 pm

I personally don't care if corporations are profitable because I invest in those corporations with my retirement. They make money, I make money! Why is it so wrong to be wealthy and profitable. Healthcare is not a right (show me in the constitution) however it is a personal responsibility.

11/27/12 5:26 pm

I mean seriously, what exactly did you all think was going to happen when this disaster was passed into law? Business is going to react in a manner in line with keeping profits up and shareholders happy. Evil and greed have nothing to do with it.

11/27/12 11:52 am

I thought the concept of opening a business for yourself is to make money for yourself.....isnt that the whole idea behind capitalism?

bbkkanders Kentucky
11/27/12 11:45 am

Another reason California is broke. I'll be glad when they slip in the ocean.

Nianhel Tennessee
11/27/12 11:20 am

**are a hundred unemployed...

Darn typos.

Nianhel Tennessee
11/27/12 11:19 am

It's gotten worse with the recession because they hold it over your head that if you don't like getting screwed over, there are a unemployed people waiting to take your place.

Nianhel Tennessee
11/27/12 11:18 am

Employers have already been doing that for years. They hire you as part time, work you 39 hours, and don't have to pay any benefits. The world is run by pure greed.

11/27/12 10:29 am

Anarchy you are a genius. I'm sure a good portion of ppl on here don't know who Gary Johnson is. My hope was that he would win at least one state. But it never happens ppl should look up what he was going to do with health care and how it would help us and corporations...

11/27/12 10:26 am

Yes that is the correct answer.

11/27/12 10:23 am

It's true typically universal healthcare is right on the line of socialism. The guy could have said it more eloquently.

11/27/12 10:20 am

Mr. Rayx you seem to have said the smartest thing on here yet.

11/27/12 10:19 am

That was very ignorant. You are very ignorant. My sister is a small business owner and voted for Obama although I disagreed with her she did. She is also a very smart women. Do not call people like that morons. It makes you sound foolish.

11/27/12 10:13 am

Larger retailers. If it were small business owners that would change the vote for most people.

JAsher Fishers, IN
11/26/12 11:44 pm

I believe the mandate say that a company must offer insurance, not offer it for free. Why does everyone assume a company is going to lose money just for offering insurance?! The employee still has to pay.

iTeach Mos Eisley
11/26/12 10:53 pm

Sounds perfectly reasonable to me. I'm quite happy with my vote, thank you.

Kcolbert Illinois
11/26/12 8:48 pm

1984 start a business from one location, now "wala", thousands of locations and one of the largest chains of restaurants in the world. How did they manage without all the wise council of all the voters who want to steal their money.

11/26/12 7:16 pm

Mittwister, I'm going to guess you know absolutely nothing about economics. It's blatantly obvious you're the kind of person who thinks everyone is entitled to free stuff paid for by someone else, and that if corporations lay off workers, it's because they're evil bastards, not just simple math...

11/26/12 7:12 pm

Exactly what makes you think that just because a business is a business, it's making money? Have you ever tried running either a small or a medium-sized business? It's hard!! There isn't unlimited money out there. You can't pay out more than you take in! You can't ASSUME every corp makes a profit

bbkkanders Kentucky
11/26/12 5:59 pm

Starting Jan 1 I'm told I can not even hire a part time person and work them more than 29 hours. Again, you guys voted for the fool.

bbkkanders Kentucky
11/26/12 5:56 pm

You dems voted for he fool enjoy you part time (29 hours per week since at 30 hours you MUST buy insurance and he business MUST offer it). See how you like the mandate that states you MUST BUY insurance if you work 30 hours or more while only making 8.00/hr. You will PAY for your stupid vote.

nickfriend Virginia
11/26/12 4:50 pm

its called a company....your supposed to frikin advertise stupid.........

11/26/12 3:49 pm

To all those who cry greed, how about u go open a business and show us how it's done...stupid ignorant children!

11/26/12 10:38 am

Who are you to dictate how they run their business? If they didn't donate pizzas, you'd probably complain about that, too.

11/26/12 10:36 am

Yes! It is a basic cause effect relationship. Did the democrats seriously not see this coming? Duh!

leader77 California
11/26/12 7:39 am

Anyone who thinks it's greed, I suggest you read Thomas Sowell's book, Basic Economics.

The issue here is not greed but rather a mandate on a free market. Markets respond in the most economic way.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
11/26/12 4:53 am

It's both. Employers have become incredibly disloyal to their employees (and therefore, vice versa for the employees). However, government is famous for underestimating the impact of regulations as they relate to the bottom line.

11/26/12 2:27 am

Did anyone in congress bother to read it? "We have to pass the bill to know what's in the bill". And you people keep voting these idiots in. Time to throw out every person who voted for it.

11/25/12 10:19 pm

Give me a break if the "little" guy at Papa Johns, is sitting behind the counter angry bc he doesn't hav insurance and cant afford a nice car or nice house then maybe he needs to get off his ass and start a company and make something for himself, that's what is so great about the US!

Ranks New Jersey
11/25/12 10:15 pm

Papa John says it will cost them 8 million dollars for health ins per year
But there giving away not 1 but 2 million pizzas this year for some B.S. Advertising campaign
If they kept 1 million cheap,nasty ass pizzas sold them for $8 bucks per piece
WALA...there's your health ins

I hate Papa Johns

ronfromcny New York
11/25/12 8:58 pm

Give me a break. These corporations are massively profitable. They can afford healthcare for their managers but not their regular employees? It's a lie.

LMNOP45 Ohio
11/25/12 7:46 pm

"You know that big government doesn't hurt big corporations. They've got the best lawyers and accountants in the world. You know who gets destroyed by big government? It's the little guys"

Marco Rubio

ScrewU Gone
11/25/12 5:20 pm

MIT the facts are out. Everyone can see the added costs of Obamacare in their current policy (mine were itemized). Every CBO revision shows higher costs to the taxpayer and higher taxes to individuals and businesses at all income levels. Congress is going to be forced to scale it back, period.

innate1 Georgia
11/25/12 4:44 pm

My family owns a business and soon will be firing due to inability to pay more payroll tax and healthcare tax. Business suffers, employee suffers, economy suffers.

RayX quit
11/25/12 4:06 pm

I see it as opposite. Most that like it only like the talking points. They think it will be free for them and now the rich and greedy wont be able to take advantage of the meek and poor. That simply is not true. Costs will go up and fewer people will be covered. It's a bad law an a giant overstep.

BadWolf The Library
11/25/12 3:43 pm

No, I'm saying a large chunk of people are bashing obamacare without understanding it. They could very well be Harvard graduates and lovely people.

11/25/12 3:16 pm

"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction."
Newton's Law.

BAL North Carolina
11/25/12 2:55 pm

Obama logic: Businesses are beginning to do better? How about I put together a healthcare mandate and make it harder for them to succeed!

11/25/12 2:53 pm

It costs companies a lot more when they are FORCED to give health care. So they have to cut hours to make money

kRaZyXmAn Voluntaryist
11/25/12 2:34 pm

I guarantee you part time will become the norm for all employees when this is forced upon businesses. As a business owner costs only continue to rise year to year and you expect us to just take a loss? Either that or prices go up. Simple. Either way the people pay for Big Government in the end.

kRaZyXmAn Voluntaryist
11/25/12 2:25 pm

Democrats have obviously never owned a business and just answer "greed" because they think it agrees with their party. And most republicans just answer "need" because they think it agrees with their party too. Simple economics morons. Business owners are people with bills too.

Doopy Remedial Americanism
11/25/12 1:38 pm

Economics explains why people are saying "need".