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Is American society too focused on competition?

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Gwkarr Kansas
01/26/13 5:09 pm

I wish US was actually MORE competitive! All innovations and improvements of economy only happen because of others trying to make their own way in the world.

poorincollege Boston metro
01/24/13 8:52 pm

The distribution looks like the electoral college results typically do.

caligrl21 Huntington Beach
01/22/13 10:57 pm

But I am a very competitive person so it evens out

ZaQ777 Pittsburgh
01/22/13 6:58 am

Competition has been the single strongest motivational force in my life. I have no idea where I'd be if I weren't so competitive.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
01/21/13 7:53 pm

Exactly. Then they get into a job, and don't understand why their lazy ass got passed up for a promotion.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
01/21/13 7:52 pm

I will never let my kids play in a league like that. I'll start my own league if need be.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
01/21/13 7:51 pm

We don't focus on it enough these days. These days it seems that it's ok to be a loser. It's not. Even if you're not the winner, you should still strive to be a runner-up!

Tristan01 Washington
01/21/13 1:28 pm

If anything we've gotten less competitive, I think we need to instill the values of work ethics and a competitive attitude in our children, so they can succeed in life.

01/21/13 10:51 am

Exactly! If a child gets a ribbon for competing even if they don't win, they're going to grow up thinking that's okay. I want my kids to grow up knowing that it sucks to lose and it's awesome to win

01/21/13 10:49 am

You can never be too focused on competition. I feel like people need that competitive urge so that they can accomplish things.

BladeNut MA
01/21/13 7:57 am

this is the country that gives medals to the losers and doesn't keep score.

01/21/13 6:53 am

We could but then the government couldn't control it.

01/20/13 9:18 pm


01/20/13 8:27 pm

Are you kidding? We're one of the top spending countries per student and its not helping. You can't just throw money at the problem and expect it to go away.

tenletters New York
01/20/13 8:18 pm

Nah, we're far too preoccupied making sure no one's feelings gets hurt.

TheAntiLib Putnam County, NY
01/20/13 7:41 pm

We need to keep competition up... I teach my son that it is NOT ok to lose. He must always aspire to win and defeat his opponent! Sometimes you lose, but reflect on the losses and try to win next time!

jrc242 Lakewood Washington
01/20/13 7:32 pm

think of how Vehicles, food, clothing are marketed ... And then how consumers use these items to get people to have a certain opinion. And then theres sports all levels. How is America not overwhelmed with competition?

01/20/13 7:11 pm

Competition is a good thing, so wouldn't be focused on competition be a good thing?

RayX quit
01/20/13 7:05 pm

Funds meaning they are required to perform tasks their customers aren't willing to purchase. Government in action.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
01/20/13 5:50 pm

Funds meaning they have too many restrictions, regulations and requirements to not receive more money.

readhp1008 Hogwarts
01/20/13 5:47 pm

The blue states make me sad.

01/20/13 5:20 pm

Toddlers & Tiaras

Need I say more

01/20/13 12:53 pm

Competition implies that there will be winners and losers....certain segments of our population can handle the idea that somebody might "lose"

01/20/13 12:48 pm

The post office is poorly managed and inefficiently is anything run by the government. That being said, handing over healthcare to them will be disastrous.

01/20/13 12:45 pm

Economic monopolies are only destructive because they eliminate competition....competition drives innovation. It's a good thing as long as everybody's playing fair.

01/20/13 12:09 pm

Not in sports, but still in a lot of other things in high school.

zedd Desert Dweller
01/20/13 11:20 am

I agree with asterix below: generally speaking competition is good. It's when it's carried to its extreme, like most things, it's bad - witness Lance Armstrong and economic monopolies, etc.

Asterix Florida
01/20/13 10:41 am

no. it keeps people productive and honest (assuming openness and transparency).

01/20/13 10:40 am

Funds? You mean they don't charge enough?

01/20/13 9:16 am

You are thinking of totalitarianism.

EarlyBird Portland
01/20/13 9:14 am

Being first comment on SoH is a sign of healthy competition.

Itabliss Hello
01/20/13 9:12 am

Competition as in sports? yes, way too focused. Competition as in education? No. We aren't competitive enough. That said, I get very angry when I hear lawyers, politicians, and party liners talking about winning.

01/20/13 9:10 am

I agree with the standardized testing not being worth it but I think the problem there is that it's not building or fostering competition but rather a false sense if accomplishment. Competition needs to be what drives how we do on tests and not the tests themselves. We've accepted mediocrity.

smarttexan2 Extremism Harms
01/20/13 9:10 am

Competition is good. We focus on winning a bit more than needed.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
01/20/13 9:03 am

I made a post down below that can go into further detail, but basically I said because we can focus on more worthwhile objectives. If the sole point it to test well on standardized tests, then what arr you learning? Same with other things. The point of what we're doing or why is simply forgotten.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
01/20/13 9:00 am

It was the lack of funds for what they had to pay for and provide.

01/20/13 8:20 am

Yes but that's life. People cheat and break rules and laws to get ahead. That's the reality of it. Fortunately those people often end up in prison and those who play by the rules are rewarded. It's a shame we're teaching our children to be a bunch of losers ill prepared for what they'll face in life

01/20/13 8:14 am

If you ain't first you're last.

RayX quit
01/20/13 8:11 am

Did competition ruin the post office?
Or was it the lack of competition?

anonYmous21 Somewhere
01/20/13 8:00 am

Wow, am shocked that nearly half think we're too focused in competition. Really?

RayX quit
01/20/13 7:58 am

If competition drives down cost and improves quality why is there no competition in education? Couldn't we improve education?

01/20/13 7:49 am

65% of Democrats think there's too much competition. That's interesting to me. I would love to hear why or where there's too much.

01/20/13 7:45 am

Eggelton, what fact do you have that people aren't ripping off the system? Yes, there are people that legitimately need it but I grow tired of people that think EVERYONE on public assistance truly needs it.

Slyadragon North Carolina
01/20/13 7:42 am

'' If you ain't first, you're last '' - Ricky Bobby

01/20/13 7:34 am

Wow! Capitalism does NOT create poverty. Limited resources creates poverty. Capitalism spurs competition to better utilize those finite resources, create innovation and helps create a better life for all.