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Show Of Hands March 4th, 2012 12:00am

Preference aside, who do you think will win the Presidential election in November?

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03/18/12 9:40 pm

god I hate Utah. I'm so glad I got out of that godforsaken place

ohsnaplol Florida
03/12/12 7:14 pm

71% of Republicans are in denial.

sabymong New Mexico
03/12/12 2:34 pm

Prius/bling dido he is a great president it's all stupid bushes fault

hellokitty Arkansas
03/11/12 12:14 pm

Not that I care for Obama. I think it'll be a huge mistake if he's re-elected. It's time for someone one new to take over. I was pushing for 'ole Newt but now I think I'm leaning towards Ron Paul. He's been the underdog that's come out of nowhere and surprised us all & that's what I like about him.

hellokitty Arkansas
03/11/12 12:07 pm

Obama for sure. He's such a smooth talker that none of these other guys can hang with him in a debate.

edd3232 California
03/10/12 6:45 pm

Seems like an easy victory for Obama. The Republican party is so extreme compared to just 4 years ago, only evangelicals, deep southerners and tea baggers would vote for them.

Neiman New Jersey
03/10/12 2:26 pm

I gave Obama my vote once, but not twice!

03/10/12 12:52 pm

prius i know our economy sure isn't blessed

03/10/12 12:49 pm

prius why is obama the best choice, because his ads on show of hands say he is

03/10/12 8:03 am

If Obama wins, our country is lost. But, it's in the Lord's hands.

silvershir Texas
03/10/12 2:59 am

I am so sick of listening to Christian values as the reason to vote for someone - in my mind that would be the first reason to NOT vote for someone, as the founding fathers intended (look it up, Jefferson hated religion so much he rewrote the bible). Not that it matters but I am a Christian.

03/08/12 7:13 pm

oh, and by the way, NSol1776- don't appreciate the language.

03/08/12 7:11 pm

Hey... leave bling alone!! he's only stating his opinion, JUST LIKE YOU ARE. So back off. I agree, bling:)

03/08/12 5:13 pm

bling, stop smoking crack and take a good look at the US

palindrome California
03/08/12 12:20 pm

What liberties exactly do you NOT have?

03/08/12 10:50 am

Bling're a fuckin idiot

03/08/12 10:49 am

Either way, we as a nation are fucked! Obama is a communist & the republican nominees are just as bad, fuck em all. Time to legalize the constitution & shrink the federal government down to the size the Founders intended. Small government = big liberty, big government = big tyranny & small liberty.

skibrush Missouri
03/08/12 7:16 am

Obama was the best choice in 2008 and he's by far the best choice in 2012. Obama is a great President! We are blessed as a nation to have him as our President.

tristanb Missouri
03/07/12 10:19 pm

I dont know how an idiot like obama can get two terms, but i dont know how any of the idiot republican canidates can get one term haha

03/07/12 7:02 pm

Politics deal with only preferences.

03/07/12 2:24 pm

Its funny how the term 'preferences aside' does not compute.

03/06/12 10:24 pm

Who could vote that theocratic idiot Santorum? No president should be that crazy. You can't forced others to follow your wacko beliefs like no contraception.

03/06/12 10:07 pm

Do you honestly think preference is being set aside by voters in the deep south?

03/06/12 8:29 pm

Everyone go to the showdown and vote Rick Santorum!

03/06/12 4:17 pm

Im a democrat, I think obama will win, but I want ron Paul!

03/06/12 1:33 pm

The republicans did not come up with a good candidate. The only ones that had any morals and Christian faith were out first.

palindrome California
03/06/12 12:12 pm

There's no need to continually engage in pissing contests. I'm sure you're qualified in your talent, as am I.

palindrome California
03/06/12 12:06 pm

Sorry to interjecin in your convo with solo and bring up something that's off topic. It was just a question that I was wondering.

Of course, no offense intended.

03/06/12 12:05 pm

I could set here all day and lecture u on my credentials on nearly all the topics we've discussed and completely shut u down and ignore you as a self labeled expert, but I don't like that

palindrome California
03/06/12 12:04 pm

the same time, you chide me about putting forth my background and qualifications to speak on the matter. I can't find the logic there. Furthermore, I can't see why you'd prefer a bunch of comments from arm-chair political scientists and downgrade those who put forth their actual qualifications.

03/06/12 12:02 pm

Palin, wow, u just caught me in the middle of an apology. thank u very much

03/06/12 12:00 pm

Solo, think I might have been harsh on u, it just frustrates me when I hear people like u justify Obama's actions when they completely contradict each other

palindrome California
03/06/12 12:00 pm

Just one small thing Mrken. How could you tell me not to bring up where I've been, what I work for and my educational qualifications etc... And then get on solo about his "little two week experience"? It seems like you're berating him for his lack of experience and knowledge on the topic, when at

03/06/12 11:39 am

Solo, i would venture to guess from ur ignorance that you've never been to Iran, so don't pretend to know what the Persian people want or need, just because of ur little 2 week experience!!!!

03/06/12 11:36 am

Solo, oh I see, you support Obama when he decides not to intervene in Iran and u support him when he intervenes in libya and Syria. So basically, ur politic boil down to "I support Obama no matter what."

03/06/12 10:16 am

@Kommandant, sorry to offend you and sorry you're a backwoods freakshow that probably couldn't get a goat off. My screen name is not an earned title because I don't actually "hate" anything. But your rants certainly prove you're up to par w/ the right wing loonies, summed up in 1 word: intolerance

03/06/12 10:07 am

->WANT US OR UN intervention, and carried signs, made videos PLEADING with us NOT to get involved!! They said there was too much hatred already about the US's "help" installing the Shah in the LAST Revolution & this would have hurt their cause if we got involved again-they STILL feel this way!!

03/06/12 10:04 am

AND 2. Obama actually did the RIGHT thing staying out of the Green Movement. I spent over 2 weeks, sleeping in shifts with my son as we ran a satellite proxy connection the freedom fighters could use. I got to know quite a few Iranians while also trying to help with medical advice. They DID NOT->

03/06/12 10:01 am

Just two quick things-in between appointments & it looks like I have to go back in for a few days, (so much for moving this weekend).
MrKen: the ONLY "socialist" part of the ACA is the additions of millions to Medicaid rolls-which I AGREE, is going to be unsustainable with today's revenue deficit.

03/06/12 9:26 am

Ron Paul was in congress last week chastising ben bernanke for his crimes against the people.
I wonder which other candidates were out fighting for the people as well..

03/06/12 9:15 am

... Unless it's Ron Paul.


Malekithe My pronouns are GFY
03/06/12 8:10 am

Given the choices available, whoever wins, we all lose.

03/06/12 12:33 am

C'mon Rwanda and Clinton, Iran and Carter, and the list goes on and on... I'm tired so till next time

palindrome California
03/06/12 12:31 am

why I took the path I did. But if my opinion is worthless to you either way and you're not going to consider anything else, then I give up. Going to bed. Nice talking with ya! Hope we can talk on more amicable, agreeable terms