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Show Of Hands March 8th, 2012 12:00am

Do you generally prefer software products that do just one key thing very well and simply, or that have a broad set of features but are less straightforward?

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Happy Hong Kong
03/10/12 9:03 am

Features are one of the main reasons I chose Android over iOS for my phone. I still prefer the iPad over Android tablets for now, but if the mythical Nexus tablet is released next year I may switch.

03/10/12 7:45 am

I was confused at first, thinking 'PC people had better not answered Focus, and if they did they need to come over to Apple....and then I remembered that most f us use iPhones. :)

BadBadger Georgia
03/09/12 12:08 am

Some programs are, by necessity, extremely deep, but are nevertheless as easy to use as one could hope for. Photoshop and SONAR come to mind.

BadBadger Georgia
03/09/12 12:08 am

"Broad set of features" doesn't have to mean "less straightforward." The best programming teams are those with great coders and great UI designers willing to work together for the greater benefit of the end user.

RCIfan Ohio
03/08/12 10:46 pm

Steve jobs was that genius. He was not the one behind the coding, but had it not been for his focus the product would be just like every other computer.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
03/08/12 10:34 pm

Any fool can create a long complex set of code. It takes a genius to create clean, elegant, simple looking code that actually addresses all the complex conditions.

This type of code consumes less resources, runs faster and is less prone to bugs.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
03/08/12 10:26 pm

That is a binary way of looking at it. There are many octaves of grey here. If I don't hex you we could explore the more ethereal AI constructs.

03/08/12 9:41 pm

The poll says more people want more focus. The comments say features. What the heck.

03/08/12 9:35 pm

Well, I have access to R, STATA, SAS, SPSS and JMP. I opt to use SAS and R most often. So I guess more difficult with more features.

sgeisler18 Illinois
03/08/12 9:30 pm

Either way, I'm still pretty computer illiterate.

Kommandant Indiana
03/08/12 8:37 pm

Either do it well or don't do it at all

rangeman Lafayette IN.
03/08/12 8:25 pm

If your a PC user and want to learn programming, then Linux or Python. If no then Apple, more user friendly

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
03/08/12 8:05 pm

No wonder they don't want java. Keep going to the store. Java will set you free from the apple lock

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
03/08/12 8:02 pm

Talking about apple... You get games then they want you to buy powers, swords or fish bucks with your default credit card to make progress? They all seem to do this. There are real complaints where in application purchases were left on and a four year old racked up a few hundred dollars on fish..

ncbuc Get Over It
03/08/12 7:18 pm

Other software....especially in regards to my job. Give me features that I can configure to work to
my advantage for productivity.

ncbuc Get Over It
03/08/12 7:07 pm

And the cost issue is bogus. Price a comparable PC to a standard Mac and the mac wins every time. Apple just doesn't have a stripped down bare bones option. But MOST consumers don't realize that.

ncbuc Get Over It
03/08/12 7:03 pm

Operating Software wise Apple. Hardware wise. Apple. So I guess it's Apple.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
03/08/12 7:02 pm

As long as they don't string you along for a song and a penny, simple elegance is usually less frustrating. It needs to be clean of bugs and intuitive.

EarlyBird Portland
03/08/12 4:51 pm

Focus, focus and then a little more focus!

GunnyGunz Virginia
03/08/12 4:21 pm

Whatever works, is reliable, and works within Linux is good for me.

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
03/08/12 1:17 pm

I like focus, but I also like integration, such as Microsoft Office suite. best of both worlds.

03/08/12 12:00 pm

PS: another two features I'd love to have is ability to connect ALL of the features together & for sourcing/reference, (esp about our genetic disorder) a combo writing/notes/calendar/webpage-ALL either open or just minimized-AT the same time. Any ideas? OR-am I expecting WAY too much?!?! LOL!!

03/08/12 11:55 am

>journaling/record program that my kids and grandkids will be able to REALLY get to know me after my daily function decreases to the point that I'm no longer able to communicate things I want them to know. Will include journal, mindmap- ancestry & history, photos, videos, legal papers, art, etc.

03/08/12 11:50 am

It actually depends on the type of programs, the skills of the dev's, and the efficiency/quality/relatedness of the program. I'm currently looking for something similar to EverNote-but even EN is missing a few things I'd really like. Because of my overall health & vision; I'd LOVE an all-inclusive>

Lulzy New Jersey
03/08/12 11:44 am

People say Chrome sucks?

Go explore the Webstore for it. Still sucks? Can your Safari do that?

03/08/12 10:28 am

@TopsQueen fitday is awesome. I get accurate weight loss from it

03/08/12 10:27 am

I want features, so that way i can program it the way i want it to be.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
03/08/12 10:20 am

I can learn to use just about anything, but get annoyed when the software forces me to use "features" that get in the way. Media software for example that catalogs my entire library before it lets me do a simple edit.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
03/08/12 9:41 am

others that have a lot of bells and whistles. They are fun too.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
03/08/12 9:40 am

It depends on the software. I have PES from Brother. It is for digitizing machine embroidery. Also downloading it. It's very expensive but does a good job. I have FitDay. I have the version you pay for. I can put in my own recipes. My exercise and foods I eat. These do one job very will. I have

Pre Michigan
03/08/12 9:17 am

Usually, I'd say "focused" for most software, but for audio/music editing, I'd for sure say features. I don't want something so simple that it doesn't have any options, but nothing so complicated that I can't figure it out after a few days of tinkering with it.

03/08/12 8:31 am

Features. I don't care if something is not simple to figure it out, I will figure it out.

Kommandant Indiana
03/08/12 8:08 am

I know more about physical tools then I do of software, however it's been my experience that multipurpose tools may be nice for those on a budget and only occasionally use it for light duty stuff. If your in to serious work, you got to have the right tool for the job

KudosToYou California
03/08/12 7:47 am

At this point, I want more capabilities.

03/08/12 7:39 am

neither! it either works well 99% of the time or I move on the a software that does. I have too many choices to put up with something thats not doing the job.

yepnope Maryland
03/08/12 7:27 am

Is this someone's way of asking if we like iOS or android?

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
03/08/12 7:17 am

Yeah. This depends on the task. Photoshop is complex software that takes some learnin', but it does everything it does, well. I am either using CAD, 3d rendering/modeling software or graphics apps like Adobe CS5, so I expect them to be complex. Chrome, on the other hand, is rightfully simple.