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Should public college education be fully taxpayer funded like public K-12 education is? (UserQ)

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Threeper301 Gilbert, AZ
09/12/12 12:51 am

...and to keep up the delusion that Iran is not a threat to the country is an extremely dangerous death sentence that you make for the country. Complacency KILLS. Quit being so naive, people.

Threeper301 Gilbert, AZ
09/12/12 12:49 am

Meaning his policies are way too damn radical; he'd get us all (the country) f@cking killed with them. We TRIED Isolationism before WWI, and look where that got us. Just saying.

09/11/12 6:40 pm

I don't know whAt you mean by a hack. Like a hack doctor? I like his 9 percent tax theory.

09/11/12 12:25 pm

College is unnecessary for most jobs. The proliferation of people attending college causes wage inflation.

People to sit out of the workplace between jobs waiting for their dream job to come along in their field.

Get off our backside and learn a work ethic.

09/11/12 8:22 am

Eh, I'd be afraid colleges would be just as terrible as so many k-12 schools are now.

dcsharp29 Wichita, KS
09/10/12 10:43 pm

This would be totally possible if we'd cut military spending and legalize/tax marijuana.

09/10/12 12:34 pm

If we had the money, then without a doubt.

lissenup Texas
09/10/12 11:33 am

We have HS grads that can't count change at Burger King and can't write a letter. We paid for them. Just because they go through 4 more years of public education doesn't mean they'll care enough to learn from it. I'd love to see worthy candidates get paid for but not everyone.

EvanCourtney Louisiana
09/10/12 8:30 am

We SHOULD do that but we will never have the money for it. We can barely pay for our schools as it is

JFradley Hawaii
09/09/12 10:21 pm

We couldn't have everyone be educated now, could we? We will
never catch up to many countries in education.

Threeper301 Gilbert, AZ
09/09/12 9:45 pm

I mean, don't get me wrong, Ron Paul may have some good conservative beliefs, but when it comes to Economics and National Defense, he's a hack.

09/09/12 8:24 pm

The more the govt invests in education, the higher the return within the US economy.

09/09/12 7:23 pm

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. -16,000,000,000,000. Idiots

09/09/12 6:57 pm

Anyway that's off topic!

09/09/12 6:56 pm

Actually the media ignores Ron Paul in a very obvious and confusing way. It's purposeful and unfair even when he came in at the top of some polls. I'd like to know why.

09/09/12 5:41 pm

I don't think we can afford it for everybody. Maybe we could have some technical training covered, but I'm not sure how well that would work. Americorps and the "GI Bill" need to be expanded, though.

09/09/12 5:36 pm

It should be. Actually, CUNY (City University of NY) was free until the 70s or 80s. Still one of the cheapest out there, too.

Threeper301 Gilbert, AZ
09/09/12 4:26 pm

Bet they don't teach that sh!t in History Class anymore, do they?!?!

Threeper301 Gilbert, AZ
09/09/12 4:25 pm

.......and members of WHICH political party formed the KKK?????? Oh, and while you're at it, look at the voting records for NUMEROUS Civil Rights bills during the 1960's. You'll find that quite a few of the Nays were OVERWHELMINGLY Democrat.

Threeper301 Gilbert, AZ
09/09/12 4:23 pm

And then if there is a black Republican candidate, the Left calls him an "Uncle Tom"; and REPUBS are the racists?!?!?! Someone who actually paid attention in History Class, remind me; who enacted the Emancipation Proclamation, and WHAT party was he from?????

Threeper301 Gilbert, AZ
09/09/12 4:20 pm about a double standard!!!

Threeper301 Gilbert, AZ
09/09/12 4:20 pm

Vexed: I know, right?! But see, the problem was the media discredited him because they tried to combine that plan along with the current tax laws, but it doesn't work that way. Btw, anyone else notice that the media only likes a black candidate if he's a DEMOCRAT?!?!?!

DeathSheep Michigan
09/09/12 4:04 pm

No, cause then college would be just as shitty as the public school system has turned into

09/09/12 4:01 pm

That is the best solution! I'd like to hear from opposers as to what is wrong with that plan? What would it hurt? Think of the eliminated waste in the IRS. Yes, many would have to retrain. Oh well.

09/09/12 3:56 pm

But....I forgot to say keep up the good work to danmaclean. :)

09/09/12 3:54 pm

Cheap community college only takes you so far. Also not everyone has a college close by. Both my kids started and took what they could that way. There are some degrees you can only get at a university tho. I doubt you could do that on your own. Very hard.

09/09/12 3:48 pm

Half of democrats think I should pay for every child's higher education? Um no. Never. Part of growing up is having to work for SOMETHING. Do half of dems believe that no person should have to earn anything? some kids would go to party or get out of the house. I wouldn't pay for my own to do that.

Vincere Seattle
09/09/12 3:42 pm

@elbrutus53, Finland is a much smaller country with a history of socialism. We actually spend more money per student than they do on K-12 education. Funding isn't the problem, if you really want to get our system up to Finnish standards, you have to fundamentally restructure our education system.

09/09/12 2:35 pm

Works great here in AUS. Get all the way up to your masters paid for by a gov. scheme. Aren't required to start paying it back until you make over 50,000 p/year. even includes te most exclusive universities AND private/religious institutions and most vocational training. How good is that!

notused1 Louisiana
09/09/12 12:51 pm

Yes, if we're going to make it pretty much impossible to get a quality job without going to college then we might as well fund it...I'm a conservative by the way.

Threeper301 Gilbert, AZ
09/09/12 11:58 am

No more of this bullsh!t bitching and moaning about "tax the rich", and "class warfare", because EVERYONE would pay the same tax! How was that a bad plan?!?!

Threeper301 Gilbert, AZ
09/09/12 11:57 am

Well Phillies, if Herman Cain wasn't shot down by all that bullsh!t, his 9-9-9 Plan being enacted would have actually done just that. Think about it; completely ABOLISHING the Tax Code as we know it, and having a NATIONAL tax of just 9% on EVERYTHING.

09/09/12 9:16 am

How about we abolish the IRS so that we don't have to pay anymore taxes?!!

09/09/12 9:13 am

Mklanne, excellent point, but liberals prefer to compare apples and oranges in order to make sense of their skewed ideology.

Emma Austin.ish.
09/09/12 8:17 am

for everyone talking about how great the European education model is,you do realize that they don't allow every student to progress all the way to the top in their education,right?less-smart kids are funneled into trade schools after the middle school equivalent level.that's why Europe tests higher.

MrWalrus Undergrid
09/09/12 7:13 am

NO education should be publicly funded.

natejgardner Edmonds, Washington
09/09/12 7:08 am

So compare public K-12 education with private education. Compare community colleges with private universities. What do you think?

09/09/12 6:45 am

It is unbelievably ironic to me that so many democrats keep saying to cut the defense budget, yet obama's catchy slogan is about Osama Bin Laden being dead. Do you think the SEALS were able to kill him for free???

NotHomeYet formerly fgw0369
09/09/12 5:17 am

We CAN NOT afford it, people!! 16 Trillion in debt! Wake up, seriously!

pe1017 San Antonio
09/09/12 12:46 am

That would just make public colleges worthless...

09/09/12 12:25 am

@racedog - ok we have funding in that imaginary scenario what about the facilities and personnel? We don't have what we need to provide a quality education to the whole country for free.

MisterMarx Louisiana
09/09/12 12:11 am

I know it sounds horrible, but if everyone has a college education, then it doesn't mean anything anymore. I hear complaints about unemployed people with degrees already.

09/08/12 11:18 pm

I did the math once. Cut our defense budget down to what our closest competitor is, and you can send almost every current college student, grad school not included, to their college for free for 4 years. The defense budget, that's all.

kris55 Alabama
09/08/12 9:45 pm

Everyone, no matter their income, should have a way of getting an education. I graduated 5th in my class and had the highest act, and my scholarship covers 1/4th of tuition.

09/08/12 9:43 pm

Just another Libtard entitlement.