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Are you spending less on holiday gifts in 2011 than you did in 2010? (UserQ)

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12/26/11 11:41 am

in spent more because I got my dad and brother gifts and myself some because I had more money then i did last year

palindrome California
12/24/11 1:02 pm

So where are they lying? I think their hypocrisy has been very much exposed (yet again).., that's my Christmas present to democrats and others- from: an independent

palindrome California
12/24/11 12:59 pm

"fiscally sound" party would be out spending money they don't have... Right????

palindrome California
12/24/11 12:58 pm

How does a group of people say "this is the worst president, with the worst economy that isn't getting any better and only getting worse" and then turn around and say, "well, yeah I'm spending more this Christmas actually"... There's a huge discrepancy there. Especially bc I wouldn't think the

palindrome California
12/24/11 12:55 pm

Republicans have, by a somewhat good majority, said they're spending more. Now when the question is "has Obama presided over an improvement in the economy"... They say overwhelmingly hell no. Yet they're spending more than in last year.... How do you explain that phenomenon? Hmmm

palindrome California
12/24/11 12:52 pm

@roguemom- my point is that in previous polls, republicans have consistently and overwhelmingly said the economy hasn't gotten any better (despite improving indicators) and that their situations haven't gotten better. Democrats have said the opposite so I have no beef with them. In this poll,however

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
12/24/11 9:21 am

@Moosey -Congrates on the job. It is really nice that you made last years gifts. How sweet

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
12/24/11 9:19 am

@Palindrome -The poll shows the parties basically equal. So this question reveals the population is basically the same. ::::GASP:::: Merry Christmas

12/24/11 6:53 am

Palindrome, the $ we spent wasn't $ from the 'economy', we made it from 25 yrs of oil & gas work. Mostly up in ND, where the unemployment rate is the lowest in the country. Just saying.
But we put in a whole lot more than we took out, that's how it goes.

Back on topic, Merry Christmas!

moosey Texas
12/24/11 6:37 am

I've spent more this year but that's because I was unemployed this time a year ago and made all of the gifts I gave. This year I still only spent about $200 total. Let's hear it for sales and clearance! Wooh!

sarahg1995 Frankfort, IN
12/23/11 8:46 pm

since I started buying presents with my own money a couple years ago, I've spent a little more each year. like last year I only spent $10 per person and this year about $25

12/23/11 8:32 pm

once again, the president has much, much less control over the economy than people think he does. This has always been true. This is capitalism.

palindrome California
12/23/11 7:47 pm

Cowboy- that debt was cumulative since your boy Reagan racked up his first trillion. Remember that? Or your horse bush with his two wars? Obama didn't rack up 16 trillion by himself. Tell the truth. He played his part, just like his predecessors. So don't single the black guy out

12/23/11 4:33 pm

Coincidence Alanama?

cowboy Dog Father
12/23/11 4:31 pm

And did the President fly his stupid dog all the way back from Hawaii just for a photo op in a Petsmart? How much did we spend on that, I wonder? So far the White House isn't commenting. So much for transparentcy, huh?

cowboy Dog Father
12/23/11 4:27 pm

Save-a-lot. Yes. Thank you Mr. President and Congress for making this such a great economic year...

cowboy Dog Father
12/23/11 4:26 pm

@palindrome Obama has done something for the economy. A less jobs, after saying the unemployment rate won't go above 8 percent. More spending, 15, going on 16 trillion dollars in debt. He and his wife take separate vacations wasting millions of dollars, while I have to shop at Dollar General and

12/23/11 12:51 pm

I wasn't able to buy anybody anything this year. sad...

palindrome California
12/23/11 12:28 pm

polling record) Congress is to thank for the improving economic indicators. Ladies and gentleman, this question and it's results are the latest developments of proof that the trabagger and GOP Bullsh** is getting very played out by the American public. The smokescreens are clearing. Have fun in Nov

palindrome California
12/23/11 12:26 pm

Did this question evade their intelligence and leave them wide-open, revealing the truth of what they are: hypocrites and bold-faced liars? Take your pick bc the way I see it, either they're going to respond by saying, the pres is to thank OR they're going to say the (broken by their own previous

palindrome California
12/23/11 12:23 pm

over an improvement of the economy? The republicans would've overwhelmingly said no (a fact seen in previous polls)... Now, what conclusion can one get out of this? Could it be republicant's are just bitterly opposed to the slightest nod at Obama? Are they just sheep of the GOP and TeaBag party?

palindrome California
12/23/11 12:21 pm

What is even more funny are the filters! Look at the republican filter! Usually, Xmas shopping can be a reflection of economic health for the past year.. The repubs by majority say they're spending more! YET, If the question had been, has the economy gotten better? Or, Has the president presided

palindrome California
12/23/11 11:56 am

I truly LOVE how the SAME people who have said Obama has done nothing for the economy, who say the economy hasnt been getting any better etc etc. are saying they're spending more. many people are saying they have jobs this year. Thanks mr. Pres. It's been hard but this year has been better. *sigh*

Nerdz Texas
12/23/11 11:23 am

last year, we went to Houston for the holidays, now we are staying here and getting 5 presents

12/23/11 10:51 am

I prefer to do things for people for Christmas anyway.

12/23/11 10:48 am

Last year was zero and this year is zero.

Most of the people on my list are millionaires and I'm a jobless college student so F it.

giottoblu Connecticut
12/23/11 10:43 am

This was the first year I've held a job (I'm 17) and so I spent about $60 each on the three people I buy gifts for (mother, father, sister).

12/23/11 10:20 am

I've spent more this year (I'm 15) because I realized how much everyone does for me and they at least deserve nice, thoughtful presents!

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
12/23/11 9:10 am

spent around $950 last year. spent around $1100 this year. so, just a little more. that is derived between like 20 people though.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
12/23/11 8:36 am

Rosebud honey have been missing you. God bless you.

12/23/11 7:47 am

only bought for my nieces since they do celebrate

12/23/11 7:46 am

hard to do when you have young children

12/23/11 7:45 am

decided to change how we do Christmas, took 6 years but been slowly weeding things out, we will see how next year will go.

rosebud. Ohio
12/23/11 7:23 am

We spent almost nothing last year, it was either gifts or a home, so definitely yes.

gd21 Massachusetts
12/23/11 7:15 am

Last year spent about 800, this year I have no job, my parents have no job, and we have loads of debt. I've spent 0 do far

12/23/11 7:09 am

Btw I love my Walmart.

12/23/11 7:08 am

We've spent more this year. Went to Maryland & shopped w/oldest stepson & his family. Always give each kid $$$, this year it's $2,500 each, less whatever we spent on gifts for them. I've bought a little painting of a cardinal for my husband that I have to find a way to pick up today! Sneaky time...

Melon No Ducklips
12/23/11 6:39 am

Spent several hundred just on the wife last year. Maybe a little over a hundred this year. It's been a rough year.

12/23/11 6:32 am

spent more this year,but just a little

12/23/11 6:13 am

@enuf4me I think you're right

12/23/11 6:13 am

@doodle Ikr I hate Walmart. They never seem to have what you want and their customer service is terrible.

12/23/11 5:55 am

I spent like $10 last year, this year I spent $37.

12/23/11 5:23 am

Last year was my husband and I's first married Christmas so I got him a very expensive gift, but we toned it down a lot this year.

12/23/11 5:11 am

47% of people are mind controlled by stores and commercials

12/23/11 4:22 am

My Dad (I'm 14 everyone) just got a raise so we spent a lot more than previously.....

12/23/11 3:38 am

wasn't this question asked once already?

12/23/11 1:19 am

Even going to places like Walmart (I hate that place!) we still spent close to $200.
We just buy presents for the immediate family and then we do a gift exchange for the rest.
Last year we bought the nephews lots of things but they didn't appreciate it so this year they get 1 thing each.