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Show Of Hands July 2nd, 2011 12:00am

Do you always use chopsticks when eating Chinese food?

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07/20/11 7:05 pm

I enjoy a challenge as much as the next guy, but for soup I switch to a spoon.

07/20/11 7:05 pm

I love eating with chopsticks. I feel disappointed if I a Chinese buffet doesn't offer them. Tere is a theory that it forces you to eat slower which gives time for the fullness feeling to kick in.

victoria5 Ohio
07/19/11 11:04 pm

after a while it becomes too much work nd then i start to get frustrated and then I give up and get a fork :)

07/18/11 12:27 am

Yes because I'm asain... No actually I'm not... I'm from Texas and I eat with a pocket knife.

joe13 California
07/17/11 5:05 pm

I never have eaten with chopsticks!

07/17/11 2:01 am

Apparently Conformist Shitheads use show of hands. They all assume everyone in the world should act like conformist crew cuts and that we all should play Xbox 360. Yet they sit on their lazy ass voting on an iPod app crying to abolish chopsticks and to "yeat normall", when there is a World to save!

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
07/13/11 7:52 am

Eat your food with knife & forks like normal people

Overmind Texas
07/11/11 6:17 am

I end up getting frustrated. I always resort to stabbing the food with the chop stick.

07/07/11 11:43 pm

I always try to, but it's so darn hard trying to eat rice with them!

07/07/11 2:05 am

Not ALWAYS, but often.

lawstudent Western NC foothills
07/07/11 12:41 am

it's more fun to eat with chopsticks :) my husband an I always request them if we're not given them at Asian restaurants. better for digestion too, makes you eat more slowly :)

technonerd Oklahoma
07/05/11 1:28 am

@Loganmama I wasn't trying to refer you as insensitive. As a Viet-American, who works in small rural Oklahoma town, people sometime still refer Asians as oriental. It just irks me.

logansmama Wyoming
07/05/11 12:10 am

@technonerd in case you didn't bother to read the rest of my comment, I am a member of an "Asian family" I wasn't trying to be insensitive, that's how our family has always referred to ourselves.

sgeisler18 Illinois
07/04/11 11:25 pm

When they're available to use, then I do. But sometimes I just can't eat that rice with the sticks, and I grab a fork.

07/04/11 12:28 pm

FYI: there are only 5 people in Wisconsin who do not live under a rock. (learned that from SoH)

07/04/11 12:19 pm

Always use chopsticks it's fun and it teaches you patience which I need I've gotten so good I can eat rice with chopsticks

technonerd Oklahoma
07/04/11 10:28 am

It's Asian families not oriental. You can refer things as oriental but not the people.

picardy3rd St. Louis
07/03/11 6:32 pm

The key word here is ALWAYS. I usually use a mix of chopsticks and silverware, leaning more heavily on chopsticks.

07/03/11 1:30 pm

They alway give you forks.. Hah

07/03/11 11:28 am

what fun is eating Chinese without the chops??

logansmama Wyoming
07/03/11 1:04 am

@Eroslives there are actually quite a few Oriental dinner options here. Most of them owned and operated by Oriental families.

I have used chopsticks from a very young age. My step father is Japanese and taught me how to eat with them.

07/02/11 11:53 pm

Just for the fun of it.

07/02/11 10:18 pm

Chinese food is...idk...pickles maybe

07/02/11 9:17 pm

man the comment formatting on iPad looks terrible. sorry iPad folks - it's kind of embarrassing. I'll get it cleaned up with an update pretty soon.

07/02/11 8:38 pm

BTW 59th and 60th comment!!!! LOL

07/02/11 8:38 pm

@Tony (from much earlier) I love that idea. I don't understand why people get so excited but oh well that's me.

07/02/11 7:35 pm

And Japanese food too!!!!! Yay!!!!

07/02/11 7:14 pm

Most people aren't going to authentic Chinese restaurants, they're going to Panda Express or something. It's usually just for fun, not to be authentic.

07/02/11 5:41 pm

Chopsticks are really fun, especially if you're eating noodles~

07/02/11 4:23 pm

If they put chopsticks on the table, I use them. Except for my Wonton Soup.

eroslives Illinois
07/02/11 3:09 pm

I use them with pretty much every meal I can. Helps me keep a good pace

Also, is any one else really surprised that Wyoming has a lot of chopstick users?? I mean noting against Wyoming but I just can't imagine there being many Chinese places. And panda doesn't count! Even if it is really good!!

daver141a New York
07/02/11 2:49 pm

Always. It wouldn't taste the same otherwise.

capplik Florida
07/02/11 2:20 pm

i love how the chopstick question has more coments than the law brakeing one. Amaricans love to debate morlas, we just like to debate food more

07/02/11 2:08 pm

I use chopsticks when eating Japanese food, though!

bstokosa Connecticut
07/02/11 1:43 pm

I think the better question should have been do you know how to use chopsticks? I do yes but don't always use them.

07/02/11 1:10 pm

I use chopsticks for more than just chines food.

Hestia Vermont
07/02/11 12:04 pm

I try...
I end up spearing the food with the chopsticks most of the time, though.

07/02/11 11:07 am

You do realize that in china they eat a different strains of rice.

Many Chinese rices are sticky when cooked, so the grains clump together making it easy to eat with chop sticks.

So if you are trying to dine authentically with chop sticks, you need authentic Chinese rice.

07/02/11 10:21 am

Yes, down to every last grain of rice. & it's a good way to lose weight, bc takes longer & you are less likely to eat past the point of being full.
I have a Chinese brother-in-law & they don't use chopsticks the same way we do. They use 'em a lil bit like a shovel & hold their dish off the table

07/02/11 10:19 am

I cant even use them! :(
But I'd love to learn!

07/02/11 10:15 am

Lots of miserable people in the world...

07/02/11 10:12 am

I salute y'all that can use chopsticks. my grandpa and I have given up and we use kiddie chopsticks :D

07/02/11 9:42 am

I love using chopsticks, it's so entertaining. In my house we bought some reusable ones for when we make stir fry.