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Do you usually perform better on team projects or individual projects?

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03/14/12 8:40 am

It depends. I usually like working solo, unless I find an amazing group that gets along super well and can feed off of each others ideas.

sabymong New Mexico
03/12/12 1:51 am

Well personally being 12 I have to work in teams a lot but it's easy I do all the work so every other idiot that didn't offer to help can get an f as I get an a (they make u tell them what u did)

mcdkm Houston
03/09/12 8:17 pm

evidently the usual 27% that let others do the work have chimed in for team.

03/08/12 6:29 pm

hard to work with other people but in certain things teams would help

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
03/07/12 10:53 am

Teams are tough no doubt about it. Much easier to fly solo but end product from a team is always so much better.

03/06/12 11:38 pm

That's why I live college, the professor announced at the beginning of class that all grades will be done as a group, and I promptly dropped the course

03/06/12 10:28 pm

Others ruin it for me. It pisses me off when others don't listen and get me a bd grade

03/06/12 10:16 pm

If the flipping members in my group are selected by me! Otherwise no one co-operates.

03/06/12 10:11 pm

Solo. The teachers put the dumb kids with the smart ones and it is up to the smart ones to pull all the weight and they get blamed on things that other members didn't do because we have higher standards.

Zack100 Tatooine
03/06/12 8:49 pm

If I get stuck with an imbecile I will end up doing all the work plus I can go faster alone!

striker59 Colorado
03/06/12 5:55 pm

I do better things solo mainly because I can work when I want to work. And you don't have to divide who does what.

03/06/12 4:46 pm

Solo mainly because I can call all the shots and I hate people who do nothing, forcing you to do everything or people who drag down the whole group.

03/06/12 4:44 pm

Well. That explains a lot

03/06/12 4:33 pm

I hate working with B team players, and I simply won't work with C team players, so no I don't like working with people, unless they are all A team

03/06/12 4:18 am

neutral. I like a mix of both from time to time

03/06/12 3:41 am

@2katz: U got company - I'm a control freak, too :)
So solo it is...

waaazzaap Arizona
03/06/12 1:53 am

I am thinker and some ppl in teams don't have patience for thinkers :/

2katz I live in Nebraska
03/05/12 10:24 pm

I'm glad this question was asked. I've often thought I'm kind of a lesser-evolved human because I prefer to work alone because I'm a control freak. Now I feel better.

yoggsaron Las Vegas
03/05/12 9:31 pm

In a team, not because i need help, i just put more effort when it affects others. Alone id just say "good enough for me".

03/05/12 9:16 pm

I'm a talker. I get y work done, but if im with a partner, I usually cannot rely on them or end up doing most of the work myself.

03/05/12 8:54 pm

Does business project. Ends up doing everything. Teacher writes good job doing everything in your group on report card

Metal4life California
03/05/12 8:36 pm

I work alone for now one, i hate when others lag on you in work.

03/05/12 8:36 pm

Sorry the poster wasn't facts about Denmark it was a poster about Denmark in general;-)

03/05/12 8:33 pm

He looked up 5 facts (the girl who planed the whole thing really small because she knew he didn't deserve a good grade) and we got set back a lot because of him and almost had to turn the poster in late >:-| ugh!

03/05/12 8:27 pm

Remember what I found a map out lime of Europe and labeled it (I even found cities on another map and located them and labeled them on mine) and I also helped organize it one boy just screwed around and annoyed all the other groups until the teacher said we had to write what we did on the back then

03/05/12 8:22 pm

Into groups and my group had to do one with facts about Denmark one girl found pics organized the whole thing (told each person what to get for it) another girl found pics and colored in a pic of Denmark's flag (my school only has a b&w printer) there was one boy who did something but I can't

03/05/12 8:20 pm

I'd like to be lighthouse keeper.
In Antarctica if possible ;)

03/05/12 8:13 pm

@armundo something similar happened to me we had to make a poster for reading about what Denmark was like during WW2 (or WW1 can't remember) because we were going to read a book called Number the Stars about a girl who has to help her (jewish) best friend leave. so any way my teacher split us up

monkxo New York
03/05/12 7:34 pm

I had to do a partner science lab and I did it, made the poster, and was totally successful but my partner was a control freak, and while I was I vacation redid the project. I told my teacher Because I am honey and couldn't take that grade. I ended up doing my own project and getting a higher grad

monkxo New York
03/05/12 7:32 pm

I'm one of the best students, so I usually get paired with difficult or annoying or dumb kids. They make it interesting but usually get like 90's and it seriously irritates me.

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
03/05/12 6:29 pm

Team projects usually end up being solo projects because people drop the ball or do shoddy work (think 75% plagiarism on a 20-page masters-level paper or horrific grammar that basically has to be rewritten). I'd rather just do it myself and have to do the work once.

Kommandant Indiana
03/05/12 5:26 pm

I had this group project in college and one guy didn't show up for class on the day we were do to give the presentation of the lab data we had gathered. As you can guess, we didn't do too well on that project. I really don't like that guy.

Kommandant Indiana
03/05/12 5:24 pm

Kind Of depends. If it is a group of people I hardly know or full of idiots, then I hate working in the group. But say at my work (been with the same team of guys for 5 years), then it's great working as a team when you know everyone is competent and every works together. "Unit cohesion"

adamw Ohio
03/05/12 4:15 pm

It really depends on the people in the team. If they're irresponsible, you could end up doing the whole thing by yourself anyway.

Wes28 CBus
03/05/12 4:12 pm

Teachers grade easier on group projects it seems.

Nerdz Texas
03/05/12 3:55 pm

I don't like to depend on people to do their share of the work

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
03/05/12 3:54 pm

Both, but on a team I work harder to support others.

manlypantss florida
03/05/12 3:47 pm

I do really well alone, and in groups where I end up doing all the work I still do well, but in teams where I like and work well with the others, I do about 5x better.

03/05/12 3:29 pm

Even on a group project, it always seems like a solo project anyway. Nobody ever has to do anything except me, it seems.

spudman Ohio
03/05/12 3:28 pm

Welcome to the individualism that is Western society.

03/05/12 2:34 pm

I work equally well on both but group projects are much much easier and more fun so teamwork

03/05/12 2:27 pm

Really depends what the project is, but usually solo.

ty3desi Massachusetts
03/05/12 2:14 pm

We stand alone. We die alone. That's not what I have in mind.

MCR The Moon
03/05/12 1:53 pm

I like to work alone but it's nice to have someone there in case you forget something