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Have you ever been away from home for more than two weeks? (UserQ)

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11/13/11 8:02 pm

Each year I go up to my condo on the lake in ND with my family for at least 2 weeks.

nolegirl Florida
11/10/11 12:03 am

Thank you to the military responders... We appreciate you! Only been gone two consecutive weeks+ twice: lived in Paris FR for a semester, and I had to work in Bath, UK for a week then flew to Germany for vacation for the next week. Otherwise, I'm usually home for a day at least between travels.

14573 Scary Numbers
11/07/11 10:27 pm

A large majority of you fail to take into the account of the kids that responded to this question. If a person stills lives with their parents I can perfectly understand them not being gone for 2 weeks

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
11/07/11 4:06 pm

I would prefer to usually only be gone a maximum of 2 weeks, but really, just because you've never left home for more than 2 weeks, it doesn't mean that you don't go on regular vacations…


hberry Nebraska
11/06/11 11:02 pm

I would like to be that would be fun maybe even more with a boyfriend

11/06/11 12:51 pm

I have been spending 6 weeks away from home with no family since I was eight.... Scary at first but I have learned to be so much more independent.

11/06/11 11:33 am

22% of responders are shut-ins. never been away for more than 2 weeks??? it's a big world, go and explore it!!!

11/06/11 8:14 am

Alaskan, I'm in oil & gas too and would love your opinion. Being hands-on in AK and seeing the impact - what do you think of ANWR?

alaskan sleeping
11/06/11 2:27 am

Summers I work on an oil field on the other side of the state. Which I'd be gone 2 or more weeks.

applestar Florida
11/05/11 6:05 pm

a couple years ago I went to colonial willaimsburg for a week, came home for a week, went to Philadelphia for a week, came home for a week then san fransisco for a week. my trips always stack up near each other!

applestar Florida
11/05/11 6:03 pm

this past summer I was in d.c. for a week, came home for a night, went to alaska for 10 days, home for 1 night, then to saint Augustine for 3 days. fun times!

11/05/11 4:28 pm

I'm 13 and I went to a camp it was amazing

smiley12 California
11/05/11 3:32 pm

20 day trip to Australia with the people to people program. AMAZING!

yesmaam socal
11/05/11 2:29 pm

Yes, a 3 week RV trip to yellowstone and mt rushmore

Valis California
11/05/11 11:50 am

I believe I have, it was a long time ago when I went to Guatemala to visit family with my dad.

11/05/11 9:33 am

Thank you for your service, Louxny.

11/05/11 9:29 am

15 month deployment to Iraq and another one on the way to Afghanistan.

hbadger Minnesota
11/05/11 8:25 am

I go on a cruise every year. Started as 12 days but I add 2 days to it each year.

11/05/11 7:36 am

OFMafia, cool - Devon's in a well we operate in Canadian County - they seem to be a good outfit. I was afraid you were with Chesapeake lol.

OFMafia Oklahoma
11/05/11 6:04 am

@denverdm. Yes I'm
A drilling consultant for Devon energy. On location right now northwest of okcity.

Peaceful Minnesota
11/05/11 3:18 am

Btw I'm a full-time volunteer too

Peaceful Minnesota
11/05/11 3:16 am

I live south of Minneapolis. You should change your screen name to something less erroneous :)

DrKelly Wisconsin
11/05/11 2:26 am

damn auto correct. I meant !!!!!!! with no question marks. :-/

DrKelly Wisconsin
11/05/11 2:25 am

oh, and I just turned 40 a few months go, and I've been to 18 countries so far. makes me a better person!?,

DrKelly Wisconsin
11/05/11 2:21 am

next one in apprx 12 days in china and one after that is 16 day Russian river cruise. Does us good to explore the world and learn about other cultures and people. prevents me from left wing or right ring NUT!!!!

DrKelly Wisconsin
11/05/11 2:15 am

my last vacation was 22 days in Italy, Greece, Turkey, Israel, and Egypt. loved loved loved it. amazing. I learned so much about other cultures and people!!!

redebbm 91709
11/05/11 1:38 am

I think everyone needs to be away from their homes for more than 2 weeks. It can really give you a different perspective depending on where you go. Unfortunately most employers would laugh at a vacation longer than 2 weeks or even 1....

11/05/11 12:25 am

This is amazing!!! I have been across the US to the Atlantic ocean twice (driving) and Hawaii once (plane). All were over two weeks. I also go camping (real camping) every other year for 14 days.

11/05/11 12:06 am

@peaceful where you at?

11/05/11 12:05 am

@peaceful wow, thats amazing.

Peaceful Minnesota
11/05/11 12:03 am

I need a life. I've been away from home for more than 1 week but less than 3

Thank you Tops Meka Navyvet Andres Pooh & Imafailure!

jrp2004 Illinois
11/04/11 11:27 pm

Jamaica for 16 days! Already started putting money down to go again next year!

11/04/11 11:05 pm

Went to Europe one summer and Australia and New Zealand the next!!

11/04/11 10:41 pm

15 month deployment and 12 month deployment...thank you army

11/04/11 10:06 pm

Went to Florida for a vacation. :)

11/04/11 9:30 pm

I was in Japan for a month...

Travelpro Washington
11/04/11 9:28 pm

We take a 2-4 week vacation every year. My children have travelled most of the US and Canada. Great education for them.

11/04/11 8:53 pm

I'm still dying to see Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, & Saudi Arabia

11/04/11 8:52 pm

most recently I went on a 2 1/2 wk trip to Israel with my sister for our birthright triip. met a lot of good friends there & was blown away by the history & scenery of Israel. the middle east in general is shockingly beautiful, I'd love to go back to the region again

Zack100 Tatooine
11/04/11 8:19 pm

But I will be going to philmont this summer for over 2 weeks!!

11/04/11 8:14 pm

OFMafia, bless your heart! I didn't know the OF was for oilfield :). I'm 3rd generation, but all I do is push paper... Are you drilling?

11/04/11 8:08 pm

feel sorry for the people that haven't

angiebrite Gallifrey
11/04/11 7:26 pm

Yes all the time! I'm doing an extended stay in Texas right now! Yeehaw