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Show Of Hands June 28th, 2011 12:00am

Another iOS tip: did you know you can take a screen shot on your iPhone/iPad by pressing the home button and power button at the same time? (UserQ)

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joe13 California
07/17/11 5:02 pm

Of course! I have known this for years.

sam Maryland
07/04/11 4:25 pm

Yes, I'm not stupid. I know my phone.

Jut347 Georgia
07/04/11 1:53 am

I have yet to meet someone who doesn't know that even though I have met someone with an iPad 2 that had no clue about multitasking

07/01/11 6:59 pm

Any kid these days knows that... at least in America. 

06/30/11 4:55 pm

Lol: the richer u r the less chance u knew u could do it...

06/30/11 12:40 pm

65% of males did not actually read the question

ant! North Carolina
06/30/11 12:47 am

@piper: you are welcome!!!! I was always mad that my stuff rotated all the time and I never wanted it to and i was messing around and figured it out! Handy!!

Piper? Texas
06/29/11 10:44 pm

I just figured this out a few weeks ago while playing words with friends. I'm 15 but just got my phone in December...

Piper? Texas
06/29/11 10:41 pm

Ant!, you just showed me something new! Thank you!

06/29/11 9:38 pm

My dog's breath smells like dog food.

FrankZappa New York
06/29/11 8:10 pm

Follow up, Did you know you don't have to post a comment if you've cast a vote?

06/29/11 5:18 pm

I suggested this poll :) I didn't think they were going to post it

06/29/11 4:55 pm


Yes i did know that!! :)

06/29/11 4:55 pm

My friend taught me this and I like using it!

06/29/11 4:55 pm


Screen shot

ant! North Carolina
06/29/11 4:04 pm

Did u know if u double tap the home button it brings up recent icons and if you swipe them to the right you have the option to turn off auto rotate, along with other things???

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
06/29/11 6:22 am

I learned about this in a "tips and tricks for iOS 3" app (back in November). I have found it VERY useful.

Can't seem to wait until iOS 5 comes out.

Fiat Lux!

06/29/11 12:13 am

Dyl-- that most likely relates to the age brackets

dylansl Texas
06/28/11 10:51 pm

It's funny when you look at the ages. Almost EVERYONE 18 and under knows it and most people over 40 don't know it.

06/28/11 10:36 pm

I always wondered how people posted screenshots from their phone. (only have had this for a few months) Thanks for the tip. :)

shylavail Oklahoma
06/28/11 9:47 pm

My four-year old son did this many times by accident a couple years ago, I finally figured out how he did it. It's very helpful when searching for and saving recipes!

06/28/11 8:48 pm

a screen shot or a camera shot?

06/28/11 8:45 pm

Come on, gardianlh. Don't be so harsh. Some are brand new users, and others don't go online & read the whole manual or look up tips.

gardianlh Oregon
06/28/11 8:22 pm

Naw shit sherlawk! We're not dumbasses.

06/28/11 8:06 pm

wow .....i mean, common guys

PenaltyKill Colorado
06/28/11 7:49 pm

I do now... Not reAlly sure when this will be useful though.

06/28/11 7:09 pm

By accident but i do alot now

06/28/11 6:35 pm

Found it by accident a looooong time ago...

06/28/11 5:55 pm

i thought it was the lock button... lol.

AdamT Boston, MA
06/28/11 5:43 pm

I think it's called the sleep/wake button, but whatever.

Mintcoco California
06/28/11 5:30 pm

I knew this already but I always forget... So thanks for reminding me again! ^-^

06/28/11 5:02 pm

Wow now I can say I leaned something today. Thank you.

06/28/11 4:30 pm

Wow really? This Q is kind of a waste.

06/28/11 12:34 pm

I found that out by accident years ago.

Dyl Virginia
06/28/11 12:07 pm

if u look at the income, the people with more money know less.

06/28/11 11:35 am

Until I was 19... And had the biggest thing of the times, a beeper. My parents (69), still can't figure out how to log off my kids gmail acct to check theirs... They didn't grow up with tvs... Only radios...
Makes sense when you think about it

06/28/11 11:31 am

@soccerproj- that's not so strange... The older you are, the less you have been raised around advanced technology. For instance, my son (12) always had a computer in the home... Had a phone at age 6... And works on Macintosh at school. I (34), didn't have a computer until college... No phone

06/28/11 11:25 am

I think early adoption is more a mindset than an age related thing. there are early adapters and laggards in every demographic set.