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Should the U.S. build a fence along the entire length of the border with Mexico? (UserQ)

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11/03/11 3:11 am

I like how everyone that doesn't want a fence doesn't actually live down here. You guys don't know what we're going through! I've lived in California and now Texas... It's all out of control... Illegals filling all the schools... Not that I hate Mexicans, just the ones mooching off the system

11/02/11 9:51 pm

they shouldnt because they need help and all of us lazy ass ameicans need to get up and do something before this turns into goddamn world war 3

11/02/11 6:39 pm

Should they? Yes. Can they? No

11/01/11 10:58 pm

People on the edge of mexico say yes. That has to mean something.

11/01/11 9:39 pm

Not saying that having a fence would help, but if were actually considering that.

11/01/11 9:38 pm

Only if the Mexican officials agree.

11/01/11 5:17 pm

Lol The democrats are looming for votes!

10/29/11 3:01 pm

No. Not only would it be ineffective, but also impractical. Why waste money we don't have to waste?

tsk California
10/29/11 7:26 am

Its better than nothing. A lot of drugs come into the US unabated. 8 people are murdered every day by drug cartels in border cities. And worst yet, Mexico blames us.

10/28/11 7:09 pm

Does anyone actually think this is going to work? Iowa
10/28/11 12:48 pm

Hey why dont we put snipers in training around there?

14573 Scary Numbers
10/27/11 9:59 pm

Juan you have the solution. We are trying to push at the flood, when we can just go around and close the crack. Mexicans aren't coming to America. They're running from Mexico.

10/27/11 12:51 pm

Come on over, but play by the rules. Become a citizen, don't be an illegal. I also support schools educating kids about the rigors of gaining citizenship. It's information about the US system that we all should know.

davylj Florida
10/27/11 11:41 am

I think they should be allowed to be here if they want.... Just not allowed to suck off of the system. They come here for work and they work... For low rates! This helps us all!

10/27/11 12:00 am

wow - as of right now California has 1138 votes, 569 on yes and 569 on no.

10/26/11 11:54 pm

Spoiler- I still work part time when we need the money to pay bills. So I DO pay taxes. And I pay for it too. I know many illegals here in Ohio. It's not like illegals stay in just certain states...
And where did I say it'd solve ALL problems?
Juan- I agree that the cartels need stopped.

10/26/11 10:41 pm

Obama needs to send sum troops to stop the drug cartels and help make Mexico a livable and peaceful country so that we wouldn't want to leave in search for freedom, peace and justice.

10/26/11 10:39 pm

You shuld all consider the living conditions currently in Mexico I was born in michoacan, Mexico but I grew up in Cali now I'm proud to be a U.S. citizen. But the way things r in Mexico with the drug cartels killing everyone it's no wonder why we all come to the U.S.

NYevo NY
10/26/11 9:24 pm

OMG, remove the cause! Fighting the symptom is dumb medicine

10/26/11 2:16 pm

You illegals exploit yourself by working so cheap! You ought to raise your prices and compete with legal Americans. But then we wouldn't "need" you anymore. You people strive for poverty and then parasite off the backs of Americans.

10/26/11 2:10 pm

JuanB: who did it before the illegals? Americans!

10/26/11 12:36 pm

To everyone who says electrify or use live ammo please realize you are talking about murdering hundreds of men women and children, I for one am against the cold blooded shooting of kids who are starving to death

JesusGod Maryland
10/26/11 11:06 am

ever heard of shovels. the fence won't work entirely. we should have been tougher decades ago, now were doomed

NYevo NY
10/26/11 8:03 am

@14573: I am talking about those who come here illegally.How is it unfair to shut down a business that is breaking the law? Isn't knowingly allowing a crime to occur, contributory to the crime? They create the reason because they want to keep their costs down. And our borders are less secure for it

14573 Scary Numbers
10/26/11 6:28 am

@NYevo that an idiotic idea! Shut down businesses? That terribly unfair and would make this economy even worse

14573 Scary Numbers
10/26/11 6:26 am

@spoiler I moves to Ohio from Arizona there the mexicans were the majority. Now don't get me wrong I have no problem with them coming over, just so long as it's legal

10/26/11 2:07 am

If we got rid of all the ilegals then who would Work all the jobs that we choose not to. Who would baby sit our kids and clean our houses. Who would cut our lawns, all doing it for min. Wage. FACE IT PPL WE NEED THEM!!!!!

NYevo NY
10/26/11 12:14 am

Why spend all that time and money when they can just go under or over it? Remove their reasons for coming by shutting down businesses that hire them and they'll stop coming.

spoiler Michigan
10/25/11 10:43 pm

Living in Ohio u might want to get more involved w all the BS that's happening up here. Aren't u a stay at home mom anyways? U don't even pay taxes. Scream loud rosebud, and let the rest of us pay for it. The states that have the issue need to deal w the issue. Here in MI we have our own problems

spoiler Michigan
10/25/11 10:39 pm

Ok...1st.u said the wall will fix all of those problems.2nd. Do u understand how much money and time it'll cost and take to build? Why would ybwant ur tax dollars, living in OHIO, going towards a wall that blocks the southern states from Mexico? 3rd. How is ur life being affected by these immigrants

14573 Scary Numbers
10/25/11 10:28 pm

For those of you who say it's hypocritical to block them, it's not. We are blocking the illegals. If someone wants to come in and they get the legal go ahead then by all means be my neighbor

10/25/11 8:38 pm

Then you are left with ONE problem and ONE solution to come up with and enact.
I didn't realize it was that difficult to understand...

10/25/11 8:38 pm

Spoiler- let me break it down for you.
If you have a bug problem with many parts, you solve each part SEPARATELY. In this case, there are people coming over illegally and those with expired visas. That requires at least TWO solutions, because it's TWO problems. One would be to build a fence.

10/25/11 8:35 pm

Those mexi's need to quit smuggling drugs in here

10/25/11 2:21 pm

my biggest pet peeve....nationality or race...some person standing there paying for food with food stamps while their 12 yr old kid is talking on their iPhone!

10/25/11 2:20 pm

our money in American money to the American people

10/25/11 2:19 pm

not protesters...sorry I had auto type

10/25/11 2:18 pm

Europe has no fence or border so I was referring to what was said earlier....if it were my passport would be stamped. I, in the military, think it's not fair the gov't pays for all the outsiders and can't afford to pay the protesters what they deserve!!!

spoiler Michigan
10/25/11 2:14 pm

SnowLynn- ur comment doesn't make any sense

10/25/11 2:05 pm

I live in Europe and have been to all the surrounding countries driving and haven't had to show my passport once....and the fed's can barely pay their own military...I say build it and keep our money ours!

spoiler Michigan
10/25/11 1:17 pm

@rosebud- how exactly does a wall fix all separate parts at once?

spoiler Michigan
10/25/11 1:06 pm

Yes I've been to many countries in Europe. You do need a passport just like u need one to go to Canada and Mexico