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Show Of Hands March 13th, 2012 12:00am

You learn that your child has cheated on the SAT and gained acceptance to an Ivy League school partly because of the score. Do you let him/her go?

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03/26/12 6:24 pm

They're paying for it.

Paptillo Washington
03/23/12 8:00 pm

WHY wouldnt you?? The SAT is not an accurate judge of intelligence..

JAsher Fishers, IN
03/23/12 11:16 am

There is a 6 point difference either way (democrat or republican) of being 50/50 on the matter, so those who say democrats are more dishonest can stuff it up their @&$! We're not saying WE would cheat or condone it; we just know that, in the real world, our kids are adults at this point...

03/23/12 10:13 am

Poorly worded question! I guess you could hope they'd listen to your advise.

glbtroters Ohio
03/22/12 5:49 am

Dumb Q. Not the parents decision. Parent decision is whether to pay or not...

Flooded Virginia
03/21/12 9:46 pm

Since it's a bit of a challenge to cheat on the SAT, I'd say they're smart enough. Plus the kid would have to have good grades at school in order to get into an Ivy. If it was all just based on SAT scores I'd be going to Harvard.

03/21/12 6:55 am

Sure he/she can go but don't ask me to pay. If you can't pass to get in on your own how are you going to get through classes without cheating?

03/20/12 1:34 pm

Most likely there at least 18 not the parents dicesion

kandykane California
03/20/12 6:16 am

Cheating is wrong, but so is buying your way into school. A lot of people do these things, and get away with it. But that doesn't justify either of them, and it doesn't mean I would want my kid doing it.

03/19/12 7:55 pm

they would just flunk out anyway! a waste of time and money for all!

03/19/12 6:42 pm

Hahahaha I love the comment below, full agreement

RandFan Headed to IPhone rehab
03/19/12 6:03 pm

Since most of the attendees had their parents buy their way in, if my child was clever enough to scam the SAT's, they'll do well enough.

03/18/12 6:01 pm

If he had the ability to succeed than he might even get a pat on the back

03/18/12 4:21 pm

I would make my child admit the mistake and retake the SATs.

03/18/12 6:14 am

but in thinking about it this really is a poor question because how would a parent even know that the child cheated, and what other factors got them in? if it was money, then did the parent help the child cheat?

03/18/12 6:11 am

how can we teach the next generation ethics if we don't follow them?

03/18/12 12:15 am

yeah, and then they would fail because they didn't know the material, and if they passed -.-

03/17/12 4:47 pm

I would so he could fail and learn his lesson.

03/17/12 2:14 pm

Don't lick a gift horse in the mouth

03/17/12 12:28 pm

No someone else didn't get in cuz of their cheating. They can be successful somewhere else, one certain college doesn't decide your future/fate but your adult actions will!

03/17/12 11:09 am

yes it's not gonna hurt them cuz they may just get kicked out cuz their not smart enuf

03/17/12 8:13 am

I haven't heard of any 11 year old who had a child

03/17/12 6:40 am

I don't even know how my child would cheat, but I would let them go, because they obviously had to have other factors to get in. I would be disappointed, but there's not much I can do to an eighteen year old.

03/16/12 8:31 pm

Sadly the 1% cheats, the rest of us need to do whatever we can to level the field.

smiley12 California
03/16/12 6:50 pm

They'd be living a lie, and I wouldn't want that for my child

03/16/12 8:33 am

Poor question, a parent can't tell their legal adult son or daughter whether they can or can't go to college. Besides it takes alot more than an SAT score to get into Ivy league, so the kid probably has scholarships out the a$$.

03/16/12 7:01 am

Life is cheating. Life isn't fair. My kid gets to go.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
03/16/12 5:31 am

Well, if they were of the age of majority then I couldn't stop them. But I would hope that my child's conscience would do it for me. And if not, the dean might get an anonymous note ratting them out.

eccentricDBA Ohio
03/16/12 3:43 am

I would not agree with cheating on the SAT. However, test scores should not be a determining factor on why someone should be accepted at an ivy league school. If it was only due to a high test score then that should have been a flag that at the very least they got lucky on the test.

weallhave1 Tennessee
03/16/12 1:05 am

I'm shocked the Democrat Party is less honest than the Republican Party. NOT! I am disappointed in any Republican who doesn't believe in honesty.

03/15/12 9:02 pm

Way to beat the rich kid!!

03/15/12 6:24 pm

I'm not looking forward to the SATS

npcom Alabama
03/15/12 4:34 pm

wow. set the example for our children?? wow! and people wonder what is wrong with our country-- the lack of good parents. this poll was shocking but expected.

philmchawk Gaia Agia
03/15/12 3:54 pm

Yes. Because 100% of Ivy League students didn't get in on their "merits" alone EITHER. They had connections, or way too much fucking money.

03/15/12 3:43 pm

No child of mine would cheat on the SAT.

KudosToYou California
03/15/12 2:34 pm

I'd let my child go, but I would not pay a cent for anything.

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
03/15/12 1:31 pm

sound like a waist of money to go to a college that you are not good enough for.

03/15/12 12:47 pm

If they are smart enough to cheat on the SAT and didn't just buy the answers sure.

infinity1 Cincinnati, OH
03/15/12 12:43 pm

if they're smart enough not to get caught, why not?

03/15/12 12:03 pm

If they make it in and do great, then they should absolutely be let to get an education there. If they do terrible like a cheater would, they wasted a ton of money. If I reveal them, their future with a good school is ruined and it will haunt them through life, and make a barrier between us.

03/15/12 11:29 am

I would discuss the situation but they are adults at this point.

03/15/12 11:29 am

I would discuss the situation but they are adults at this point.

03/15/12 7:59 am

Of course I'd "let them go" - they're adults at that point. Would I be more likely to withhold financial assistance? You betcha.

03/15/12 7:36 am

It's hilarious how every poll that has a dishonest option to vote for--is voted for by a majority of democrats/liberals. No integrity

graciebug Kentucky
03/15/12 3:47 am

This is why our country is going down the drain. Honesty and integrity mean nothing. President Eisenhower said it best ". A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both. ". Shame on us.

03/15/12 3:26 am

@mwest exactly, democrats want the easy way out of everything!