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Show Of Hands November 2nd, 2011 12:00am

We currently post an average of 4 questions per day. If we increased to about 10, would that be an improvement or "too much of a good thing?"

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11/13/11 1:41 am

The only thing bad about that question is the grammar for the answers.

11/05/11 5:24 pm

If you don't like more than 4 a day don't do more than 4 simple as that!

11/05/11 4:25 pm

Same here, angiebrite.

11/05/11 1:55 am

Just please make sure the question quality doesn't start going downhill.

teaparty Cleveland
11/04/11 5:28 pm

I would like an increase in questions, but maybe only about 6 or 7

angiebrite Gallifrey
11/04/11 12:03 am

As it is, my schedule does not allow me to comment OR vote daily. But I always get around to checking in on SOH eventually.

More the merrier I say!

11/03/11 10:31 pm

Sometime quantity deputes quality.

11/03/11 8:33 pm

I would love it....I will have something to read and answer too more than just four measly questions!

11/03/11 1:48 pm

daily topics, Tony. World, US, politics, entertainment, business, sports, lifestyle, health, beef jerky, and science

Britton Louisiana
11/02/11 7:36 pm

I wouldn't mind more, but 10 is too many.

11/02/11 7:32 pm

10 is too many. It means less good, thoughtful questions and more filler questions. 4 a day is PLENTY.

PureCouture San Francisco
11/02/11 6:52 pm

"more better" and "more worser"...hahaha! Someone needs to go back and learn their English properly! :-p

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
11/02/11 6:06 pm

More! I always want more! And there is so much to debate! Love reading peoples opinions.
(note-the democrat vs. republican crap is stupid and irritating tho. I could do with less of that…)

PuppyLvr In love with Listgarten
11/02/11 5:45 pm

I think there would be less answers per poll if there were ten polls a day. Also, if you missed a couple days, you'd have 30 polls!

11/02/11 5:32 pm

@ImAFailure It wouldn't be worst it would be worse.

11/02/11 5:03 pm

Id like them more spread out. Instead of 3 at a time per day, how about 1 every 6 hours or something?

11/02/11 3:50 pm

I feel like if there were more than double what we have now, less people would do them all and therefore the poll results would be less accurate. We don't want quantity to replace this fun daily activity and make it more of a chore.

11/02/11 2:56 pm

more to think about! love it

11/02/11 2:47 pm

@ Katniss, I just finished Hunger Games, did that inspire your user name?

valeriejo ramble on
11/02/11 11:57 am

I also think it would be fun to switch it up..
@Tony: you should let US poll YOU sometime ;)

valeriejo ramble on
11/02/11 11:55 am

More questions please! You can easily skip q's you don't like. I think a user polling section would be nice too. I also think the commenting section should be updated to allow liking and disliking and maybe a notification when someone replies to

11/02/11 11:23 am

More questions hopefully means a wider range of ideas. one persons stupid question is another's muse.

11/02/11 11:14 am

You are all correct. I am ashamed of my self. I have hung myself... I mean hanged. Oh the irony......

11/02/11 10:41 am

If they are good questions then keep them going

11/02/11 10:28 am

of course, if Tony did increase the number, the number of "stupid questions" would also increase. I'm all for the stupid questions!

11/02/11 10:27 am

@spoiler made up of manly awesomeness! I even apply it my armpits, cuz it's that awesome

crossfire California
11/02/11 10:20 am

I've enjoyed the 3-4 in the am and 3-4 in the pm the few times it's happened so 6-8 would b ok

spoiler Michigan
11/02/11 9:46 am

Fuchsia is a made up crayola crayon color :)

erw331 New York
11/02/11 9:37 am

Six seems to be the favored number and I agree. I don't think I could read all the back and forth banter of ten questions.

11/02/11 8:21 am

@Geronimo pfft, yeah. Everyone knows that real men only wear fuchsia eye shadow

11/02/11 7:59 am

@geronimo What? I think that's a great poll idea! *Submitted!*

geronimo Florida
11/02/11 7:41 am

Only if the questions are sensible and not "What color eye shadow does your boyfriend wear?"

11/02/11 7:22 am

Oh I forgot, I absolutely agree with Warpzone below. I'd love to see profiles with people's comments.

katniss Dallas, TX
11/02/11 7:22 am




katniss Dallas, TX
11/02/11 7:21 am

Would love that!

Tony, you rock!