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Should marijuana be legalized nationally? (UserDudeQ)

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12/07/11 8:12 pm

whoever voted no can suck it

12/06/11 10:19 am

I hate when people say you can't get addicted to marijuana. It's a completely nonfactual and ignorant statement. You can get addicted to anything... Ever watch that show my strange addictions? Also marijuana is a gateway drug. Most hardcore drug users start by smoking marijuana and then move on.

RealJohnH New York
12/04/11 8:44 pm

ithink we should tax the hell out of it.

12/04/11 7:01 pm

Weed never made me kill some one

11/28/11 11:49 pm

Pot is banned cuz the government whines. I wouldnt smoke it but alcohol and cigarettes kill people, pot doesnt

11/27/11 4:49 pm

I would rather have my child smoke too much pot and laugh alot then fall asleep. Then drink too much and be found dead in a pile of their own piss and puke. Weed is safe. Legalizing it would make it grown in safer conditions.

11/27/11 4:47 pm

Addiction varies between people. But at least there isn't a disease based on marijuana addiction. Alcohol which is publicly abused by congressmen has a disease based on addiction of the substance. How is that considered safer?

kales Not Quite Boston
11/27/11 5:34 am

@RClfan -- Since forever. That's like, the number one thing you learn about weed in any health class.

And what does UserDude mean?

11/25/11 10:09 pm

I agree with masshole97

11/25/11 6:04 pm

Proabbition does not work! History has proven that. Lets commercialize the industry to create safer product and eliminate and illegal market for the Mexican cartels to capitalize. It is a sustainable crop. The byproducts can all be used to our benefit. Either way we will get stoned is we want to

RCIfan Ohio
11/25/11 12:19 am

Since when can't you get addicted to marijuana?

11/23/11 12:35 pm

I think they should legalize pot and illegalize alcohol. Alcohol has more harmful effects than weed. You can't get addicted to weed either. It would help the economy greatly and there would be many less drug cases going to court and costing tax payers more money. LEGALIZE!

NYevo NY
11/23/11 8:41 am

There is no reason for its illegality that isn't also true of the legal drugs, alcohol and tobacco. It's nothing more than hypocrisy and stubbornness.

11/23/11 12:00 am

If you can't beat it, joint it.

rmejia9971 Illinois
11/22/11 10:20 pm

Ok all facts about weed being good I think is bs the only reason I voted yes is bc people are being killed by the drug cartels and their main business is weed if we take away their source of money theyll be weak and people will stop dying over this

11/22/11 8:57 pm

Huge untapped tax base, damn old senators in the pocket of the alcohol industry

11/22/11 6:23 pm

if they legalized it and taxed it we could get out of this debt crisis real real real QUICK

11/22/11 6:11 pm

Of course it should be legal. It's shown to decrease the number of cancerous cells, increase brain stimulation, reduce the risks of certain dementias as well as other medicinal benefits. Why its illegal: The pharmaceutical, tobacco and alcohol companies would go bankrupt. They keep/want you sick. $$

Atheist A sheep amidst wolves
11/22/11 3:07 pm

Legalize it! Leave it up to the states; Vote Dr. Ron Paul 2012! ????????

NYevo NY
11/22/11 9:05 am

I'd laugh at the stupidity and hypocrisy if not for the fact that people get thrown in jail and have their lives ruined over a joint. Not to mention me having to spend MY tax dollars jailing otherwise non-violent offenders into a system where they are likely to turn into criminals while doing time

11/22/11 7:46 am

Besides if the government wants to sway personal decisions let them make a PSA, not put you in jail, decrease tax revenue, increase crime, lose lives and money fighting a drug war, decrease border security with smuggling, waste more money locking up non violent criminals.. It's the lesser evil.

11/22/11 7:34 am

I usually stay out of this argument. But why is this a govt. decision and not a personal one? Legalizing it makes the most since logically, financially, and upholds good old American personal freedom. The majority has spoken and nothing changes?

NYevo NY
11/22/11 6:24 am

Because people are hypocrites and can't see the obvious that us right in front of them.

11/22/11 3:05 am

It's already everywhere. It's already being used for medical purposes. Why not?

11/22/11 12:55 am

Legalization. And with the problems with drinking and dip ect. The kids are big into doing stupid stuff, and if they all just ate pot brownies, they'd be so much better off.
Plus I think the models nowadays need a good case of the munchies... They're way too thin :)

11/22/11 12:53 am

And with the cocaine problem in our town... (I went to a funeral for a kid not even out of college... Lots going for him, athletic scholarship, very smart, addicted to painkillers moved on, OD'd the night out of rehab, his mom and bro found him with a needle in his arm) it makes even MORE case for

11/22/11 12:51 am

Tops- I love the benefits it has. I know a few people who would benefit highly from it.
Heck there's a kid I went to school with.. Because of cigarettes alcohol and anxiety, he had a collapsed lung at 18... Yet the pot heads? No health problems but a little pudge. Which this kid also needed...

yesmaam socal
11/22/11 12:39 am

Wow I can c why people say yes.
Reason: ka ching

11/21/11 10:20 pm

Tops it's not "legal" anywhere. It's decriminalized but not legal. @Monkeyz your confused. If its addiction your worried about, Alcohol is one of the most addictive drugs around & I can go buy it whenever I want. Legalize it, regulate it, tax it, move on.

NYevo NY
11/21/11 8:08 pm

Alcohol must be made illegal then. And cigarettes too based on your deductions

monkeyy Ohio
11/21/11 4:41 pm

No marijuana shouldn't be legalized. Too many people would get addicted. :(

bernie New York
11/21/11 2:58 pm

There is a new technology to have you breath into a balloon type thing filled with something and if it changes color it mean you have traces of THC on your breath so I think it should be legalized and illegal to drive.

11/21/11 2:27 pm

great source of much needed tax revenue and many legitimate medical uses. No brainer

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/21/11 11:10 am

Anxiety disorders too. You can grow your own or get pills and dry leaves. I believe there is now a bakery. I don't use it. My sons partner is diabetic and has a script. You cannot smoke in public. IE a caffe outside where children are. I don't know a lot about the laws. If you want google it.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/21/11 11:02 am

I think it's been medically legal in Oregon for around ten years. My loving children wanted me to get a script. So sweet. I have fibromyalgia. It does wonders for MS, golcoma ( I know I cant spell eye disorder) , people going through chemotherapy and many other problems. It's been used for

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/21/11 10:52 am

No sweetie. Brine it. Then put it in my smoker with either cedar chips. Or Walmart sells some from Jim Beam barrows. The native americans used cedar.

NYevo NY
11/21/11 7:24 am

If you drink but think pot is wrong, you are a hypocrite. Alcohol is a 1000x worse and there is no rational that will change that

NYevo NY
11/21/11 7:12 am

@dylansl: explain alcohol rules then. It's limited with exception. Why all or none?

11/21/11 1:28 am

Topps: do you roll it up, put it in a pipe , or bong hit the Salmon,

dylansl Texas
11/21/11 12:47 am

You can't give people limited-with exceptions freedom. It never works out. I say all or nothing.

bobbj22 West Virginia
11/20/11 7:59 pm

I don't smoke but I have before and it's not mind altering, you don't relapse, and your brain cells are not destroyed like after a night of binge drinking.

bobbj22 West Virginia
11/20/11 7:56 pm

The only things effected by legalization are breathalyzers (offset by field sobriety tests) and the immense amount of tax dollars currently being absorbed by dirty, low-life drug dealers. I know someone who is now handicapped because his dealer laced his pot. He was a nice guy, too.

bobbj22 West Virginia
11/20/11 7:54 pm

These comments are hysterical. Pot has less adverse health effects than 5 hour energy, even in youth. For youth, hard drugs a pills are easier to find and conceal than alcohol or pot so you can keep that one in your back pocket. If anything, it will educate parents about what to look for.

11/20/11 3:46 pm will b that much easier for kids to pay some idiot outside the store to buy weed for them if they legalize it. and sometimes kids can't find weed, but its not that hard to find if its at your local smoke shop. legalizing weed makes it readily available...more availability = more use

11/20/11 12:39 pm

Allusion to hippies? Lol.