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Is racism a significant reason that President Obama is not more broadly supported? (UserQ)

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10/27/11 6:30 am

the only reason he was elected was because people were afraid of being called racist. if he were white, would you still vote for him?

10/26/11 1:39 pm

I wouldn't know since my town is about
93 percent white. But I'd say no

10/25/11 3:05 pm

Racism is very much still alive today. Has anyone else looked at the "filters" on this poll? It might give you a better better illustrate how Democrats vs. Republicans feel. How you interpret that information is up to you though

palindrome California
10/24/11 2:24 pm

But I'll concede, racism very likely affected alot of voters' decision. But likewise, racism also plays a big role in the hatred and distrust towards a man that by many of your own statements, "hasn't done anything".

palindrome California
10/24/11 1:52 pm

Did he deliver...? Meh. Mixed reviews from me. I like a lot of his programs. The bailout probably saved the economy. Though I hate the fact that those banks had their hooks so deep in us. I like how he restructured student loan payments. I like a lot about him. Mixed reviews though

palindrome California
10/24/11 1:50 pm

Based on racism. People, like me, wanted a different course than the one GW had us on. We wanted to shake things up. Obama promised that. Remember? Hope and Change? THAT'S why he got elected. Not bc of racial bias. People of all races OVERWHELMINGLY voted for him

palindrome California
10/24/11 1:47 pm

Lastly, he was a promising minority candidate. One which inspired people to get out and vote in hopes of marching towards a different direction. He not ONLY inspired blacks, but also inspired Latinos, LGBT and other minorities to get behind him. This is a defense to the argument of him being ELECTED

palindrome California
10/24/11 1:45 pm

And no, that's not what I'm saying. That's what you understood for who knows what reason. I said the majority of blacks tend not to participate in pre-election polling. Or share their political opinions or who they vote for.

palindrome California
10/24/11 1:42 pm

Rosebud- yes. I do realize that! But I understand that to be what every elephant-blooded jerk is assuming happened. Not racism based on prejudice and hatred, but a racism of "let's vote for the black guy bc we feel guilty"- hence, "reverse racism.Like affirmative action. Savvy?Do you understand now?

10/24/11 12:19 am

And how does believing racism had something to do with him being elected have ANYTHING to do with Mexicans, gays, ext being in government?
When one race votes exponentially more than normally, the race the candidate is, that's not racism? If it was ALL races.. it wouldn't be. But it was only one...

10/24/11 12:17 am

Tup- you do realize "reverse racism" is a word that still means racist?!?
Also. Are you saying blacks vote ignorantly, as they don't listen to the radio and whatnot?
And if it's not race related, why didn't all the blacks who voted for Obama simply write a name in all other elections?

DarrellJay Georgia
10/23/11 10:21 pm

There is only one race, the human race! If your referring to ethnic backgrounds, the word is nationality.

DarrellJay Georgia
10/23/11 10:20 pm

Obama was voted in not because of his policies and plans, but because of ethnicity! Blacks wanted a BLACK president and whites wanted to prove they weren't racist. Racism however is STILL ALIVE AND WELL!! Don't believe me? Take a trip to Georgia, some of the most racist whites AND blacks ever!

palindrome California
10/23/11 5:32 pm

Get used to black voices in politics, get used to Mexican representatives shaping your policy. Get used to gay and lesbian mayors, senators and speakers. Get used to it! Minorities aren't flinching by your bigotry, intimidation and misinformation. Accept America for what it is. Let's work together

palindrome California
10/23/11 5:28 pm

too smug because the polls say this and that but the fact remains: that same huge landslide that carried him before don't vote in polls, they don't dial in to radio shows, they don't say who they're voting for. But rest assured, we'll be there and you'll be in for a pleasant surprise ;)

palindrome California
10/23/11 5:27 pm

lasts for too long. That discarded, ignored segment of the population saw Obama as the change and representative we've been waiting for. Many of us decided to support him in hopes of changing America to support our views. He STILL has a HELL OF A LOT of support from us. And I think that repubs are

palindrome California
10/23/11 5:24 pm

tend to ABSTAIN from voting for "X" reason, usually stemming from a DEEP, and rightly deserved, mistrust of politicians and the gov. In your racist hearts an minds you discarded that segment of the voting population bc you thought all your grand-pappys had finished the job long ago. But see no evil

palindrome California
10/23/11 5:21 pm

Ok, all you stupid ass hicks who say "racism is the reason he got elected": 1st- the term you illiterates so desperately need to use is "reverse-racism"... Stupid-asses. Furthermore, you're wrong. What you're describing was actually a racial/political phenomenon. You see, statistically, black voters

rons Thanks America
10/23/11 8:01 am

No! democrats just can't handle the truth so they vote yes.

KingJostle Georgia
10/23/11 2:48 am

First off, Obama is not black or a descendant of slaves in the US. Herman Cain is both and Mr. Cain has the leadership skills to improve America's team morale and make us an exceptional country again.

10/23/11 12:19 am

@ is completely right
Herman Cain 2012!!!!

OhBigAL North Carolina
10/22/11 7:58 am

...I only hope that all who contribute to this discussion (whether you voted yea or nay) to not allow racial bias to impact your support or disagreement of the direction that we take as a nation.

OhBigAL North Carolina
10/22/11 7:58 am

In the U.S., racism is always a part of the formula. But America overwhelmingly chose him because of a desire for new ideas and to escape from unpopular practices. Iowa
10/22/11 7:53 am

This is why obama is loosing supporters

He's retarted

10/22/11 3:37 am

It's not because of racism. That argument went down the drain when he was elected by a landslide.
It's because he's the worst President the USA has ever had the misfortune of having. His policies are sh*t, and he has no idea how America is supposed to work. See the Constitution for details.

10/22/11 12:53 am

Racism is why he got into office not why people dont like him

10/21/11 9:26 pm

this question should be "is racism the reason president Obama IS more supported?" 98% of African-Americans voted for Obama this past election.... so sad

10/21/11 11:48 am

this is just a stupid question as Obama would not have won unless a majority of white voters voted for him.

Think Lovin Life
10/21/11 7:05 am

Bo ... what ar you smoking? Mr O uses race as a crutch, and he and his minions are not above playing to white guilt to get what they want. That's racism, straight up!

10/20/11 11:31 pm

The election of Obama by the American people is a huge step. However, many in this country truly hate him because he is Black and is our President. Racism although archaic is still alive.

10/20/11 1:57 pm

I'm white. I voted for him. I'm impressed that HE seems to ABOVE this racial stuff, but I still think racism is probably a factor in his low popularity ratings - I hope I'm wrong.

Think Lovin Life
10/20/11 10:01 am

Mr O is a whiner, not a leader. He brings shame to the racists who elected him.

10/20/11 12:04 am

democrats are delusional! he's in office because of racism

10/19/11 11:41 pm

JamJay: a midget might be pushing it.

10/19/11 9:57 pm

Does O-BAM-a have a smear Romney czar yet?

broncomark often, not what I seem
10/19/11 9:43 pm

wow, cali be smokin something. I know what a communist is, apparently you dont. as evidenced by personal attack, which also shows lack of original thought on the left coast. a mind IS a terrible thing to be wasted.

mcdkm Houston
10/19/11 9:08 pm

If you voted for Obama to prove you aren't racist then vote giant him to prove you aren't stupid.

10/19/11 8:44 pm

What an assholish and racist poll question. Shows just how pathetic progressive idiots don't think..just castigate & provaricate.

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
10/19/11 7:42 pm

Race is not a factor.
I would vote for a gay, black, Mormon, crippled midget if SHE could help this country.
Seriously. Who cares?
We do not need the black guy - we need the qualified person.

geronimo Florida
10/19/11 4:53 pm

If you disagree with Obama, you are a racist. Don't let me hear you racist left wingers disagreeing with Herman Cain. The smart African-Americans are realizing that it is time to leave the white Democrat Party Plantation and think for themselves.

BadBadger Georgia
10/19/11 4:06 pm

Hey, let's appoint Tony Czar of Polling! (why do I think he might say, "Hell no!"?

10/19/11 4:02 pm

Actually they ate appointed positions that need congressional confirmation like federal judges, the attorney general and so on. I want to know who the idiot was that decided to use the title of czar anyway? Did they not attend and foreign history class?

10/19/11 3:42 pm

Bad- yes. And I'm not 100% on this, but I believe they're not elected positions. It's just another way for the party in power to get more power even if it goes against the people...

BadBadger Georgia
10/19/11 3:13 pm

Synonyms for Czar per autocrat, despot, leader, ruler. 3 outta 4 sound a bit anti-American, don't you think?