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Show Of Hands July 19th, 2012 12:00am

Do you trust that government economic forecasts are free of politically motivated biases?

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GrowUp Minnesota
07/25/12 11:43 am

BlockHippie ... except when it leaks out that the supposed non-partisan economist in the Congressional Budget Office who published the report, and who's not supposed to have ANY political affiliation actually gave $26,000 to MrO's reelection campaign. Dang those pesky facts.

MrO must go!

Apex swimming in the sky
07/24/12 10:19 am

N. O with capital letters. I wouldnt even know what an unbiased forecast would sound like.

07/22/12 3:31 pm

Funny how everyone here basically said no.. Yet they didn't vote for Ron Paul.. They voted for corrupt Romney and Obama.. Smh..

NYevo NY
07/22/12 5:08 am

The GAO is far less politically motivated then a research think tank of a political party or ideology. That said, they're only human with their own beliefs and biasses and errors. They're not fiscally beholden to either party or leader, so that is a very good thing. They're a good source for info

All4RPaul Texas
07/20/12 7:15 pm

nope. not for a second. unless it were Ron Paul.

pietsch Another Adoring Fan
07/20/12 8:02 am

It's a money-, power-grab! It's a really clever game.

chrismisen atlanta
07/20/12 6:55 am

this made me lol. and come on dems, just because it's your prez in there doesn't mean he's gonna tell the truth!

O13 Alabama
07/20/12 5:58 am

Unless that economic forecaster is a computer, there will always be bias. Even then, it's only as unbiased as the data put into it.

one80 California
07/20/12 1:22 am

Kogane- that's not what the results show and that's not what the question asked.
Right now the results show 92% of respondents do NOT trust that government economic forecasts are free of politically motivated biases.
Use the exact question asked when reading and interpreting results.

07/20/12 12:39 am

It's funny how more than 90% of us don't even trust our own government.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
07/19/12 9:34 pm

They have a comprehensive set of simulation and ai tools to wage effective economic war or detect and resist it. However people are people who want their way...

07/19/12 8:04 pm

Nuwriter- Agreed! Austrian is the way to go.

07/19/12 7:51 pm

And economics is not really a science, in that the scientific method is sketchy at best in economics. Control groups are difficult to work out, and there are always other factors at work. Economics is the study of human action.

However, to claim that economists are unbiased is utter nonsense.

07/19/12 7:45 pm

@blockhippie It's a science, but a corrupted one. If you think that everything an "economist" says is fact, then I have a bridge I'd love to sell you.

07/19/12 7:41 pm

Government economists tend to skew Keynesian, and Keynesians are terrible at forecasting. They always claim that the business cycle is fixed, and are surprised by every downturn thay comes down the pike. Austrian (the school not the country) economic forecasts are far more reliable.

melbart Texas
07/19/12 7:39 pm

time4tea is absolutely right. And I too am shocked that anyone said yes...

hippiechick North Carolina
07/19/12 7:38 pm

I think this is the only political question we can all agree on.

teaparty Cleveland
07/19/12 7:18 pm

I wouldn't trust the government with anything.

07/19/12 6:48 pm

Except if Obama say so...

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
07/19/12 5:35 pm

Nothing the government does is free from bias or dishonesty. Politicians rely on obfuscation to fill their bank accounts.

nFavOfSecess Texas
07/19/12 4:51 pm

Anything that begins with, "Do you trust the government..." automatically warrants a, "NO" response from me. Without ANY further need to read.
And constitutes an additional "NO" just for gp.

07/19/12 4:43 pm

Statistics are the easiest thing to manipulate.

blockfisher Clinton, CT
07/19/12 4:36 pm

Economics is a science. Not a liberal art.

blockfisher Clinton, CT
07/19/12 4:21 pm

Economic forecasts are produced by......wait for it......economists. Politicians put their spin on it but economic facts are just that.....unbiased facts.

deosil WA
07/19/12 2:03 pm

I can't believe there are people who actually voted yes:/

trav Instagram, travisdover
07/19/12 12:46 pm

What does government mean here? The Fed? I'd trust the Federal Reserve's forecast to be unbiased, but that's not technically government.

07/19/12 12:34 pm

Any report written by humans is biased.

07/19/12 11:52 am

It doesn't benefit them to sway economic forecasts. Then they look more idiotic than they already are.

07/19/12 11:50 am

The supreme court is bias. How can I trust a report.

Look at how the affordable care act they double count medicaide savings to make it look like afa saves money when it really adding at least 50billion per year to our deficit and (100trillion of) unfunded health program liabilities.

07/19/12 10:46 am

We all agree there is bias in government reports.
Follow up question: Do you feel Obama and Romney are equally biased or is one more than the other?

07/19/12 10:31 am

I don't trust most things government related.

07/19/12 10:10 am

Both parties agree finally. I'm glad that most people aren't so blind as to say yes.

scottstots Georgia
07/19/12 10:02 am

Nothing that comes out of any govt. agency is unbiased

07/19/12 9:45 am

Economics is a complex topic, and the forecasters are almost always wrong. I think the Farmer's Almanac has a better record of predicting weather. Nonetheless, we can glean useful data for economic planning when examining historic trends...then let policy makers muddle it up!

cato Santa Barbara, California
07/19/12 9:30 am

Economics is not a science, it is opinion. Economists are all politically motivated and, therefore, worthless.

07/19/12 9:25 am

I mean, good grief. The real unemployment rate is something like 16%+...these clowns show 8% because they get to just "forget" about those who gave up looking for work. If it's from DC it's politically motivated...this is across party lines. They're all liars and criminals.

07/19/12 9:23 am

Even the METHOD with which they collect an prices data is politically motivated. They're all a bunch of crooked snakes.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
07/19/12 9:17 am

Many of the reports seem valid, as far as they go, but the scope and focus often seems restricted by politics. The timing of the release, or delayed release, also seems political. In general, there is no single source I'd trust to be unbiased. I'd rather have the data and draw my own conclusions.

dflem Arizona
07/19/12 9:10 am

It's amazing when a question of trusting the govnt or congress no one does. So can we start voting these people out yet?

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
07/19/12 8:54 am

LOL what a question. Isn't it obvious?