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Show Of Hands April 29th, 2012 12:00am

Which do you think is more valuable: the lives of 20 giant Redwoods or the life of one human?

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glyiker America
05/16/12 6:40 am

Who said tree? If 1 life is worth 20 trees then whats a whole forest.

05/16/12 1:11 am

Who are the idiots who think a damn tree is worth the life of a human? Whoever you are you have set the bar for stupid. Congratulations.

05/15/12 8:24 pm

Not all people are perfect, and some are monsters, but no life should be traded for a few trees.

05/13/12 2:19 pm

As long as u replant the trees you'll be one but a human life is more important then redwoods even though we can always plant tress

05/09/12 10:51 pm

There is a lot of people who deserve to die and I would def choose one of them over 20 trees

05/09/12 2:26 pm

Def depends on the human. I'd rather have a cactus around instead of some humans

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/08/12 6:51 am

@itkbeat, I wish I could send you to a planet with no trees and see how well you breathe JUST so you can see how ignorant that comment was. Their only trees hah...yeah right!

McDonovan New York
05/08/12 5:50 am

Depends on the human... Some are extremely expendable

05/07/12 8:16 pm

@GHOSTSCOUT r u kidding me? Humans are aware and have a purpose, redwoods r frikin trees, which don't do much.

05/06/12 9:11 pm

If you look at the bigger picture, the redwoods are the obvious choice. They contribute way more to this planet than the average human.

05/06/12 8:00 pm

Sure, in the long run the trees will be more important, but in this lifetime the human is more important.

05/06/12 2:04 pm

@ntvtxn62 71% of dems chose human, I suppose you are referring to the 29% who chose redwoods. Still, 71% is much more than 29%.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/06/12 10:17 am

Plenty of conservative environmental conservationist FRIENDS*

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/05/12 6:04 pm

Democrats? Why is everything about political association? I have PLENTY of conservative environment conservationists. Yeah, hippie conservatives. Chill, man.

05/05/12 5:29 pm

Democrats really are boneheads!

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/05/12 4:41 pm

@clarnrtbud, ...please don't tell me you actually believe that. Trees breath, except what they breathe out is what we need to live!

05/05/12 4:38 pm

what if that human was the human who was supposed to do amazing good? and trees havent done cool stuff cuz they just sit in the ground all the time

05/05/12 4:20 pm

what is happening here is that some of these tree voters just like believing that they value trees more than humans, but actually do not. a sort of self deception. those that actually do value the trees are a weird bunch, at least one has agreed that the life being sacrificed will be his own.

05/05/12 4:19 pm

anyone that says 20 trees are more valuable than a life, and then claims that he will not sacrifice a life to save 20 trees is lying somewhere. it is a simple concept, people spend resources in a way that is most valuable to them.

themiz Illinois
05/04/12 8:40 pm

I hate people. At least plants don't talk back to you

05/04/12 1:08 pm

@syd yeah i see what ya mean you just cant waterboard terrorists

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/04/12 6:43 am

@psycho, it's by the amazon? It will be once we move on past the redwoods. History has shown us that when we deplete a source we dont look for cleaner/more beneficial sources, we just move on to the next forest until theyre all gone!

05/04/12 2:58 am

@psych. No no I get you, what I said is not in the question. You are right but I was building on it just to make the point about what the deciding number is. It's impossible to put an actual price on living things. Just conserve folks ; )

05/03/12 8:45 pm

@syd take it easy its not the amazon rain forest

05/03/12 6:52 pm

At some point we have to set a limit. Obviously a person is more important than one tree, or a few. But are 20 peoples lives more important than an entire rainforest? No way.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/03/12 6:45 pm

Good luck planting 20 redwoods! Really, you'll need it!

05/03/12 6:28 pm

if I kill one of you who voted for the trees, and plant 20 redwoods after, its ok right?

05/03/12 1:30 pm

@weave your right the small percentage of libs for trees will trample over the bigger percentage's rights because they are blind and selfish

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/03/12 11:52 am

Exactly, we owe our prosperity to these trees.

05/03/12 7:50 am

Without the lives of hundreds of millions different types of trees, plants, and animals, human life would not be able to exist. Wtf don't people get about that? All those LIVING things were here before humans for a REASON: because without them, human life is impossible. WAKE UP.

rl721 Pennsylvania
05/03/12 6:00 am

I think its sad that anyone here would say that even 1000 trees is more important than a single human life. Most of the justification I'm seeing from people who did is a utilitarian argument which is a terrible philosophy in almost all cases. I feel sorry for these people and their ignorance

Shellyleft Vermont
05/02/12 8:07 pm

Balance is everything, too many humans, too few trees means less humans in the future. We should try to remember we are not the only living things on this planet.

meeeee Massachusetts
05/02/12 6:50 pm

These poll results disgust me beyond belief.

meeeee Massachusetts
05/02/12 6:48 pm

Whoever values a few trees over a human life disgusts me. Yes, trees are important, but human lives are far more important. Imagine If the person closest to you died. How would you feel then!?!? It would feel like that, to someone.

sidd3 Arizona
05/02/12 11:41 am

all life is sacred, and the giant redwoods are actually one tree system with shared roots, and its dying. That organism has more value than a single human life because of what it provides in history, resource, and enlightenment. Humans are arrogant to think they're more important than anything else.

DrBrisha Missouri
05/01/12 9:43 pm

@superknown.....haven't you seen that awful movie The Happening? you should be cautious at what you say about trees! :)

Weave77 Indianapolis
05/01/12 8:12 pm

To the 21% who value large plants over human life, know that I consider you beyond pathetic.

05/01/12 7:59 pm

I'm going to cut down some trees tomorrow for fun and urinate on the trunks

JamesMadison La Palma
05/01/12 7:43 pm

If i were a tree, i probably wouldve voted differently

05/01/12 6:29 pm

The question doesn't say killing - just what has more value. 20 redwoods in my opinion provide more value, in long term environmental benefits such as climate control. One human life isn't much compared to the billions of us on the planet...unless that one human is George Clooney;)

RandFan Headed to IPhone rehab
05/01/12 5:22 pm

WOW!!! 23% of respondents have their priorities SERIOUSLY out of whack! Granted, it does depend on the human. I'd save a pine tree branch over a child rapist.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/01/12 4:17 pm

@josh310, your arguments are extremely biased. Not everything in life can be drawn down to the American political party system..