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Show Of Hands August 27th, 2011 12:00am

Are you for or against covert overseas military operations to secretly "take out" enemies of the U.S.?

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09/09/11 10:24 am

No one should have a license to kill. We need better Politicians who don't have to resort to Murder when they fail at their jobs!

09/05/11 1:15 am

Only if they are known murderers and their own government won't try and punish them for their crimes; for example, bin Laden.

Rousseau Illinois
09/04/11 11:09 pm

moose, are you suggesting bush had some kind of aversion to drone strikes? I'm wondering where you got that info from, sounds like it's an off the cuff remark to me.

09/02/11 7:11 pm

@RightWingM We knew he was in Abbottabad since 2007, but we didn't have enough intel to conduct an operation to take him out

09/02/11 11:08 am

only if they are really bad guys who will stop at nothing to kill us. Not just for Geo Political Military strategy advancement.

09/02/11 5:57 am

Bin Laden was a total wag the tail. Obamas' approval level was sinking faster than the Titanic and only 18 months until re-election. Do you think that with all of our sophisticated technology and intel that we really had no clue where Bin Laden was? He was more valuable as the symbol of terrorism.

08/31/11 4:19 pm

Doing a covert op during war, however us the answer. Less overall deaths and much more innocents/soldiers

08/31/11 4:18 pm

I'm against it. If you wage war, then it's war, not straight up murder. And also- what about death without trial? I thought we were civilized here...

08/31/11 12:57 am

Not saying it's bad or good just totally different approaches. also surprised that Obama has become such a hawk in these matters.

08/31/11 12:55 am

sending a drone in and blowing up the bad guy and many times his wife and kids and whoever else is there. it's been a surprise to many of us.

08/31/11 12:54 am

I'm just saying there are two different approaches by Bush and Obama, Under bush we seemed to use black ops to go in get the bad guy, take him to an undisclosed location and gather intel. Obama seems ok with

08/31/11 12:40 am

It may depend on the value of the target. Low value targets in high risk areas may just get an AGM through the roof of their house. Higher value should typically be kept alive if possible for intelligence purposes, but as we saw with Osama, not everyone is spared. Interesting stuff, I think..

08/30/11 10:04 pm

The only people against are damn liberals.....Conservative Republicans FTW

jesusrepor Illinois
08/30/11 5:31 pm

What about if it's an American citizen?(Obama claims he can, when brought to court on the issue, the AT claimed states secretes and that te courts can't rule on this or see evidence.

08/30/11 2:47 pm

Or using drones that kill everyone including more bad guys and their women and children? just curious.......

08/30/11 2:47 pm

Or using drones that kill everyone including more bad guys and their women and children? just curious.......

08/30/11 2:46 pm

which is worse......a black op that requires our guys to capture the bad guy, not kill everyone in the location , take them to a secret location where they are questioned, maybe water boarded and then sent to GITMO.

08/29/11 9:57 pm

@Skeptisys, truuue that. I feel bad for humanity if this is the way we choose to act towards our fellow man.

08/29/11 9:37 pm

Seriously? Over 80% believe our govt can invoke the death penalty without trial? Such blood lust.

08/29/11 12:57 am

One thing I give Obama credit for is listening to his military and intelligence advisors when it comes to the war effort. When he started he had his own plans, then he quickly discovered that the generals actually know what the fuck they're talking about.

veritas1 Panda
08/29/11 12:07 am

Who would have thought a black guy would be so good at killing people?

Osama, almost killed zawahiri, and now this. Amazing.

08/28/11 11:01 pm

It might be a viable option if our intel was always good, which it's not. A good # of detainees in Gitmo were turned in by people that had grudges against them, VS that they were credible threats to our interests. Would that fact change had we handled them w/ bullets? Doubtful.

08/28/11 11:01 pm

One thing Obama does well is murder terrorists. Ironically this is the thing nobody expected him to be good at haha

LicensedNe North Carolina
08/28/11 9:53 pm

The point of war is Resolve a conflict. We have our ways...

08/28/11 11:15 am

YES! Assassinating enemies is freakin' awesome! I don't know about you, but I'm happy Osama Bin Laden is dead. We just gotta make sure we kill the right people though...

08/28/11 10:43 am

Shhhhhh....they can't be mad about something they don't know hehehe

08/28/11 4:42 am

Who dares show insolence and disobedience to mighty US of A?

08/28/11 4:33 am

I think covert ops in a sovereign country is a bad idea as it creates bad blood.

08/28/11 1:32 am

If you brag about a covert operation, it is not very covert anymore. So... If you are going to do it... Do it and shut up about it. Just don't be surprised if our enemy finds out we orchestrated it and considers it an act of war.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
08/28/11 1:22 am

I too was torn on this. I don't think the other government was unaware he was there. And I bet they knew we were coming.

08/27/11 11:01 pm

Would have been a better word.

08/27/11 11:00 pm

Guys guys calm down. Useful may have been the wrong word. All I'm saying is Qadafi has been mostly irrelevant since Reagan put a bomb in his backyard in the 80's. We let Mubarak get overthrown and we don't know by who. Probably al Qaida. And now Qadafi probably by al Qaida. I guess controllable

08/27/11 10:34 pm

@Perot4Prez touché. Haha

08/27/11 10:29 pm

@ICarlo: That is the beauty of the plan. The endless creation of enemies means we would never have a reason to downsize the military and the Military Industrial Complex remains as profitable as ever.

08/27/11 9:15 pm

So any enemy of America needs to be taken down. I mean the ones that pose a threat to more than jus the USA, maybe. But to take out every enemy will eventually create even more enemies for us in the future.

08/27/11 8:26 pm

You have to have a perfect people for a perfect society. It can't and won't work.

08/27/11 3:02 pm

Get rid of the bad weeds before they ruin the whole yard.

08/27/11 2:06 pm

I didn't feel that way at all-the bastard deserved it and more.

veritas… Texas
08/27/11 1:15 pm

YES!!!! Al Queda #2 is dead!! It was obviously a mission like this. And guess where he was......PAKISTAN!!!

08/27/11 1:11 pm

@Putnam I can't tell if that's sarcasm. If not I do agree with that.

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
08/27/11 12:37 pm

Any other ex-military feel the same?

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
08/27/11 12:36 pm

Smells more like murder than military. When I was in the Army (MPI), if I was given a detect order to shoot a political leader of a country we were not at war with, I would gave been obligated to refuse as it would not be considered a lawful order. Like I said, a bit conflicted on this one.

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
08/27/11 12:33 pm

I don't know how I feel about this. On one hand, limits resource expenditure: both soldiers and dollars. Problem I have is it just doesn't feel right. Going to war is an engagement against a country or countries or some semblance there of. This is targeting an individual for execution.

veritas… Texas
08/27/11 11:59 am

@indep You have no idea what you talking about. How is Gaddafi useful to us? He isn't.

veritas… Texas
08/27/11 11:57 am

@indep. Are you crazy? Gaddafi is a "useful leader?!?!?!?!?!?" Are "useful leaders" dictators? Do "useful leaders oppress their people? Do "useful" leaders kill thousands of their people? Do they massacre their prisoners? Do they bury the innocent civilians they murdered in mass graves?

08/27/11 11:54 am

They need to add a gray area to each of these questions.

08/27/11 3:38 am

kind of like our own revolution where our civilians turned into the militia. as far as cost you say potato I say potatoe it's just a matter of semantic we will never agree on..

08/27/11 3:33 am

veritas; I was just saying in Libya the civilians were the ones that turned into the rebels either way that is the group we were supporting. cont.