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Show Of Hands January 18th, 2013 12:00am

After decades of denial, Lance Armstrong has now admitted to using performance enhancing drugs throughout his career. He has also raised hundreds of millions of dollars for cancer research and support. Good guy or bad guy?

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01/25/13 12:44 pm

i personally think hes a good guy, because no matter what he did everyone deserves a second chance. just because he sins differently than we all do doesn't mean hes such an evil person. what if that was his destiny to be number one and raise all that money... so what move on! you cant keep dwelling

01/25/13 2:21 am

He did a lot of good through the livestrong foundation but research the story people and you will see that he not only cheated but ruined lives of people who stood in his way and used his name and influence to defamate those who testified to courts that they witnessed his use of PED's

01/25/13 1:01 am

He sued people for slander when the came forward about him doping. Cheating is one thing but suing friends and teammates when he knew he was lying, that is low.

01/23/13 7:56 pm

He's a good guy who made a huge mistake. Everyone makes mistakes, but overall he's a good guy. He knows it's wrong and is sorry. Plus, he's done so many good things for people. I believe he's a good guy

caligrl21 Huntington Beach
01/23/13 11:41 am

I think he did some good things for the cancer research and I find it more important than winning races

FearToFall what is this for
01/23/13 3:25 am

He seems like a jerk, and he did some bad things, but that doesn't outweigh the good he's done.

01/22/13 9:20 pm

Good guy who had a bad habit.

cowboy Dog Father
01/21/13 7:34 pm

They all were doping. Its only because he's an American and he embarrassed the French for seven years.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
01/21/13 1:20 pm

No. It only enhances the probability. :)

joker10980 New York
01/21/13 1:16 pm

he should of apologised at press comfirence not Copra.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
01/21/13 12:38 pm

His revoked wins weren't awarded to anyone else. Why? Because everyone else was doing the same thing. If everyone is doing the same thing, is it still cheating? Maybe now, but back then it wasn't. I think he should still have the titles.

01/21/13 10:02 am

I say good guy, because people make mistakes sometimes. I think people need to focus on the good he's done.

susanr Colorado
01/21/13 7:40 am

And in the process he also crushed others. And I'm not referring to biking competitors.

01/20/13 8:58 pm

He's a good guy! I mean come on! We all wanna be successful at something we're passionate about, and he found a loop hole and in the process helped other, go LANCE! Plus he gained the courage to come clean.

01/20/13 8:56 pm

Trust me, ud never be qualified enough to be one anyways.

tenletters New York
01/20/13 8:20 pm

I think he's a good guy who vracked under the pressure

IceWoman New York
01/20/13 6:49 pm

Anyone else sick n tired of hearing about this on every news station when there is much more serious stuff they could report?? Give the guy a break already!! Its not like he raped or killed someone!!!

01/20/13 5:44 pm

I am glad he raised money, but he could not do it based on his own abilities to generate the attention that brought in this money. At minimum he is a liar and a fraud on many levels.

01/20/13 3:42 pm

I wouldn't want to be friends with him.

01/20/13 2:28 pm

It is despicable that he cheated his way into winning, but honestly I am much more invested in eradicating cancer than I am in any athletic competition.

susanr Colorado
01/20/13 2:02 pm

But how many of the others bullied & defamed other people -including *friends* - who told the truth about them, and actually sued some of them?

01/20/13 1:55 pm

He is no worse than all the other athletes who haven't gotten caught!! The pressure on them is horrendous and before you judge what would you do? As always, you pay the piper !

01/20/13 5:18 am

Bad is good is the logic Machiavelli used in "The Prince"

indygirl Oregon
01/20/13 12:40 am

I dislike cheaters, bullies, and those who purposely destroy their "friends", but people who tear up as a manipulation technique disgust me.

thinker2 nc
01/20/13 12:32 am

Until he got caught, he made millions of $ too. He used the cancer campaign to his own advantage to gain more exposure and more $. No pity for liars and cheaters.

01/19/13 11:40 pm

I strongly disagree with the question. Should be lanced use drugs. G or b. lance used ill-gotten gains to help fight cancer. G or b.

01/19/13 8:51 pm

Good due to all the cancer stuff. Now I dislike him, but to be fair, everyone else in his sport was doping too.

01/19/13 8:06 pm

You must not know about the people he sued to cover up his lives. He won.

slimpiks Midwest
01/19/13 7:27 pm

Your logic astounds me...bad is good.

01/19/13 4:45 pm

He may have cheated to get famous but, he used his fame for good. I feel bad for the people that lost to a cheater but think of all the cancer victims that he has helped. In my books he is a good guy.

paidert1 Columbus, Ohio
01/19/13 4:44 pm

I don't think he's a bad guy for putting junk in his body. I think he's a bad guy because he ruined his assistants life for telling what turns out to be the truth. Plus most people who know him think he's an ass.

01/19/13 4:06 pm

Oh and he has one ball, that was the joke

01/19/13 4:05 pm

You just slaughtered my joke :(

01/19/13 3:54 pm

PEDs are risky and illegal because they can CAUSE cancer. Armstrong is a cheater for one, but a coward more so than anything else. He should have come clean when he got the cancer and his doctor-enabler should lose his license just like Octomom's doctor, the doctor to Michael Jackson & other celebs.

01/19/13 3:44 pm

He did not admit to it in court and may face perjury charges. Armstrong only confessed to Oprah because he had already been called on the carpet for failure to man up. Being cornered is not my idea of someone with guts, glory or "balls".

01/19/13 3:40 pm

It depends if one's good deeds are motivated as a cover for what is a really bad apple (like child molesters who become priests), if it is motivated by guilt (to convince yourself that you are not a bad person, "normal") vs. if good deeds are truly from a sense of care and compassion (altruism).

01/19/13 3:27 pm

Armstrong also divorced the woman who stood by him through his cancer. Once you cheat in one area, where does it stop? She probably knew his lie/secret - that his cancer was a risk of his steroid use - even as he was still intent on gaining support and sympathy as a cancer victim.

01/19/13 3:18 pm

Were I a competitor, I would not want to have trained so hard only to lose to a cheater. As Armstrong, I would not want to live with the knowledge that not only did those drugs heavily contribute to my cancer but I would not have won without them. If he has a conscience, he must feel like a jerk.

susanr Colorado
01/19/13 2:47 pm

But have you bullied, defamed, or sued journalists or any of your friends because they called you out about things you did wrong? That's the deciding factor, for me.

susanr Colorado
01/19/13 2:42 pm

Thanks, Zman... I think a lot of people actually aren't aware that anything happened beyond the lie about the doping, & the cancer awareness foundation.

zman117 Ohio
01/19/13 2:24 pm

I apologize. I am just so disappointed in the situation. But that does not justify taking my anger out on other people.

01/19/13 2:23 pm

Regardless, while he was helping some lives, he was still accusing, cursing, and hurting others. This is like cheating on your spouse, but treating him/her well. You still cheated.

slimpiks Midwest
01/19/13 2:15 pm

Great comparison...absolutely no way to justify what he's done or what the Nazisdid!

argyrosfenix Wisconsin
01/19/13 12:42 pm

What I find surprising is that so many are okay with what he did just because he helped medical research so much.
End justifies the means...

The Nazis advanced medical knowledge greatly with all their experiments and dissections of Jewish prisoners during WWII.
End justifies the means???

01/19/13 12:06 pm

He's a normal person who lies and cheats without remorse but also has strong conviction for things that he cares about. I've cheated on a million tests in school, but I do volunteer work all the time. All good people can do bad things because we all have different virtues, vices, and justifications.

01/19/13 12:06 pm

So many people in sports have cheated but what bothers me about him is the fact that he ruined other people's lives. He sued so many people, got so many people to lie for him just I protect his name which is so wrong! You wanna cheat go ahead but don't bring anyone else into it.

mborba00 Mass.
01/19/13 12:05 pm

He is a bad guy that did some good things. But at his core he is not a food guy.

01/19/13 11:27 am

At least he had the ball to admit he used drugs *hehe*