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03/22/15 5:56 pm

kerry wins (only independents and democrats vote counts for dem primary)

NDAmerican Florida
03/22/15 11:50 am


musiman28 Cotton country
03/22/15 11:28 am

The one that's not Kerry. Got no clue who he is, but I know Kerry.

musiman28 Cotton country
03/22/15 12:21 pm

Thanks. I read your comment with the name, but I didn't know by the pic when I voted.

skinner Jersey City
03/22/15 11:13 am

John Kerry has many advantages, but he doesn't strike me as a man who can inspire confidence. It would be interesting to see Kerry run again, but I'll side with Webb who has shown an interest in bipartisanship.

03/22/15 10:56 am

Im doing the republican primary polls tomorrow and then tuesday the final 2

03/22/15 12:29 pm

correction: i am doing the democrat final 4 tonight. Republican primary tomorrow and democrat final 2 tomorrow. and then republican final 4 tomorrow night. Republican final 2 on tuesday morning and Republican nominee vs Democrat Nominee tues. night