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Pirate March 22nd, 2015 3:06pm

The Idaho House voted for a non-binding measure which calls for impeaching any federal judge who votes in favor of same sex marriage. If you were a member of that house would you vote for or against this measure?

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Diogenes FreeMeBe
03/22/15 12:28 pm

It's non-binding and won't become law. It's a display by the religious reps.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
03/22/15 10:14 am

I would say that it was more than slightly unconstitutional.

Rainey 633 Stag Trail Road
03/22/15 10:05 am

I'm really at a loss for words. This is just ridiculous.

Kay41 the Midwest
03/22/15 9:02 am

That just seems ridiculous.

03/22/15 8:41 am

We don't like how the judge rules so we are going to impeach him. What is the judge there to do then. Do these people even think.

alynn Somewhere wonderful
03/22/15 8:55 am

Agreed. Regardless of how I feel on a particular issue, we should not be able to impeach somebody simply because of the way they voted.

smarttexan More Moderate Than U
03/22/15 8:14 am

What a poor use of tax payer resources. It's just bigotry, nothing more. No action could come from it.

Christian1459 Cookin Trouble
03/22/15 8:14 am

In favor of Same sex marriage it says, correct?

Penn555 Maine
03/22/15 8:20 am

So you think any judge that disagrees with you should be impeached?

Christian1459 Cookin Trouble
03/22/15 8:25 am

Well I don't know about that. If they weren't impeached, how do you feel they would resolve the issue?

smarttexan More Moderate Than U
03/22/15 9:29 am

It's non binding which means it won't become law. It's just a chance for bigots to say I am a bigot, nothing more. Why would you support that?