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Pirate March 22nd, 2015 1:08pm

Would Jesus approve of locking nonviolent offenders into cages in the harsh American prisons?

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whitewhite VB
03/23/15 10:42 am

He would probably want them to burn in hell for all eternity for not believing in him...

ronderman North Carolina
03/23/15 3:21 am

Jesus would be in favor of the prisons. He would also be seen going into the prisons and ministering to the men and women confined there.

swervin Maryland
03/22/15 3:24 pm

I think "harsh" is not an acceptable word here. Our prisons are some of the most relaxed in the world. The prisons in Japan give the people a disgusting fish dish and make them do hard labor.

Pirate Uses the Tap
03/23/15 5:40 am

I should start sending you articles about prison life.

Pirate Uses the Tap
03/23/15 5:47 am

What's my limit? How many can you read?

Ru12bseen Ignoring the Ignorant
03/22/15 2:48 pm

He wouldn't have an opinion, in all likelihood.

chinito Florida
03/22/15 8:39 am

Of course he would and he would also approve carrying concealed weapons. JC was republican.

Axl752 NY
03/22/15 8:59 am

JC would be a flaming liberal if he were alive today

chinito Florida
03/22/15 9:29 am

It was a joke but it would actually be a tough call. He would be pro life, anti gay marriage, pro Israel, anti legalizing drugs...

But he was jewish, and pro welfare.

Axl752 NY
03/22/15 9:37 am

He wouldn't be pro-israel wanting to destroy the Palestinians, he would be for peace between the two.

chinito Florida
03/22/15 10:39 am

God promised that land to the Hebrews, so he wouldn't want to share it. Also, republicans and JC would never negotiate with terrorists or do anything that would guarantee that there will be more attacks.

chinito Florida
03/22/15 10:41 am

And most republicans support a Palestinian state if it would have a legitimate long lasting peace.

ronderman North Carolina
03/23/15 3:18 am

If Christ was walking among us, you would both be wrong. You wouldn't know how he viewed politics. His purpose isn't political. The people tried to crown him king several times and he refused.

The liberals would claim him and the conservatives. . .

ronderman North Carolina
03/23/15 3:19 am

. . .would claim him, but he wouldn't join either party.

Ebola1 Florida
03/22/15 7:43 am

Give to Caesar what is Caesar 's.

BusinessJustin Tamriel
03/22/15 7:33 am

I have no idea what Jesus would have said on any number of specific issues we face today that weren't as prevalent in his time. I don't see a problem with it, a crime was committed. We don't have the resources to do anything else.

03/23/15 4:49 pm

How about not spend 10s of thousands of dollars per year on putting people that didn't hurt anyone else in jail.

Pirate Uses the Tap
03/22/15 6:23 am

He would not as any Christian should not...or anyone should not. Cruelty beyond belief.

Ebola1 Florida
03/22/15 7:45 am

For the most part Jesus concerned himself with the laws of God; not the laws of Man.