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Christian1459 March 22nd, 2015 4:35am

Can you differentiate when you are confident and when you are being cocky? Sometimes we do not realize what we think is confidence, looks like cockiness to others.

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WildRice With a side of sass
03/22/15 6:12 am

I can def tell. There are different body cues and language in cocky vs confident

Ru12bseen Ignoring the Ignorant
03/22/15 1:25 pm

There's a whole different internal attitude, too. Cocky is to believe that you can't be bested. Confidence is the knowledge that it's rare but certainly could happen.

03/22/15 5:36 am

I'm think I can tell the difference. I'm rarely cocky. I think I'm more the opposite.

ronderman North Carolina
03/22/15 5:23 am

I've never been good at this.

Christian1459 Cookin Trouble
03/22/15 7:26 am

See, I have this problem sometimes. When trying to boost my confidence, may be confident enough to look like I'm cocky. I course if you say "I'm the best", etc, you'd be cocky. But I'm talking about the transitioning from being confident to

SunsetLeopard Still writing my story
03/22/15 3:23 am

I think one reason I have low self-confidence is because anytime I start feeling confident I feel like I'm being cocky

Christian1459 Cookin Trouble
03/22/15 7:27 am

Yeah, see same here. Shows we do value how we look and acts in presence of others. But do we do it for them, or ourselves? Or even both?

aclincoln memphis
03/22/15 12:32 am

I've struggled with self esteem issues for so long that at this point I do not care if ppl think I'm too confident. + most of the time I'm 100% joking when I act all arrogant and if people take me seriously I don't wanna fuck with them anyways

Christian1459 Cookin Trouble
03/22/15 7:28 am

Yeah. I have a few friends like that. I take there jokes too literal. But I look at tone, and sometimes sarcasm is tough to identify. You can be very blunt with it, or not at all.