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Shazam March 22nd, 2015 12:15am

A federal court has ordered the DoD to release photos taken at US POW camps during the Iraq war. The Pentagon says they will endanger US soldiers. Do you think they're truly worried about soldiers, or the international scandal these photos may cause?

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cowboy Dawns Highway
03/23/15 10:04 am

The Pentagon doesn't give a fuck about soldiers.

03/23/15 9:15 am

In the interest of full disclosure, they need to show photos & videos of beheadings of innocents & American soldiers, & the conditions found in terrorist prison camps. Oops! They don't have any! They kill our people in the most gruesome fashion!

03/22/15 8:37 pm

Terrorists would be after da folks. It not scandalous

lcamino Florida and Georgia
03/22/15 5:09 pm

What would be the purpose? To promote propaganda ? We are talking about extremist who have no mercy against their enemies. They could say it is an excuse for their behavior, but they don't need an excuse. The only ones hurt would be our soldiers.

sgkitty new york
03/22/15 3:32 pm

I think they are worried about both.

NickD528 For The People
03/22/15 10:35 am

Why do we care how we treat PoWs? In case you haven't noticed, other countries do not give a single crap about the wellbeing of PoWs, including American PoWs. Why should we? Maybe if we did the same thing, people would take America seriously for once

03/22/15 1:36 pm

"Why do we care about how we treat pow's?" Maybe the Geneva Convention or US Constitution.

NickD528 For The People
03/23/15 7:25 pm

Hmmm... true.... to an extent. Sometimes things that go beyond law can be justified. Other countries are probably abusing our people, and we treat theirs like little, brittle flowers. Maybe if we toughened up, the world will take us more seriously...

03/22/15 9:55 am

They should "lose" them, like Lois Learner or Hillary's emails.

lip massholevania
03/22/15 7:41 am

Who cares they have no rights. They are terrorist scum that deserve what ever we choose to do with them.

cmeszko99 New York
03/22/15 7:19 am

I'm a liberal, I don't think anything should be realeased. I don't think that torture report should have been released. I think this endangers US soldiers and the military in general. What they do might be questionable but they are protecting us.

rons Thanks America
03/22/15 7:13 am

Scew the DoD. Maybe they could get to those Emails from the IRS and Hillary.

03/22/15 1:33 pm

And also the "as many as 22 million" deleted by GWB admin.

rons Thanks America
03/22/15 2:45 pm

Deflection as usual. Two wrongs don't make it right. Never did get the Bush did it thing. Own up to stuff would be the right thing to do.

03/22/15 7:53 pm

Not deflection - just use noting the incessant hypocrisy from Repubs.

rons Thanks America
03/23/15 5:56 am

It's the standard "Don't look here, look over there" ploy. Each wrong is examined on it's own merits is the way I see it.

03/23/15 6:51 am

Please show us where you ever posted a criticism of the GWB email scandal and I will believe your "each wrong is examined - - ". Otherwise, you're simply a blathering hypocrite.

rons Thanks America
03/23/15 8:49 am

I don't have to post anything about Bush. no point. I was against his war and he forgot about domestic problems. 2 crappy presidents in a row don't equal one good one.

03/23/15 9:28 am

Still looking for a post that criticized GWB for anything. Otherwise your still a hypocrite.

rons Thanks America
03/23/15 10:46 am

Ok, GWB is very crowded during rush hour and Gov Christie was exonerated. "W" was a Yale/Harvard Fighter pilot dummy.

03/23/15 12:05 pm

I suspect Christie & Giuliani were raised by the same or similar "Family".

Zod Above Pugetropolis
03/21/15 6:32 pm

I don't see how pictures of our people behaving appropriately would endanger anyone, and if any of our people were over any lines, the world, and especially the American public deserves to know. Bottom line, they are unlikely to make new enemies.

kspells TheOtherOtherside
03/21/15 6:19 pm

Why would anyone be concerned about a scandal? Is there even one person worried about what "other" countries opinions of the U.S.A. are? Why start now? We could never overcome the level of hatred we have already set. It's Soldier safety.

03/21/15 5:28 pm

I believe they are far more worried about the scandal it will cause than protecting the soldiers.

kspells TheOtherOtherside
03/21/15 6:20 pm

Why? What scandal would make any difference? And to who?

03/21/15 6:41 pm

If those soldiers are not treating prisoners with the utmost respect and dignity, it would definitely cause a scandal. I'm guessing, given where they are and who they're dealing with, there may be some questions about that.

kspells TheOtherOtherside
03/21/15 9:02 pm

News flash they are not treating anyone respectfully. No scandal. Everyone already knows that and could care less. Besides the court asked the Pentagon. How funny is that?

03/22/15 5:25 am

Knowing and seeing are two very different things. People knew what was happening in Guantánamo Bay. Seeing it was a scandal.

03/22/15 5:25 am

Also, I do not believe that everyone does know what's going on over there. The details are usually told by the people that were there to people that they trust. They are not headline news.

kspells TheOtherOtherside
03/22/15 3:40 pm

Headlines and scandals just like Guantanamo Bay do not change anything? Because,even if people are shocked, these things still happen and there is nothing that people can do to change that.There is no fear of a scandal that the Pentagon worries about

03/22/15 3:50 pm

Should I guess from this that you believe they are trying to protect the soldiers involved?

I believe Congress does fear scandal because it was quite some time before the information on Guantanamo was made public.

03/22/15 3:52 pm

There seems to be a feeling in this country that we should obey the international rules of war even when others don't. When we break those rules and it is made public, it does cause a scandal. I also believe Congress does worry about it.

03/22/15 3:57 pm

Also, the question didn't ask whether making this public would change anything. and what I should've said is the Pentagon may not care but Congress does.

kspells TheOtherOtherside
03/22/15 4:08 pm

They will not release pictures or other information because it would put our soldiers safety at a greater risk. Protecting our soldiers in even the slightest bit is all that matters to the Pentagon.They care least about what a court or congress wants

kspells TheOtherOtherside
03/22/15 4:09 pm

And the thing to remember is the Pentagon doesn't care what anyone wants or thinks.

03/22/15 4:19 pm

My mistake, I assumed they would comply with the court order.

kspells TheOtherOtherside
03/22/15 4:27 pm

No, I think they laughed. But they don't have to comply.

kermie gaytopia
03/21/15 5:27 pm

Since when has the DOD cared about soldiers?


Maynard Londor
03/21/15 5:46 pm

Ha literally my first thought.

listgarten SF Bay Area
03/21/15 6:05 pm

Kermie, you know HTML?

kermie gaytopia
03/21/15 8:08 pm

I grew up in the era when everyone used HTML in internet chat rooms. Haha wow I'm old.

listgarten SF Bay Area
03/21/15 8:33 pm


^ nice body

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
03/22/15 6:24 am

Exactly my thought. The serviceman is a pawn that is only trotted out for photo opps to curry favor or advance an agenda. As evidenced by the death of the latest veterans assistance bill. Says the veteran.

Rotavele Alabama
03/21/15 5:22 pm

If they're treating the people like people, why would it cause retaliation?

I think they'd respect the soldiers more who treat the prisoners well.