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sdbrev210 March 21st, 2015 10:03pm

Just had a great time Fly Fishing with my daughter (Daddy-Daughter weekend) in Southeast OK. Parents, do you do special trips with your kids? Children, do your parents do special trips with you?

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rons Thanks America
03/22/15 8:22 am

I took my son and my two grandson up the the Beverkill and The upper Delaware river fly fishing last year. A great day for all.

tdyakker lost
03/22/15 7:43 am

Glad you n daughter had a good time. I fondly remember a week long trip wth my dad to the Sierras to go trout fishing and a trip to the boundary waters in Minn. two of my best memories. In boundary waters At 8 I caught a 4' pike n won a contest with

tdyakker lost
03/22/15 7:47 am

That fish. Had pic in newspaper and got all kinds of cool stuff. Best part was I was using one of those cheesy kid fishing poles n almost broke it on that fish. I'm sure your daughter will always remember that trip wth her dad. Glad you both had fun.

drself Gated Community
03/22/15 6:39 am

My son and I go to a Reds away game, once a year.

03/22/15 6:09 am

My dad loves to fish and took me once when I was about 7 or 8 years old. I didn't like the fishing so much but I loved spending time with him and eating sandwiches by the water. He would also take me to the book store and buy me books (I'm a bookworm

shiculka transvaccinated
03/22/15 5:14 am

We used to go skiing twice a year when we were kids.

gallae Michigan
03/21/15 9:49 pm

How fun! I always love hearing fathers who make things like that a part of their children's lives.

Rosebud Ohio
03/21/15 8:56 pm

Not yet, no. They're too young (girls are 3&1). Hope to later on though.

NotHomeYet formerly fgw0369
03/21/15 6:59 pm

I took vacations, with my dad, but not so with mom (divorced). My husband does them with our girls. I should set them up as well. But I always forget because I homeschool them all day so I'm already with them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

dudley northern Virginia woods
03/21/15 3:13 pm

When my kids were little we took 4 cross country camping trips from Los Angeles to Ohio and Michigan. We still discuss amusing memories.

imanag My heaven on Earth
03/21/15 3:07 pm

Yes, my oldest son and I just wrapped up a "date". He's so funny, I love him!

SunsetLeopard Still writing my story
03/21/15 3:07 pm

I plan to take our son on lots of trips yes...but as a kid we never went ANYwhere...literally. I've still never been to Disney, Busch gardens, never flown, never rode a roller coaster, never been further than VA and that was to visit family 😳