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Show Of Hands January 18th, 2013 12:00am

We've posted a new Obama job approval poll every month since launching. Have you ever changed your own answer to that poll?

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DSTCLE Cleveland, OH.
01/24/13 9:01 pm

That's funny because this was the first time I did. Then I saw this question. This whole gun issue is a total cluster. Using these shootings in an effort to change gun laws? I'm shaking my head.

Think Lovin Life
01/23/13 10:59 am

APH ... so blame Mr Bush because he didn't repeal the terribly destructive housing laws forced thru by Mr Clinton?

We couldn't affix the blame to Mr Clinton, right? Is that because Democrats simply can't take responsibilities for the damage they do to the country? Pathetic!

01/22/13 4:42 pm

I think you're 4 incontrovertible facts are certainly values that we espouse, just that to truly live up to their meaning, we need to dig a little deeper.

01/22/13 4:40 pm

They felt it more prudent to hold 33 votes to repeal the ACA.

01/22/13 4:39 pm

On the BLS stats, I don't contend that the disparity is completely accounted for by retirees, just that it is a slight offset to consider. The presidents job council made proposals that were articulated in the presidents jobs bill, which has been refused a vote by the house. What point is there?

01/22/13 4:36 pm

4. Yes it does. You're absolutely right. Not much more for you on that one, the question becomes what to cut. Disagreement on this is why I believe nothing had been done.

01/22/13 4:34 pm

Remain with the states. The 14th says that a state shall make no laws without providing equal protection of those laws. There's something you should be mad about, as a conservative believer in the constitution.

01/22/13 4:31 pm

...constitution is working. I don't know that you were trying to imply that it wasn't, so if you weren't, I apologize. I'll tell you what hasn't been constitutional, the banning of same sex marriage. In any state. The constitution does say that powers not reserved by the federal govt shall remain w/

01/22/13 4:28 pm

Everyone agree? Does everyone have to? Another, take an assault weapons ban? The president didn't sign an EO, he proposed the legislature act. Even though a previous assault weapons ban was subjected to the same scrutiny and ruled constitutionally consistent by a conservative bench. The...

01/22/13 4:25 pm

...elected senators and representatives passed the legislation. It's constitutionality was challenged, so it was reviewed and reaffirmed by the Supreme Court, a conservative Supreme Court nonetheless. This is an example of the constitution in action, working to prevent overstep from the govt... Does

01/22/13 4:22 pm

...limit govt, absolutely. Where hasn't this been the case? I can think of 2 examples where conservatives believed the govt overstepped. The constitution laid out certain unalienable rights and a 3 tier system of govt to prevent overstepping. Take the ACA,
The pres proposed legislation, the duly...

01/22/13 4:19 pm

...point of having the best healthcare in the world if its not available to all? If you're born a black male in almost any inner city in the US, you're more likely to end up in prison than graduating from a 4 year college. Highest standard of living? For some. 3. The constitution is meant to limit..

01/22/13 4:15 pm

2. Highest standard of living? Certainly that applies to most of us. 1 in 5 children in this country are born to poverty. You're chances of living to age 5, as evidenced in a recent study, are less than that of our industrialized counterparts. Our life span is also slipping. What is the point of ...

01/22/13 4:11 pm

...unadulterated capitalism is dangerous and has almost brought us to the brink of destruction. Capitalism is the way to go, yes but certainly needs to be tempered with common sense regulation and measures that reaffirm another of our values, human compassion.

01/22/13 4:08 pm

1. Capitalism has created the wealthiest nation on earth. 10% own 90% of the assets and the disparity between rich and poor just continues to grow. This isn't an argument for redistribution but for the existence of safety nets. Fraud and waste need to be attacked, not the programs themselves...

01/22/13 1:25 pm

And he ran his reelection campaign on just that, successfully I might add. Not exactly deceitful if its the central theme in his campaign.

01/22/13 9:47 am

It just occurred to me that Obama kept a campaign promise. He said by the end of his first term he would cut the deficit by half. We all thought he would cut spending but he in essence kept the promise by raising taxes by $600B.

Promise kept through deceitful double talk. He cannot be trusted.

01/22/13 5:24 am

Conservatives like me see these as irrefutable facts. We do not understand why the liberals do not/will not see it and insist on changing to models like Spain and Greece that clearly do not work.

01/22/13 5:19 am

Conservatives want a few facts recognized. 1. Capitalism has produced the richest nation in the history of the world. 2. Capitalism has produced a nation with the highest standard of living anywhere. 3. The Constitution is intended to limit Gov. 4. Spending has to be reduced.

01/22/13 5:15 am

Very familiar with Labor department stats. 3% is easily dismissed as more kids than retirees however kids are weighted by % that are looking for work . Participation rate plus unemployment recipients tells a different story. Prez's jobs council has not even met in over a year.

01/22/13 5:04 am

No politician wants to be the one to take something away so when the best intentions can no longer be supported no one takes them away and the country borrows money to keep the fallacy going for their term in office.

01/22/13 5:01 am

That is the big problem with the liberal entitlements. They are given with the best of intentions. Intentions often shared by conservatives but things happen beyond our expectations.

There were warnings about subprime lending but the banks did not have to worry about it because FMs had to buy.

01/21/13 11:38 pm

Here's the BLS participation rate figures I was working off of.

01/21/13 11:32 pm

Cuts. Real spending cuts. The only question is what to cut and that's a huge point of contention.

01/21/13 11:31 pm

On the debt ceiling, I read his statement in 06. You're absolutely right, he is quite hypocritical on the topic. He explains his reasoning on the subject, but it's no excuse. I believe he is correct in his current opinion, messing with the debt limit is dangerous. I would really like to see spending

01/21/13 11:23 pm

Which is a pretty big deal when you consider the baby boomers are hitting that age. Do I think that explains away the whole drop? No. Does it mitigate the 2.2% somewhat? Absolutely.

01/21/13 11:21 pm

Labor force participation rate dropped from 65.8 to 63.6 between Dec 08 and Dec 12. Down? Absolutely. Crazy drop, no. Also, the percentage is a simple calculation of two factors. Are you 16 or over and are you working? There is no accounting for ppl who dropped out of the work force for retirement,

01/21/13 11:10 pm

I concede that Under the Clinton administration the subprime loan market saw its birth. Just saying Bush having his eye off the ball and blaming frank is really no excuse, it could've been fixed before 5 yrs into his presidency.

01/21/13 11:06 pm

Debt limit- I hadn't heard that before,
I'll have to look that up, but if it is as you say and not taken out of a broader context, then that is absolutely hypocritical and doesn't deserve defending. Never said he was perfect, but that people's hatred for him leads to premature conclusions.

01/21/13 11:01 pm

contributed to higher gas prices and therefore is responsible for the amount of tax collection on gas increasing is kind of silly. It's eerily reminiscent of an argument that was out 2 or 3 years ago,
That Obama promised to lower taxes, which he did (avg of 3600/fam4) cig tx went up, so broken prom

01/21/13 10:57 pm

There were people out there, I'm sure blaming President Bush for gas prices. I was not one of those people. Any previous president or economist worth their salt has said the president has very little to do with gas price. Higher demand and worldwide speculation set prices. To say that The president

01/21/13 10:54 pm

1- An increased payroll tax wasn't pushed through by anyone. President Obama put in place a temporary 2% reduction that expired.

01/21/13 3:47 pm

APH514- people dropped out of the workforce in Bush's era but evidence shows that they did not drop out in nearly the numbers as of today.

Workforce participation is at lowest levels since before women entered the workforce in WW2.

01/21/13 3:40 pm

For those interested in Fact. Clinton did not create Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. These were established as part of the New Deal under Roosevelt in 1938.

Clinton reduced the requirements for home buyers (down payment, credit scores, etc.) required for FMs to buy the loan.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
01/21/13 12:40 pm

No, because aside from Bin Laden, and the Somali pirates sniping, he hasn't done jack shit that's commendable.

01/21/13 11:41 am

(cont.) is no easy task and I hold a level of respect for anyone who has that job. I can only imagine the stress and the work that it requires.

01/21/13 11:40 am

I admit that the manner in which I worded that could have easily been misconstrued. I simply said "running the country" for lack of a better phrasing. I am quite aware of the limits of executive power and how the different branches of government work as one. What I meant is that to be president..

01/21/13 11:28 am

Financial support for auto companies was first done by Bush to allow time for company's to restructure. His idea not O's. All O did was throw billions more in before they filed bankruptcy (Like Romney suggested). Added billions to what Bush and Romney could have done for less.

01/21/13 11:25 am

Country is far worse off.

Dr.Reid needs to do a lot of homework. Osama was found by Bush era lead of courier name. All O did was order a raid because not ordering it could have cost him the election. No guts or leadership involved.

01/21/13 11:21 am

As such he gas given many a short term security blanket that create generational poverty for decades to come.

01/21/13 11:20 am

Obama jobs council has not met in over one year. Jobs are just not a priority for him and won't be now that he extended unemployment ANOTHER 99 weeks.

Being unemployed that long is a Scarlet letter. No hiring manager will hire anyone that could/would not find work in that time frame.

01/21/13 11:16 am

Born2teach- shows house bills pending Senate vote and vice versa. The GOP controlled house has made proposals that Dem senate will not take up.

GOP worked with O to stop fiscal cliff. Now O refuses to talk about spending or debt. Who is the roadblock here? Not the GOP.

01/21/13 11:07 am

Aph514. I read the Reich article you provided. The headline is what you stated; however the article states very clearly that increased payroll taxes are a bad idea. One pushed through by O.

The article is an opinion that aid recipients need more money. No mention of it as sound policy.

01/21/13 10:46 am

Nagging question 2: While running for pres Senator O was against the deficit and called raising the debt limit "unpatriotic".

Now, he is pres, he claims we do not have a spending problem and offers to raise the debt limit himself if congress won't. WHAT CHANGED other than his need to buy support?

01/21/13 10:42 am

Perhaps an O supporter could address a couple of nagging questions:

First, Gas went up to $1.84/Gallon because George was an evil oil Barron in bed with oil companies. Gas goes to $3.30 under O and it's not his fault. It's the market. BTW, higher prices drive higher taxes!

01/21/13 10:24 am

Are taxes really higher than ever? I'd really like some proof on that, historically they're very low. The ACA doesn't raise taxes, it requires individuals or employers to pay for their own healthcare, instead of passing the buck for un/underinsured along to the rest of us in higher premiums.

01/21/13 10:19 am

Yeah, those idiots can you "here" it already?

01/21/13 9:29 am

Very well put Adaala. Thank you.
To the point of blaming Clinton. The conservatives in this forum love America enough to point out the problem is not fixed. They also have the class not to blame Clinton every time they get near a microphone.

Real shame O can neither fix the problem or have class