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habseatsbabies1 March 21st, 2015 9:06pm

Should transgendered people receive free hormones?

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EarlyBird Portland
03/22/15 3:54 pm

Nothing is free. If you mean should the tax payers pay for it, my answer is no.

lcrowhurst1 Stevensville, MD
03/21/15 10:45 pm

I said no but I think insurance should cover it and it should probably be considered a "necessity" for tax purposes (like how female hygiene products should be tax-exempt).

GlockMan1 Alabama
03/21/15 4:02 pm

Only is people with gun addictions get FREE AMMO.

habseatsbabies1 Georgia
03/24/15 10:14 am

I mean health care should pay for the hormones