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Was your family poor when you were a child?

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babycakes21 Massachusetts
03/26/15 4:25 pm

I was poor but not in bad condition we sill had something especially food

03/25/15 7:04 am

I grew up in a poor town in Siberia. No money. Government always giving ridiculous quotas to meet that simply were not feasible.

03/23/15 5:46 pm

Single mom, minimum wage, 3 kids. Than she remarried and became an executive, it's an interesting perspective to grow up on both sides of the economic street.

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
03/23/15 9:10 am

Yup. Single mom w/ out Government Cheese. Lot's of Hard Work!
We had nothing extra but enough.
My family stressed education and good decisions. What a Concept.

dxstap Bloomington, Indiana
03/23/15 5:05 am

We didn't have much.
If we were poor we didn't know it.

desolatia Oregon
03/22/15 10:55 pm

Indeed. No hot running water. I remember eating squirrel. You'll eat what you can find if the alternative is starvation. It was awful, but I believe I'm stronger as an adult because of it.

ballerinagrl99 Washington State
03/22/15 9:58 pm

I still consider myself a child... and yes, struggling middle class!

ladyniner81 I need chocolate
03/22/15 8:50 pm

Middle Class. Both my parents were children of the Depression and they saved their pennies. But once they got divorced, my mom lived beyond her means. When she died she was in debt, but anyways, I got my sister's hand me downs. Clothes, bikes,

ladyniner81 I need chocolate
03/22/15 8:53 pm

shoes, purses, toys, the works. My mom was a stay at home mom until I was in high school, then she went back to nursing per diem.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
03/22/15 7:32 pm

I grew up in a relatively expensive area, and we lived comfortably, but we didn't have a ton of extra money. Westchester county is full of status symbols and my parents refused to spend money on me the way a lot of Westchester parents seem to do.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
03/22/15 7:34 pm

I remember when Uggs first started to come into style, I asked my mom if I could get a pair and the answer was a flat out no. Not even for Christmas.

03/22/15 6:01 pm

We weren't poor but we struggled every now and then like I didn't always get what I wanted for birthdays and Christmas but now that the family is more stable we give a lot to charity to help others in need

03/22/15 10:34 am

I was, and from a poor area. There were two fat kids in my grade at school. The rest of us were rail thin.

wego Utah
03/22/15 8:19 am

I didn't feel particularly poor as a kid, but I was well aware that most had far more means than we did. We had gov't food assistance (was that really cheese?) but my parents never really denied us much (and we also didn't ask for much).

03/22/15 8:01 am

Poor but stable. Dad was in the Air Force but pay was low.

evoecon nearest binary system
03/22/15 6:18 am

Bless my parents and village. I had no idea how poor we were until I applied to colleges.

papalugnut Northern Minnesota
03/22/15 6:10 am

I'm a part of the 99%, so by today's logic that means I struggle.

03/22/15 5:11 am

I feel like 'Poor' is the wrong word to use. 'Low income' would've been better.

FATSHADOW Cyborg Gorilla
03/22/15 4:06 am

Put it this way...I thought it was normal to have 11 ppl living in a single family home.

And that sandwiches were supposed to have only one slice of bread folded over.

FATSHADOW Cyborg Gorilla
03/22/15 4:10 am

But my Ma & Granfather busted their asses to make sure My Aunt, my cousins, and I (all 4years apart in age lol) went to Private School so we'd be able to pull ourselves out of this nosedive of Poverty.

kanji401 SoCal
03/22/15 12:54 am

I was the only child of a single working mom. We had a house and enough food to eat so I think we did just fine. I never felt poor but I never felt rich either.

RyanFitzgerald St.Louis
03/21/15 11:40 pm

If you have a place to lay your head and food to eat I would consider you wealthy.

tdaddy Kentucky
03/21/15 10:40 pm

No. Middle class. Definitely not rich, but since only dad had to work I guess we weren't poor. I ate far more rib eyes, lamb chops, veal, scallops, roasts, leg of lamb, etc., during my first 20 years than I have in the following 40 years.

tdaddy Kentucky
03/21/15 10:41 pm

I think only my heart and arteries appreciate how things worked out. 😃

presrvd Phoenix
03/21/15 10:36 pm

Extremely. We were heavily subsidized by the government, as as I got older, it seemed more intentional. Glad I got out of it when I did...

aclincoln memphis
03/21/15 9:14 pm

I never thought I was poor (thanks to my mom protecting me) but looking back on it yeah we would've had nothing if not for my family's support. And if she hadn't met my step dad I don't know where I'd be

aclincoln memphis
03/21/15 9:16 pm

But it's hard to say because meanwhile my dad was off marrying a rich surgeon. So since I was like seven I've lived half in luxury half out. It's really weird just totally switching worlds ever so often, I've never really known how to label myself

03/21/15 6:51 pm

There were times. Right after the divorce. My dad was poor after that but worked his butt off to make sure we didn't notice as much as possible.

03/21/15 5:58 pm

I am currently 13 and my family lives in a house worth $1,500,000 so I would say we are doing just fine

Casper Deep inthe Heart ofTexas
03/21/15 6:12 pm

If I were living in that house I'd be broke for sure.

badattitude no place like home
03/21/15 5:18 pm

My father made $150 a month in the Air Force when I was little. We lived on base and didn't have many expenses. But that's not a lot of extra money for a family with two babies.

03/21/15 4:37 pm

Strapped at times, but not poor. I never felt poor!

akrealist a log cabin in the woods
03/21/15 4:06 pm

My mother was poor at mothering and a rock star at everything else. Lets just say she thought the title of 'mom' (and literally all the 'trappings') paled in comparison to her titles and degrees.Different kind of poor, yes, but damaging nonetheless.

03/21/15 4:36 pm

It's too bad she had her priorities confused. Hopefully you had the strength of character to rise above and not repeat her mistakes.

akrealist a log cabin in the woods
03/22/15 10:07 am

Interesting comment.

I think my three kids ( ages 17, 20, 22) would be the ones to ask. While no parent is perfect, they all know I'm in their 'court' and their biggest fan.

03/22/15 10:10 am

That's wonderful!

SaintAnger sumkindamonster
03/21/15 4:03 pm

They still are. I'm not.

ronderman North Carolina
03/21/15 3:59 pm

My dad was a pastor and mom didn't work. We never felt rich or poor. We didn't have the money we do now though.

NDAmerican Florida
03/21/15 3:57 pm

Yes, very much so. Until I became a teenager.

Burrie West Virginia
03/21/15 3:46 pm

When I was just born, yes. When I was a kid, no.

jenkp223 Being a mommy
03/21/15 3:25 pm

The only way we managed to make ends meet and not go hungry was because we lived with my grandparents. What was supposed to be a temporary living situation went on for 18 years until my dad threatened to leave.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
03/21/15 3:17 pm

Yup. Welfare and school lunch program. Now I have a phd in engineering. Why? Because my parents insisted on school and honest work, and staying out of trouble.

NotHomeYet formerly fgw0369
03/21/15 3:14 pm

My first bike was $3 at a flea market with brakes that didn't always work. All my clothes were hand-me-downs from my cousin. Dad was always behind on child support. We were never on food stamps tho.

TheIndian Virgo Supercluster
03/21/15 2:38 pm

India we were lower middle class, then we came here and we're middle middle class, and now upper middle or lower upper class

davidwhite1 Building it Bigger
03/21/15 1:54 pm

We were broke, but I didn't know it.
I had a happy home with a family that loved me.
We didn't always have enough food to eat, nor did I get a new set of clothes.
But life is more than just money.

saliemster California
03/21/15 1:49 pm

When my parents were kids they both lived off food stamps, and lived in single parent homes.

Serox The Paradise
03/21/15 1:39 pm

Thankfully not.
To be honest, they were "richer" when I was a child.

03/21/15 1:23 pm

Never realized how poor until I grew up. 7 kids shared 2 bedrooms. All 9 of us shared 1 bathroom. The 7 of us also shared 3 bikes. Somehow I always felt rich.

03/21/15 2:07 pm

I felt the same about my childhood but I am certain my experiences were rich.

singkitty In the cloud
03/21/15 1:13 pm

Middle class. We always had enough to eat and a home.

03/21/15 12:23 pm

Lower middle class but not poor.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
03/21/15 12:19 pm

No. Middle of the middle class, although as children of the Depression, my parents, especially my dad, act as though no matter how much you have, it can never be enough, and we are always less than a heartbeat away from being destitute.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
03/21/15 3:19 pm

He's more right than people who mortgage their houses underwater like a bank machine.

akrealist a log cabin in the woods
03/22/15 10:16 am

Maybe so, NoB, and although I'm sure it was a result of scarring of the Depression for Zod's dad, it's hard to be a growing kid in that kind of intense pessimism.

03/21/15 12:02 pm

We were poor but I think that helped me when putting things in perspective.

03/21/15 11:59 am

Hmm... It didn't feel like we were. Althrough there were times when we had to live with my grandparents in their three bedroom townhouse and were later joined with my aunt, her husband, and their three kids. Those were fun times for us kids.

03/21/15 12:03 pm

We always had what we needed... I don't ever us being on welfare. The adults worked and us kids went to a catholic school. We went on vacations in the summer and had a blast. Those are some of my best memories.
Nah, we couldn't have been poor.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
03/21/15 11:45 am

Lower middle class. Got most all of our clothes secondhand. But my dad was a mechanic at Boeing.

susanr Colorado
03/21/15 11:41 am

No. I'd say we were comfortably middle class. My dad came from a poor family with 6 siblings, but managed to get himself through college during the depression & landed decent jobs, which kept us from ever being poor.

03/21/15 11:35 am

In comparison with our community we weren't poor. Mom and Dad went out to dinner twice a year, our weekly meals included McDonald's, pizza, & Chinese food. We all had jobs as kids, played sports, and got a new pair of jeans and sneakers once a year

think4yourself Not a safe space
03/21/15 11:35 am

I was poor before it was popular.

JennaF sunflower state of mind
03/21/15 4:04 pm

What are you talking about?