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SalingerTwain3 March 21st, 2015 4:06pm

Question 2 of 2. Now read my previous poll and add this "Combined with the fact that many people can't afford college this situation makes accumulating debt an inevitable and unavoidable trap that one must fall or in order to get ahead in life."

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03/23/15 5:24 am

Then get the government out if college and college student loans. All they have done is cause huge annual increases in college cost since they "guarantee" the student loans. Costs in higher Ed have risen faster than healthcare. (Both ruined by gov)

03/21/15 2:36 pm

I disagree with both statements. Many jobs require very specific technical skills that do not require a college degree. Secondly, you can work your way through college.

03/21/15 12:09 pm

You 100% do not need to go into debt to get a degree. If you cannot get grants or scholarships, you can choose a less expansive state school or community college and work your way through.

jlong105 Indiana
03/21/15 9:52 am

There are plenty of ways to get a college degree without accumulating debt.