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Would you support a law requiring all parents to vaccinate their children?

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03/21/12 3:12 pm

If it's a deadly disease or something really contagious, I don't see why people don't want their children to be vaccinated..

KnockOut69 South Carolina
03/20/12 8:51 pm

Only if they plan on their kid going to school with mine.

03/20/12 6:52 pm

you wouldn't believe the medical problem that arise in the next generation following the non vaccinated one.

kandykane California
03/20/12 6:11 am

Or at least make it mandatory for the extremely contagious diseases.

kandykane California
03/20/12 6:10 am

Probably after a certain age, as I know that some parents are skeptical about vaccinations on infants. But vaccinations are really one of the greatest inventions and there's no real proof that it causes a lot of damage, so I say go for it!

RandFan Headed to IPhone rehab
03/19/12 6:08 pm

WOW! 57% of you are idiots. Yeah, I guess it's all a scam. Vaccination only eradicated Smallpox, cured polio, and reduces disease in general. But I guess it's a bad idea.


nia18 New Jersey
03/18/12 7:27 am

@RonPaulGal exactly! we have to trust our government most of the time but please! Look at WWII

nia18 New Jersey
03/18/12 7:26 am

but I did have the swine flu spray thing, a lot of people in my area had it so it was mandatory

nia18 New Jersey
03/18/12 7:24 am

last year my mom got her first flu shot. She is 51 and never had the flu. I'm 12 and never had a flu shot in my life

03/17/12 6:52 pm

you can take your children into a futureless place by accident but I won't wish that on anyone. my son is never going to have the oppurtunity to defend what he is to this government but don't have the right to make other people force something on a child that could steal their communicative future.

03/17/12 6:49 pm

did you just say that I am selfish for getting my child immunized and finding out the worst way that one in three children developed autism due to the functions of these things. fuck you. have you changed the diapers of a child who can't communicate at age five.

03/17/12 3:34 pm

There is NO PROVEN LINK between autism and vaccines! Find a real scientific paper that proves it... It doesn't exist! If you don't vaccinate your child you put everyone else's kids and the elderly at risk. Stop being so selfish. No kid should die of measles or diphtheria!

03/17/12 2:48 pm

my son developed autism shortly after mandatory shots they can keep the damn cure all and stick it.

03/17/12 11:15 am

NO! think what if your children died from a sickness that a shot could have prevented

03/16/12 10:24 pm

Why is it that the people with usernames favoring a presidential candidate generally post ridiculous comments? Way to endorse...

03/16/12 3:48 pm

It's called rights, Liberals.

philmchawk Gaia Agia
03/16/12 8:15 am

That being said, I would support such a mandate, because no child deserves to be unwell or dead, because their parents were too close-minded to get them vaccinated. EVER.

philmchawk Gaia Agia
03/16/12 8:13 am

The gov. probably did know about swine flu, but you know what? If they'd warned us about a possibly fatal flu strand, USA would have been, at very least, in a major state of panic. Instead, as soon as they could, they shipped vaccines out to us! Oh, heavens forbid our gov. helps us!! Conspiracyfags.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
03/16/12 5:22 am

Absolutely not! While my daughter is up to date on her shots, and I generally support the idea, the government has no right to mandate that I consume a product.

03/16/12 12:17 am

Why would you trust the government that something is good for you? Since when was it ever a good idea to TRUST the GOVERNMENT? LOL.
I don't get vaccines anymore and I'm healthy.

03/15/12 9:06 pm

Survival of the fittist!I didn't want to pay for their college anyway.

03/15/12 5:22 pm

N that's unconstitutional we have free will!

03/15/12 3:45 pm

A step toward communism if you ask me...

bekkers123 Pennsylvania
03/15/12 1:42 pm

Mamama... They don't cure cancer, they're actually an inoculation. Check your facts before you call me out. The vaccine helps your body recognise cancer cells and build antibodies which then kill the cancers.

mamama Florida
03/15/12 10:03 am

Most school districts also allow for a religious waiver from any and all vaccines. So no, all of the children in your district are not vaccinated with little say in the matter.

norge04 New Jersey
03/15/12 9:11 am

This should specify if it would be all vaccinations or just certain ones. Certain-critical-ones = yes. All = no.

maireclare Texas
03/15/12 8:32 am

Most school districts require vaccination of children before they are allowed to attend school. So while we do not have a law strictly about the requirement of vaccinations, we do have mandatory attendance policies. Therefore most children are already being vaccinated with little say in the matter.

mamama Florida
03/15/12 8:27 am

Beckers... You cannot vaccinate a person who already has a disease, vaccines are for prevention. So cancer "vaccines" would have no effect on current cancer patients. Those would be cures, not inoculations.

bekkers123 Pennsylvania
03/15/12 8:08 am

Cowboy, are you opposed to the cancer vaccines too? Cuz they help cancer patients.

mamama Florida
03/15/12 7:56 am

Beckers: parents rarely sign consent forms and willingly allow their children to be injected with lead paint or butane. The point is that some of the additives, not the vaccines themselves, are rather scary and frankly toxic.

bekkers123 Pennsylvania
03/15/12 7:26 am

Lol cuz places besides homes are usually safer. I forgot, silly me. Kids never get hurt at the zoo or school or a friends house or the mall or home depot ( where my brother almost cracked his head open an I've dislocated a shoulder, might I add)....

03/15/12 6:39 am

LOL @ cowboy. Love the last response.

cowboy Dawns Highway
03/15/12 5:34 am

Well maybe you should find a safer place for your lead paint and lighter fluid then.

bekkers123 Pennsylvania
03/15/12 3:42 am

@cowboy I never claimed they were in vaccines, I only implied that they're easier for children to have access to.

cowboy Dawns Highway
03/14/12 9:02 pm

@bekkers I'm not aware of any vaccines with lead paint or lighter fluid in them.

03/14/12 8:05 pm

No. I don't care. It's really the parent's decision, but I would have my children vaccinated...

03/14/12 7:56 pm

The chicken pox vaccine is another no go for me

03/14/12 7:56 pm

I go by my gut feeling when it comes to vaccines. My kids get the biggies, hep, dtap, mmr, polio, stuff like that. The flu shot scares the HELL out of me. Especially the swine flu, they had enough of that to shoot everyone teice a week after it was discovered, that means they knew ahead of time

03/14/12 5:47 pm

As a former health professional who's undergrad & masters works were in Medical Research; we need to take a MUCH closer look at the additives to vaccines as well as the origin of the active agents. BigPharma will do ANYTHING to cut costs & increase profit; safety no longer seems their main concern.

alec Georgia
03/14/12 3:58 pm

This reminds me of I am legend

swimguy Illinois
03/14/12 2:34 pm

@jsarina plenty of people have died from not taking vaccines. If we did not have vaccines we would still have smallpox around killing millions. you are playing russian roulettwith your children by not vaccinating them.

bekkers123 Pennsylvania
03/14/12 1:02 pm

Is aluminium more dangerous than lead paint? Or lighter fluid? Cuz those are even more accessible to children and we can't even control them

cowboy Dawns Highway
03/14/12 12:47 pm

@bekkers What about shooting aluminum into you or your child?

GunnyGunz Virginia
03/14/12 12:20 pm

@curiousErl, I thought it was chopped up monkey kidneys.

bekkers123 Pennsylvania
03/14/12 12:16 pm

@curious. If we worried about every ingredient in everything, we wouldn't advance. Penicillin is mold but people take those pills. People eat jello, Nd that contains animal bones. You need to have a better argument than monkey poop, which isn't present in every vaccine or harmful to humans.

03/14/12 12:01 pm

TB can be spread really easy and it never goes away once you get it And the vaccine only last for a year or two. Why endanger other people, are you trying to be a murder? Vaccinate

03/14/12 11:56 am

Jsarina i find that hard to believe

03/14/12 11:51 am

I was crippled by a vaccine. Do you want to play Russian roulette with your child?

Comet? Tennessee
03/14/12 10:23 am

Hey everybody! I am back! I read many of your comments are positive with vaccination. Please go back and re-read my early comments. Did you know the vaccination is created from the monkey poop? Oh yeah!!!!!!! Vote no to vaccination.