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Show Of Hands March 20th, 2015 12:51pm

MapArt Friday! Let's work together to draw a gradient with Kansas being solid red, and states getting gradually more blue as they get further away from Kansas.

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MapArt Ohio
03/20/15 9:21 pm

If you want more Map Art, check my page out!

MadCow True GOP
03/20/15 8:16 pm

Doesn't get any redder than Kansas.

RedHale Texas
03/20/15 2:21 pm

I'm always amazed how well people listen in these map art things, you'd think that there'd be a bunch of jerks who find it funny to not listen.

Zomb1ePoptart Golden, Colorado
03/20/15 11:57 am

South Dakota needs to get its shit together.

dinguskhan Atlanta, GA
03/20/15 12:01 pm

If I had a nickel for every time I've heard that said in the comment sections of SOH...

iJake Colorado
03/20/15 12:39 pm

^^All time best show of hands comment nominee.

pateach2 love my son
03/20/15 1:32 pm

I was literally thinking the exact same thing. Every single map art there's a comment saying a certain state needs to get their 💩 together.

lindiihop Michigan
03/20/15 11:24 am

Well, at least we tried. :/

burdman Nowhere
03/20/15 9:53 am

South Dakota only has one vote so far so it has to be completely red or blue

NateE Moderate Republican
03/20/15 8:27 am

Someone should really go check on South Dakota....

NateE Moderate Republican
03/20/15 8:28 am

Even North Dakota is on their game today

03/20/15 8:05 am

When map art Friday shows that people don't know what state they live in 😂

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
03/20/15 7:14 am

Mississippi, get it together!

professorwho Madness and Genius
03/20/15 7:10 am

Anyone else think hear "Carry On My Wayward Son" in their head when they heard Kansas?

SmileyMoM Lab Rat Vampire
03/20/15 11:15 am

And Dust In the Wind.

JustBob Your anger fascinates me
03/20/15 6:58 am

Whatcha doin Alaska? I don't know how far from Kansas you can get

03/20/15 6:50 am

So far so good for Kansans.

funlover heart of it all
03/20/15 6:01 am

I love map art Fridays!!!

shnibbydawhale Nihilist
03/20/15 5:58 am

Hey, Kansas finally matters! Woo

SmileyMoM Lab Rat Vampire
03/20/15 6:11 am

I am going to hold onto the HOPE that everyone in Kansas gets this right, but I am not going to count on it. There's always a rebel or someone who doesn't read the question.

Wino I need a drink
03/20/15 6:28 am

You mean like the person who made Alaska red. Yep. Alaska and Kansas are super close to one another.

political Georgia
03/20/15 5:57 am

There's no place like home.

political Georgia
03/20/15 5:57 am

Sorry! Whenever I hear of Kansas, I think of the Wizard of Oz.

SmileyMoM Lab Rat Vampire
03/20/15 6:13 am

And The Land of OZ is a wonderful thought.

Christian1459 Cookin Trouble
03/20/15 6:17 am

You beat me to it political!!

gonzoboy Arizona
03/20/15 6:19 am

I think of Arizona... 😋