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redsox95 March 18th, 2015 4:10pm

Do you think most people that are against Netanyahu could find Israel on a map or name it's Capital?

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Diknak Ohio
03/19/15 3:50 pm

No, but the think it's the same for the other side too.

03/19/15 6:35 am

I think the poll is warped since the question stated "people against Net - -". Is the author implying that people who are for Net - would do any better with the geography? Doubtful.

BusinessJustin Tamriel
03/19/15 5:37 am

Haha, I certainly can.

Ru12bseen Ignoring the Ignorant
03/18/15 9:42 am

Wasn't Netanyehu an Old Testament king on France? Or maybe it was Atlantis... Either way, everyone knows Israel is in Australia. That's why there's so many problems. All the Kangaroos don't want new settlements and opal mines. Duuuuuuh.

Penn555 Maine
03/18/15 11:01 am

Favorite comment ever.

Rotavele Alabama
03/18/15 9:33 am

Considering geopolitical courses are usually taken at a collegiate level with "LIBRUL COLLEGE KIDS!!!" then yes. In fact you can give me a map and I can show you most regions/provinces/states of any nation you'd like.

Rotavele Alabama
03/18/15 9:35 am

*Except Pacific Islander and Mid west African nation's.

I suck with those :P

Rotavele Alabama
03/18/15 9:35 am

P.S. And remember kids South America is where Spain is incase you forgot. Ask John McCain.

AbandonedAccnt Not here.
03/18/15 9:23 am

Probably on this app, yes, but not likely amongst the general population.

Cole12 ...
03/18/15 9:12 am

Well, I most certainly can.