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4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
03/18/15 9:14 pm

Bush the 3rd...? Enough already...

DerJlaw Minnesota
03/18/15 5:01 pm

Probably the biggest RINO in the field right now

skinner Jersey City
03/18/15 6:19 pm

Probably the only honest person in the field. Everyone else lies about their positions to get through the primary. Jeb Bush doesn't totally agree with the Republican platform and he's willing to admit that so that Republicans can make a true choice,

skinner Jersey City
03/18/15 6:20 pm

unlike other candidates who will claim to be more conservative than Ronald Reagan and then run back to center during the general election. Jeb Bush is the most principled candidate in this election because he is open about his pro-immigrant and pro-

skinner Jersey City
03/18/15 6:22 pm

education beliefs and he will not shake them for electoral purposes. For disagreeing with a couple tenants of the party he is not a RINO. Quite the contrary, Bush embodies the Republican record more than any other contender. Bush's record as Governor

skinner Jersey City
03/18/15 6:23 pm

of Florida is more conservative than anyone, even Scott Walker with his right to work laws can't compete with the shear number of conservative policies that Bush turned from words into actions in a purple state.

skinner Jersey City
03/18/15 6:29 pm

The other candidates may talk the talk, but Bush walks the walk. Bush has been abolishing affirmative action, trimming spending, cutting taxes, balancing budgets, and increasing gun rights since before oafs like Ted Cruz even dreamed of the Senate.

03/18/15 4:06 pm

Please no

FATSHADOW Cyborg Gorilla
03/18/15 3:43 pm

You should put a poll for "FATSHADOW for President"

And compare the results against the Republican Candidates.

NotHomeYet formerly fgw0369
03/18/15 2:11 pm

Can we please move away from the Bushes and Clintons?? Enough with the dynasties.

skinner Jersey City
03/18/15 3:25 am

Yes, more than any other candidate, yes.

2katz I live in Nebraska
03/18/15 1:51 am

Shifty eyes. Lots of baggage. And he supports Common Core. So no.

skinner Jersey City
03/18/15 3:31 am

I think he's quite principled. After all he's the only candidate who is standing by his beliefs. Every other candidate is lying about their beliefs to appeal to the far right. Not Bush, he's pro-immigrant and pro-reform and he's going to show it

malibog 12309
03/18/15 3:50 pm

Not even dog catcher!