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Christian1459 March 17th, 2015 10:06pm

Have you listened to Birdy, in my opinion, a fantastic singer-songwriter. If not, I do recommend it. Have you heard any of her songs?

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alynn Somewhere wonderful
03/17/15 7:37 pm

I absolutely love Skinny Love.

GreenLiberty Do you need to know
03/17/15 5:26 pm

Isn't skinny love a Bon Iver song?

Christian1459 Cookin Trouble
03/17/15 7:50 pm

Yes, you are correct. But I love her version so much more.

Christian1459 Cookin Trouble
03/17/15 8:05 pm

Alynn, how about People Help the People?

Christian1459 Cookin Trouble
03/17/15 8:13 pm

Yeah! What else songs did she sang from Fire Within album?

alynn Somewhere wonderful
03/17/15 8:15 pm

I only know a handful, mostly from wasting time on YouTube. 😕

alynn Somewhere wonderful
03/17/15 8:16 pm

I didn't even know Skinny Live until I heard it on Pandora one night I think.

Christian1459 Cookin Trouble
03/17/15 8:17 pm

Wow. Same! Well, ITunes Radio. That's where I heard it first, on Ed Sheeran's station.

alynn Somewhere wonderful
03/17/15 8:38 pm

I think mine was on the Adele or Ingrid Michaelson station, on Pandora.