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Show Of Hands August 8th, 2012 12:00am

Is it better to have an academically exceptional child (i.e. testing far above her/his grade level) skip a grade to be with academic peers, or remain with her/his age group?

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cadillac6661 Georgia
08/12/12 6:48 pm

I was a "gifted" student whose parents rejected the skip ahead option. Sadly I became extremely bored in class and eventually just did nothing. No home or class work. Nada. Lack of motivation lead me to drop out, become a drug addict/dealer & prison. Still no dummy I will attain success just later.

08/11/12 6:25 pm

I've never gotten skipping a grade. Why not just stay in your current grade and just be considered smart? I get being held back but skipping a grade just seems kind of pointless.

jstan New Jersey
08/11/12 4:32 pm

The strong succeed. Compare it to governments. Precedence paves the way for progressional shifts.

VerendusVir New Hampshire
08/11/12 12:33 pm

The point of school is to get the best education possible, if that means staying back a grade or skipping a grade, so be it.

fmm Philadelphia suburb
08/11/12 5:34 am

stay with kids there own age but placed in a school or class with others who excel academically

Aniphine Arizona
08/10/12 8:04 pm

I was homeschooled and made great progress through the grades. I graduated from 12th grade at 14 years old and signed up for college shortly after. With that said, it took some time to learn how to interact socially with other kids, but I picked it up fairly fast. I think brains should come first.

08/10/12 6:39 pm

Depends on the child. My daughter skipped 7th grade but we did not allow our son to skip A grade because he wasn't socially ready. Moving from a charter school system in AZ to the poor Il school systems was a shocker.

08/10/12 4:06 am

If the child is also socially mature, they should skip. If they're still developing social skills with their age range they should stay instead.

2katz I live in Nebraska
08/09/12 8:24 pm

I skipped 2nd grade. It would have been ok if anyone had talked to me about it before and during my 3rd grade year. The kid needs to be supported and prepared, not just told they are so smart they don't need to do what other kids have to. My new peers hated me and I always felt on the outside.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
08/09/12 4:22 pm

We kept our boys back because close to cutoff date. They are better for it. Gifted and talented, more mature, natural leaders and stronger than peers. Boys need more time than girls and need to be strong and confident.

chrismisen atlanta
08/09/12 1:40 pm

stay. i know many people who skipped grades (and i was a month away from being in a lower grade), and the maturity level of many of these skippers is way below the rest of the grade, and they pay for it. stay.

madeleine Colorado
08/09/12 12:41 pm

Having been a 'skipped' kid myself, I can tell you that the negative effects of the teasing and bullying far outweighed the positive ones. There are other ways to nurture an advanced child's intellect, such as camps, clubs, etc.

08/09/12 9:27 am

Though I do find it creepy, and not a good plan if your talking about a 12 year old going to collage.

08/09/12 9:15 am

This one I think depends on the age of the child, but most of the time I'd side with skip

08/09/12 5:43 am

I skipped a grade but luckily I grew fast so I was still as tall as everyone else

08/09/12 4:51 am

You can make new friends. Not that big of a deal.

08/09/12 3:16 am

I could have skipped a grade but I didn't and I'm glad I did because I'm already the youngest out of all my friends and childhood goes by too quickly anyways. I am glad i got to live and savor my school years for as long as I did. I want more.

08/09/12 3:14 am

You fit more in with adolescents at your own age. In HS you can take classes to fit your intelligence level. But think about being in college and not being able to vote or possibly not be able to drive. People would avoid relationships with you because of statutory rape laws... Idk

08/09/12 2:59 am

I've had a best friend that skipped third grade, and it made absolutely no difference. Even now that we're entering high school, no one cares, and she's doing excellent in school. I think it's best if they skip.

brinrawson Knoxville and DC
08/09/12 1:06 am

I started school early and am younger than everyone in my grade. I'm still one of the brightest and never have received a B. I've literally ran out of math classes to take at my school. I'm so bored with all my classes. I wish I would've skipped a grade!

moonshot More often I know nothing
08/09/12 12:54 am

Think outside of the box, people! We need to eliminate chronological grades completely! Separate the academic coursework from the social aspects of school. Academics should not be taught in a classroom anyway. Few kids learn well in a group setting.

emsies Seattle
08/09/12 12:51 am

As an academically high-achieving child, I am glad that my parents didn't let me skip a grade. Sure, I was bored for a year, but then I started taking advanced classes, got into an advanced school, and now it's at my level. I have many opportunities from my school that I would've missed otherwise.

Gelidity Pennsylvania
08/08/12 11:50 pm

Nothing is worse than a kid sitting in class all day not doing anything or paying attention because he is to smart for the material being taught. Nurture that gift of intelligence! The very last thing you want to do is waste time and high potential.

08/08/12 10:40 pm

I can just take advanced classes without skipping. Best of both worlds.

08/08/12 10:36 pm

I was in this situation. I skipped kindergarten and this change did not affect me negatively at all and I continue to excel in my current grade.(10th)

08/08/12 9:24 pm

A gifted child who is bored with the work at the grade they are in could turn off to learning or worse, become disruptive and destructive. Better to skip that child ahead.

wktortoise US Coast Guard Academy
08/08/12 8:42 pm

Stay with your age group so you will look amazing to colleges.

pretorian Florida
08/08/12 8:38 pm

I had that choice and stayed - better excel in my peer group than mediocrity and possible bullying from my older classmates.

zoisite In the Sailor Moon world
08/08/12 8:08 pm

I was so close to getting to skip, but our school administration wouldn't let me for some stupid reason. X(

dflem Arizona
08/08/12 7:33 pm

Challenge them to strive for more don't dumb they down in boring classes. Had friends that spent half the day at community college and half at high school.

08/08/12 7:24 pm

I think kids should definitely stay with kids your own age

08/08/12 7:24 pm

I think kids should definitely stay with kids your own age

08/08/12 7:18 pm

I'm gifted and i was offered to skip a grade. I choose not to. I'm glad I did so. I am taking college courses in 9th grade so i didn't need to skip a grade. Not being in classes with people my age I don't feel I would be accepted and have friends.

08/08/12 7:12 pm

Skipped 4 grades. I still have close friends within my age group.

08/08/12 6:51 pm

I skipped 1st grade, and I'm so happy I did. but I think you should stay with your peers in high school. plus my gifted teacher was amazing and challenged me almost every day.

applestar Florida
08/08/12 6:29 pm

I teach a class of gifted and talented students. I challenge them and provide them with the "above and beyond" that they need to feel stimulated mentally.

applestar Florida
08/08/12 6:28 pm

At the elementary level they need to stay with their age group. I find the young ones have a hard time with the maturity aspect even if they are as smart or smarter than the older kids.

NotQuiteWhite Earth
08/08/12 6:19 pm

Maybe in primary school, sure. But by middle/ high school, it makes more sense to stay in your grade so you can take more A.P. classes and every advanced math course your school offers. That way you finish college in three years instead of getting there one year early.

08/08/12 5:31 pm

Ultimately, it should be a decision made by the child.

08/08/12 5:07 pm

I skipped 4th grade, and I'm glad I did. I am still not totally challenged with kids a year older, but I moved up to people with a higher level of maturity. Kids should be able to be challenged, not held back by restrictions of a grade number.

08/08/12 5:03 pm

I got the best of both worlds! Currently I am a freshman who takes all sophomore classes. Honestly, I should be moved up a grade but this opens up more options for me later in high school.
I know kids who have moved up a grade & weren't ready, and bright kids who aren't challenged. Both are awful.

08/08/12 5:00 pm

This is where Ayn Rand's books come in. Individual over the collective!!!

catey Pennsylvania
08/08/12 4:08 pm

Going up a grade does not necessarily mean being with smarter people.