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smarttexan March 17th, 2015 2:21pm

Netanyahu claims Israeli citizens of Arab descent, by voting, are putting in danger his party's chances of winning. He then said if God helps him win, his party will protect Israel from Arabs. Should US politicians condemn this message as racist?

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03/17/15 2:54 pm

It's not racist.

Whether or not you like Netanyahu, the first statement is a simple political fact. There is a voting demographic, in this case, Israeli Arabs, that hurts his chances of winning.

The second reflects his views on the ...

03/17/15 2:59 pm

... conflict. There is no question that many Arabs want to destroy Israel. There is no question that the Israeli people need protection.

Netanyahu takes a hardline approach towards dealing with them. Some other Israeli politicians take a softer ...

03/17/15 3:00 pm

... approach. All are trying to do what is right for their people, but like politicians everywhere, they have a variety of approaches.

smarttexan More Moderate Than U
03/17/15 5:30 pm

Thanks for sharing. I do think even in our divided country most politicians have good intentions, even those I think are harming us. I wondered about his comments bc he seemed to use fear and Arabs as a get out the vote strategy.

fuhgahwz bourgeois nihilist
03/17/15 10:09 am

I sure hope we are witnessing the last desperate yells of a tyrant here. In these last few weeks I have gone from being disapproving of Netanyahu's regime to fiercely against it. Here's to Herzog!

rickvee Living the dream
03/17/15 8:01 am

How could it be? They're the same race...

smarttexan More Moderate Than U
03/17/15 9:54 am

I'm interested by this concept. I hope offers give their perspective on race.

fuhgahwz bourgeois nihilist
03/17/15 10:40 am

If "semetic" is what you mean by the same race, yes. But Hebrews and Arabs are not the same thing. Sort of like how Slovenians and Russians are both Slavic, but Yugoslavians and Russians are not the same race.

03/17/15 3:01 pm

Texan, please see my comments at the top.

mac Oregon
03/17/15 7:35 am

Not racism, cultural bias- different- three races- Caucasian, Asian and African- all others are cultural or national.