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glyiker America
03/23/15 3:16 pm

The band or the recycling themed holiday?

Shua01 Ohio
03/22/15 7:36 pm

Fan of the "Dookie" Albun and some of their second Album, but anything beyond that, not so much. Not really a fan of their political views either (which tends to be true for most entertainers).

progressive69 Indiana
03/21/15 5:47 pm

How many voted Fan cause you thought it was referring to pot?

yehuda805 Still awake
03/19/15 9:22 pm

I was, until they called me an idiot

03/19/15 11:34 am

The guy sings like he has a close pin on his nose and a megaphone to his mouth and they are liberal scum...I don't like them.

03/19/15 6:39 am

In sixth grade we played brain stew in concert band I played clarinet in the band and we yelled, "hey!" throughout the song

ladyniner81 I hate people
03/18/15 12:29 pm

I love American Idiot.

caboose2050 Blood Gulch
03/22/15 12:32 pm

That's pretty much the reason voted fan.

getupbaby South City
03/18/15 6:23 am

I love their old stuff but if anyone plays Time of Your Life as their graduation song again, they should be shot.

LoserNerdLol sweg
03/18/15 5:02 am

They've been my favorite band ever since I can remember

tdaddy Kentucky
03/18/15 12:12 am

A synonym for St. Patrick's Day? Yeah, sure. A band? I think I heard them doing a cover of a John Lennon song. It sucked. John was so much better.

tdaddy Kentucky
03/18/15 12:15 am

When my first experience of a band is a bad cover, for example Pearl Jam's cover of "Last Kiss," I usually have little regard for the band from the start.

getupbaby South City
03/18/15 6:21 am

Both Last Kiss and Working Class Hero were covered about 10-15 years after those bands got started. Are we a late bloomer?

tdaddy Kentucky
03/18/15 6:48 am

Huh? "Last Kiss" was covered by Pearl Jam 35 years after it first charted successfully. "Working Class Hero" was released in 1971 by John Lennon, 35 years before Green Day's cover. 10-15 years? What's your point?

getupbaby South City
03/18/15 6:49 am

I meant the bands that covered those songs were 10-15 years old when they did those songs. If Last Kiss was your first Pearl Jam song, I would agree that it's not a great place to start!

tdaddy Kentucky
03/18/15 6:55 am

Okay, I get it. I never really got into "alternative" so the bands I mentioned never struck a chord with me until they covered songs I remembered hearing before.

tdaddy Kentucky
03/18/15 6:59 am

To tell the truth, until today, I had no idea "Working Class Hero" had already been covered 18 times before Green Day, then twice more after Green Day.

getupbaby South City
03/18/15 7:14 am

He's easy to cover. His style is simple, but melodic so it leave a lot of creative wiggle room, which is a good enough reason not to like Green Day's version! They just copied and pasted. Total phone in.

getupbaby South City
03/18/15 7:15 am

If you're into covers, my favorite Lennon cover is Widespread Panic covering Crippled Inside. I still love the original, but WP takes it for a ride.

tdaddy Kentucky
03/19/15 11:25 am

Just listened to it on YT, it is a good cover. Tx.

MotoGeneral308 home
03/17/15 8:41 pm

Was a fan til I found out they were libtards.

Congressman Louisiana
03/18/15 9:20 am

And yet you're using a device invented by "libtards."

eradicator JC
03/17/15 8:04 pm

Oh yeah! The band... No, not a fan.

Crawdaddy11 Proud Firster
03/17/15 7:14 pm

Pretend punk sellout band

DariusM uptown baby
03/17/15 6:37 pm

Is that a Dr Seuss book

Sloth Grand Rapids, MN
03/17/15 5:57 pm

"I'm all by myself…when no one's looking…I'm all by myself…" πŸ˜‚
It's so funny being older now and understanding what that's about.

hotrod84 mordor. I walked.
03/17/15 5:46 pm

Wake me up when September ends is just beautiful and Jesus of suburbia is just great on so many levels. Not many bands can pull of a nine minute rock opera

03/17/15 6:19 pm

I agree. Both great songs. Their American Idiot play is great too.
I'd love to see them perform but haven't found anything local since the Lead is in & out of rehab.

3EDGYFIVEME Vail, Colorado
03/17/15 4:57 pm

Yes! One of my favorites. Nimrod is their best album, in my opinion.

ChefMissy Golden
03/17/15 4:30 pm

When they became political I stopped.

hotrod84 mordor. I walked.
03/17/15 5:41 pm

I dont really think they became political, they more of made people aware of politics in my opinion.

badgerben Las Vegas
03/17/15 4:16 pm

I do wonder how many people voted based on their political beliefs instead of their music

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
03/17/15 4:20 pm

Anyone who takes the political opinions of musicians seriously should have their head examined.

Talk about out of touch with the real world...

FollowYourBliss Never Happy, Ever After
03/17/15 3:55 pm

Middle school me loved them. Grown me, not so much. Although their older stuff is still pretty good.

beautifulautumn Rhode Island
03/17/15 3:38 pm

My favorite. And the only concert I've ever been to... Twice!

MrNewton washington
03/17/15 3:33 pm

Green! The color my wallet is missing... Oh yeah, green day used to be one of my favorites!

thomas124 New Jersey
03/17/15 3:24 pm

Meh. They haven't released any good music since the early to mid 90s, and even that wasn't that great.

huntflor Minnesota
03/17/15 2:54 pm

No there bad.

dboatright Virginia
03/17/15 1:46 pm

I assumed that this meant St. Paddies day... I'm beginning to wonder if I was wrong.

03/17/15 2:37 pm

It's about the band

abravo77 Georgia
03/17/15 1:44 pm

That band was okay punk rock back in the early 2000's

MrWalrus Undergrid
03/17/15 4:31 pm

Green Day a punk band!?!? Thanks, I needed a laugh.

03/17/15 1:33 pm

More like beer day

Serox The Paradise
03/17/15 11:29 am

Not a big fan, but I like them. But I prefer nu-metal over any other rock genre. Metal is my least favorite. 😎

03/17/15 12:40 pm

Nu-metal is amazing. Hands down

Zod Above Pugetropolis
03/17/15 11:22 am

Big fan. I think I have all of their studio albums going back to Dookie, which is still their best, in my opinion. For a long time "She" was in my top three favorite songs of all time. It's still top ten.

orgblu10 Shamerica
03/17/15 12:11 pm

She & Welcome to Paradise - two thumbs up.

03/17/15 12:31 pm

Have Uno dos tre? And demolicious? I doubt it.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
03/17/15 12:49 pm

I do have the Uno Dos Tre set. I don't have and haven't heard Demolicious.

EarlyBird Portland
03/17/15 11:22 am

I like Green Day.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
03/17/15 10:37 am

I have basically all of their albums except the most recent one or two. If you don't know 90's green day, you don't know green day.

SaintAnger sumkindamonster
03/17/15 10:22 am

I do like them. I hate to be this guy, but I'm not a huge fan of their new stuff. I really liked American Idiot and before.

3EDGYFIVEME Vail, Colorado
03/17/15 4:58 pm

And to think American Idiot is practically "old" Green Day now.

aj1545 Cat Lady
03/17/15 10:21 am

I still like them mostly in a nostalgic way. Was obsessed in middle school though lol. I prefer their older sound.

moonshot More often I know nothing
03/17/15 10:19 am

I saw them play in a dive bar in El Sobrante, CA in 1988. They were just street kids then.

03/17/15 10:27 am

I don't know what's more depressing: young Green Day or a dive in El Sobrante...

elianastar FreeSpeech
03/17/15 9:57 am

But I do it cuz it delights daughter & granddaughter. Today, however, it's green jammies. All day. We move back to the Oregon Coast tomorrow, after the storm & I'm taking a veggie-day to rest & knit. Yay me!

orgblu10 Shamerica
03/17/15 9:45 am

A LOT of good tunes. Too bad so much of their lyrics are just simpleminded cliched liberal baloney.

themahcrow Louisiana
03/17/15 9:43 am

I rather listen to nails running across a chalkboard.

SticksandStones Stop fearmongering
03/17/15 11:54 am

Oh, I love that song! I think the band "That One Evil Teacher" did a really good cover of it ;)

jenkp223 Being a mommy
03/17/15 9:17 am

I was a fan of their early stuff. Their recent stuff...not so much.

jvc1133 61535
03/17/15 8:42 am

Feelly Good day for Gore clones. 😎

CowHick See 8ch
03/17/15 8:59 am

Pretty sure the question is about the rock band Green Day. Way to make it an opportunity to be a jack ass.

jvc1133 61535
03/17/15 9:18 am

Never heard of them. ☺️

mc88 Cleveland OSU
03/17/15 8:33 am

Today is the only Green Day I like

slickspin Heart of Texas
03/17/15 8:20 am

I liked them, until the radio stations play them into the ground.

03/17/15 8:10 am

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alkie New York
03/17/15 9:01 am

I feel old. Listen to dookie

03/17/15 4:23 pm

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PoOtiUs SoCal
03/17/15 8:05 am

Meh, they've got a few good songs, but a lot of them are also very annoying.

cato Santa Barbara, California
03/17/15 8:03 am

Best punk band ever!!

MrWalrus Undergrid
03/17/15 4:34 pm

They are not a punk band. Punk bands don't wear makeup.