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Shazam March 17th, 2015 6:45am

You're getting hitched next week when your partner says there's something you need to discuss. S/he confides in you that s/he just got out of a cult before your first date, and only left because it ran out of money. Do you still get married?

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TheIndian Virgo Supercluster
03/19/15 10:59 pm

So she worships the devil, what difference does it make

Don't believe in this type of stuff

tdyakker lost
03/18/15 3:26 pm

That would depend on what else she had to say about it and how it blends wth My beliefs.

Penn555 Maine
03/18/15 11:20 am

We would definitely have a long, long discussion about it, but if there were no other warning signs, I'd probably go through with it.

dawl adulting
03/17/15 2:47 pm

There would need to be a serious discussion but it seems they have been living fine without it the whole time we have been together?

cyanospool The Deep North
03/17/15 1:31 pm

If she only left it because of the money, she was probably only in it for the money. So it's not as worrisome.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
03/17/15 9:40 am

It would depend if they want to go back if they're over it and it completely cut ties other than that I don't want a cult in my life.

MrLucchese If curious, ask.
03/17/15 8:05 am

That would depend on the cult she was a part of.

rons Thanks America
03/17/15 4:49 am

Run from it! No more using S/he, it valid to call S/he "it" because it's non gender.

cyanospool The Deep North
03/17/15 1:33 pm

"It" is used to describe non-human objects. "They" makes a little more sense, but makes it sound plural. So "S/he" is the best option here. There are other non-gendered pronouns, but usually specifically for people who identify as non-gendered.

ronderman North Carolina
03/17/15 4:03 am

I wouldn't marry someone who isn't a Christ follower. That said, what she did/believed before her decision for Christ doesn't matter to me. It's all forgiven.

Torfin Never Behind
03/17/15 12:27 am

I actually went out with a woman still in a cult. That did not work put at all.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
03/16/15 11:50 pm

It would depend. Is it a pretty cool
cult I might enjoy too? Is she planning on going back as soon as she has access to my cash, or is it just part of her past. Am I just learning this now because she was hiding it, or did it just never come up?

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
03/16/15 11:52 pm

ZOD - how does being part of a cult ever just come up in casual conversation?!?!? I really want to hang out with the gang you hang out with!

Zod Above Pugetropolis
03/16/15 11:56 pm

I think by the time you're talking marriage you've probably talked a little bit about each other's philosophy of life, what you were doing before you met, and what your dreams and future plans are. A cult would probably fit in there somewhere.